new arrivals & some behind the scenes at the studio

Happy Friday lovelies! We have so many new goodies in the shop this week from vintage blouses and skirts to a lovely black lace vintage inspired dress and not to mention a plethora of vintage inspired decor and home goods for your vintage abode!


As we roll into the New Year, we are being even more intentional about the products we offer at Adored Vintage. Does it fit into our core ideals of being classic, feminine, folk, or romantic? If it does, then into the shop it goes! If not, then well, it is left for another vintage seller to find and offer up to you!

Anyhow, enough with the prattling on, here are some of this week’s new arrivals at Adored Vintage!


Here are some super pretty vintage blouses for your wardrobe! In all of our favorite colors. J’adore!


Here I am being a good old fashioned dork! When we posted this photo on Instagram there were a couple people that exclaimed how tiny I am! Indeed! I am a mere 5’0 tall!


Adored Vintage now offers a selection of found vintage and modern goods for your home! We are so excited to be offering our beautiful finds for your home! We sell homewares at our vintage booth at Grand Marketplace in Portland, so we thought why not offer them online as well?

Here are some more behind the scenes from our instagram! Do you follow Adored Vintage on Instagram? Well if you don’t, perhaps consider it? If you like pretty things, you’ll probably like our Instagram. Blush, cream, and grey threw up all over it!!!



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