Marching In


Nature has begun to shed her dried leaves and burst forth with Spring awakenings. And how all of these new blooms make my heart sing! The weather is nearly warm enough to warrant bare legs.

During the day it’s quite fair, but in the evenings I’m quite chilled still and it takes me a long while to warm up. (After all, I am an island girl at heart)

I am very much looking forward to not shivering several times a day. Of course I could just bundle up more, but I’m stubbornly willing warm days to arrive faster! The magnolia trees are starting to blossom! The forsythia is bright and golden. The camellias are so heavy in bloom, the branches bend at the weight of the blossoms.

It is HEAVENLY. I love living in Portland. There must be something here (oh, wait, all that RAIN!) that makes everything so verdant.




Everything I am wearing was thrifted and from the 80s and at some point were going to go into the shop, but alas…I am a hoarder of all muted colors and soft knits and a-line skirt.

I do adore certain years from the 80s & the 90s. These two decades really do get a bad rep! Not everything was all shoulder pads, terrible mermaid silhouttes, teased hair, and neon lycra (cringgggeeee)


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