A Moment To Gather One’s Thoughts

Has now turned into a week. At first the snow in Portland was a welcome respite from the hurried rush of the holidays. At last, some much needed time off! A week later… it’s getting old. Fast.

As always, I choose to focus on the positive side of things, however, I do need to jot down a few things… Despite today being marked the day that the snow/ice would begin to melt…we are now expecting an ICE STORM. Children have been out of school for a straight week. The office building across the street from our house has been unvisited for 6 days (granted 2 days were Saturday/Sunday)… and last night I witnessed a 3 car pile up at the bottom of our steep hill because cars just slid into one another. The picnic table in my backyard still has 8″ of snow on it. Portland’s call to action for dealing with this weather has been to “sit and wait for it to melt” and it ISN’T GOING AWAY.

Anyhow, let’s get to the positive side of things because this forced hibernation has lead to good things:

  1. I’ve been studying French every evening.
  2. I’ve started drawing/sketching again.
  3. I’ve improved on the ukulele and getting better at switching between chords.
  4. I’ve gotten to spend more time with my husband and having conversations that lead us to getting to know each other better.
  5. I’ve finished mending half a dozen vintage pieces for the shop.
  6. I’ve watched several movies in my Amazon queue.
  7. I finally folded all my sweaters, skirts, and pants and color coded them in my wardrobe cupboard.
  8. I started adding more Pins to a travel board and have fairly convinced my husband we need to go visit Belgium this year.
  9. I organized my bookshelves by color.
  10. I’ve baked herb and gruyere/parmesan biscuits, made several stews, and even brought some to a friend’s house.

It’s all rather been very domestic. So today, yet ANOTHER snow/ice day and yet another day of CANCELED appointments and plans… I will continue to do domestic things and enjoy the quiet and slowness of it all.

I’m not complaining, not really anyway. It’s just I REALLY DO ENJOY my work and I feel bad my customers are having to wait so long to get their packages.

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On The Set / Upstairs, Downstairs

By now you’re well aware that I adore period dramas and series. I wish American television had more period pieces, we ain’t got nothing on BBC!

This is the 2nd series of Upstairs, Downstairs. The original was filmed in the 1970s and I haven’t watched any of it (but it’s on my list!) I like the pace of this show and also 1930s fashions are some of my favorites to watch on film. The series reminds me a little bit of Downton Abbey. I believe Downton Abbey was inspired from the original series as the premise of this show is about the lives of a wealthy family (upstairs) and the people that serve them (downstairs).

Upstairs, Downstairs can be watched on Hulu or on Amazon Video! Here are some of my favorite scenes/settings/outfits from episode 1.

I adore a good makeover montage in any movie/tv show and in the first episode, the Holland family moves into a mansion (where the Bellamy family from the original series lived) and it’s all dusty and old and they’re going to have it all done up! Here Lady Agnes Holland wears another fabulous 1930s fur coat!

Visually, this is a very beautiful series to watch! Just look at this little scene below. I’m really quite obsessed with that dark green color of the drapes in the background.

Lady Agnes is wearing a fur stole with her coat in the above photo. Below she is wearing a full fur coat. All right, so we only see the “in-progress” photos of the mansion for the first 20 mins or so, then…TA-DAH…it becomes this.

Way too colorful for my taste, but I still appreciate the grandeur and beauty of it! In this scene Lady Agnes meets part of her staff. Not pictured is the chauffer. The concept of servants and live-in-help is so foreign to me and I think to most people in the modern world. I have one friend who is ridiculously wealthy. So wealthy he has a Picasso in his foyer. And even he doesn’t have a live-in maid. He does have a cleaning service that comes once a week and he did have a personal assistant.

Anyhow, I don’t want to share too many more images as I really do want you to watch this show. Also, Rose Buck (the one with the short bobbed hair) played by Jean Marsh was in the original series and played the same character. I really like her character in this series, so now I’ll have to watch the previous series to see what she was like when she was 40 years younger and served a different family in the same home.

Here are the last images I wanted to share from this beautiful series. I love little scenes like this! They inspire my own life so much.

Credits for Costumes/Art Direction/Set Decorators: 

Costume designers for the TV show were Amy Roberts (who costumed a movie I enjoyed called Cold Comfort Farm) and Ralph Wheeler-Holes who also costumed Call The Midwife.

Art directors were David Hindle and Dafydd Shurmer. Set decorators were Julia Castle and Hannah Nicholson.

