Monday Inspiration | Les Femmes des Édouard Boubat

328d891b40e6e2c9fedeca956718dc1fToday’s Monday inspiration is the incredibly talented french photographer Édouard Boubat, and the ladies in his photographs. It’s easy to get lost in a romantic dreamland of 1940s and 1950s France when scrolling through his work. I can’t help but almost tear up at the touching moments between his subject and the way they’re experiencing the world around them. Boubat was called a “peace correspondent” by french poet Jacques Prévert, because his photographs tended to be uplifting.

Boubat was born in Paris and originally studied typography and graphic design. After going to the war, he made his first photograph in 1946. This photograph ended up winning the Kodak Prize the following year, which started his career as a photographer.

The ladies in his photographs are all so lovely. Feminine and comfortably dressed. Their curls, antique tops, long skirts, flowing dresses, polka dots, textured knits, and turtlenecks are all styles that are will forever influence my fall wardrobe (and well, honestly, just any season applicable). The last photograph is one of my all time favorites. I want that to be my life – foraging flowers in my wool skirt and long blazer with one of my best gal pals. Sigh.

Which lady is your favorite?


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