Officially 2 Years!

Vintage Dress forms Adored Vintage

The time has gone by so quickly that I just remembered that it’s officially been TWO YEARS since I went FULL TIME with Adored Vintage. And goodness, has it been a journey! 3 studios, 3 apartments, a dog, a fiancé, an out of state move. So much has happened in two years!

When I left my job at a clothing production company in LA I never really thought about where I wanted to go with all of this. I just knew I wanted to do it. (I’m STILL trying to figure it out!) All I know is that it’s MOSTLY all been fun.

There’s been some financial hiccups which I’m pretty sure could have been better worked out IF I had finished getting my degree in business! BUT, the offer to live in Europe was FAR TOO TEMPTING and I chose that instead of finishing college.

Live and learn my friends. Every day.

I think the most exciting thing for me right now is the possibility of evolving. I always want to be growing, to be learning, to be a little bit better today than yesterday.

I get asked sometimes for business advice. Young women ask how to start their own vintage shops. How do I do it. What’s my secret. I don’t have any. Ok, maybe a couple. But mostly…

I’ve learned almost everything on my own through lots of trial and error. I’ve had the support of loved ones. I have a background in web development and graphic design (which has been very handy). I truly believe in the power of Google and Youtube tutorials (it’s pretty much how I learned Photoshop). I sometimes work non stop for days then don’t work for the rest of the week (learn to enjoy days off so you don’t get burn out). I have lots and lots and lots of ideas.

Where will Adored Vintage be in two years. Where will I go, where will I be? It’ll be fun to go back and read this entry when it’s been 4 years and maybe I’ll be sitting in my office about to enjoy a cup of coffee and guess who walks through that office door…

Maybe my vision will be right. I see a glimmer of it. And it makes me so very, very happy.


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