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The Separation of Shop & Self

Well my darlings, the time has finally come for me to call it quits.

Haha, whoa, whoa, so dramatic! Anyhow, I was just doing that for dramatic effect. I’m not quitting AV!

However, I did finally decide to create a personal instagram account that separates my personal life from my work/vintage life because my shop’s account was starting to feel quite bipolar and also I was starting to lose my sense of identity. Where did I, Rodellee, begin? Where does Adored Vintage end?

It’s a very, very self absorbed thought process. I am KEENLY aware of this.

I am also aware that having my personal life tied so closely to my vintage shop started making me feel a little crazy. I felt like expectations were set for me. I had to be a certain way. Post certain photos. On certain days. At certain hours. And GOOD GOD why am I losing so many followers after I posted a photo of X or Y?

It is not a good way to live or think on a daily basis.

Anyhow, I have a new personal account where I attempt to find/live/share “le joie de vivre” and also I’ll probably write my captions partly in French because I am absolutely determined to improve my knowledge of this beautiful language this year. Ce annee. Or cette annee? Je ne sais pas! 

So, if my personal life is of any interest to you, you can follow me, @madamebas on Instagram. It will still be “curated” because, let’s just be honest here, aesthetics is very important to me.

You know, I thought about “mademoisellebas” as my handle because it looks so much prettier, but I’m in my 30s and I haven’t been a Mademoiselle in quite some time. So, choosing “Madame” although it makes me feel old-ish, is symbolic of me growing up and owning up to mistakes, decisions, and taking full responsibility of my life.

Jeez Louise, I am rereading this post and I sound so self important. LOL, I’m trying not to be, I promise.

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Vintage Shop Update | An Ode to the Winter Blues

Since moving to Portland, I’ve not experienced a bitter winter. This current winter season has chilled me to the bone and it breaks my heart a little that this winter is not going away any time soon.

And so, this vintage shop update is my ode to the winter blues. To the short days, to candles being lit in the early morning hours and in the evenings, to copious amounts of hot tea and coffee, and for the heaping layers of blankets on our bed.

Vintage Shop Update | An Ode to the Winter Blues

From Top to Bottom / Left to Right

antique 1910s Edwardian gathered peplum waist top | Highclere Estate Top

vintage 1960s navy black floral sheath dress | Duxbury Harbor Dress

vintage 1930s black embroidered Ukrainian top | Hint Of Anise Top

vintage 1920s navy scattered floral dress | Pekoe Floret Dress

vintage 1930s chambray button overalls romper | Spring Into June Overalls

vintage 1930s blue shooting star hair clips | Wishing Star Barettes

vintage 1950s navy blue lace dress | Piano Rhapsodies Dress

vintage 1930s sky blue stone Art Deco necklace | Winter Tribute Necklace


See & Shop more vintage clothing new arrivals here.

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In Which We Begin Life at “Hamilton Hill”

I am the sort of person that doesn’t really ask for help. I also don’t tell strangers or even friends about troubles I may be having. Very select close friends, they know. Call it stubbornness, call it pride, call it whatever you want. What I will say is 2016 has been a very difficult year. Personally, it has been challenging. Career wise, also challenging. Globally, extremely. My heart has been saddened so much with all the havoc happening around our country and the world. My faith in humanity nearly dismantled. Anyhow, I don’t want to dwell on negativity. I have done enough of this for most of this year.

Now, I must believe in hope again. In new beginnings.

And how fitting…so very fitting, that at the very end of this very challenging year (Aside from going to France! My one and only beacon of light!) we move into a new house that overlooks the river, has views of Mt. Hood, and is perched upon a terraced green hill.

Hamilton Hill is the name I have dubbed our new home. It instantly felt like home as soon as we stepped into it. I’m also a little convince there’s a good spirit in the house.

I’ve done my fair share of moving. You already know this if you’ve been following me and my shop for awhile. You also know when I move into a new place, I like to set intentions… like when we first moved.

And so… in the new house I will…

Have a breakfast nook with a view,


Hang old portraits in the kitchen,


Hang things on pegs,


Recreate this minimal bathroom (except we no longer have a claw foot tub),


Plant lupins, delphiniums, and foxgloves,


Use lots of linen tablecloths,


Try white and brown bed linens,


Find cafe curtains like these for the kitchen,


Pickle things,


Dine by candlelight,


And also do this as a window treatment.


All images from Pinterest.

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