Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

As a vintage seller and collector I come across very many beautiful garments of clothing and things from the past. And there are some antique garments I come across that just take my breath away. This 1910s dress is one of my favorites I have across in awhile. The attention to detail, the construction, the beauty of it! I couldn’t stop photographing it! And so, this beauty gets a post all it’s own.

Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

This Edwardian dress has really beautiful tailoring and is in exquisite condition for it’s age! I adore the panels of Irish crochet down the center and trimming the peplum, the sleeves, the shoulders, the yoke. And especially the “belt buckle” at the waist made of crochet flowers. Just exquisite!

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Initially I thought about keeping the dress for myself. In fact, I purchased it with that intent. But then, after putting it on, it didn’t quite feel like me. Sometimes this happens. I purchase something and it doesn’t feel like it should be mine. It belongs to someone else. And so, to the shop it goes.

Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

What I find trés marveilleux and it’s quite a rarer detail to find, is the pointed peplum hemline. This adds even more to it’s exquisiteness, n’est pa?

Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

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