In the New House I will…

Take lots and lots of bubble baths.

Hang clothes on a line like I did back when I was a child growing up in the Philippines.

Cook lots of soup.

Get this to happen…

Climbing roses

Paint a room that most wondrous illustrious French blue grey.

Have lots and lots of cuddle time with Redford. Oh wait, I already do this.

Have a gallery wall of all my collected artworks.

Do my darnest to make sure my kitchen looks just like this when it’s MESSY.

Kitchen inspiration

Have a basket of cozy blankets in the living room.

Have a room dedicated to creating and quiet time.

Host lots of brunches, dinner parties, and get togethers as I really dislike going out anyway and I’m not that social. So come hang at my house instead! *edit* Small intimate gatherings rather.

Bake lots and lots and especially try this Chocolate Lavender Cake from Local Milk blog.

Chocolate Lavender Cake

Have a wall of antique mirrors.

Use an antique lace table cloth as a shower curtain cover.

Have plants in the bathroom because I’ll finally have a bathroom with a window again!

Antique mirrors and plants in the bathroom

Have lots of plants in general.

Play Ella Fitzgerald on rainy days.

Hell, play Ella Fitzgerald on sunny days!

Have a stash of pretty stationery where I will write letters of correspondence to far away friends. OK, I know this isn’t going to happen, but the thought is nice!

Arrange pretty flowers around the house dressed like Keira Knightley from Atonement. Duh.

Keira Knightley Atonement

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The last flea market

longbeachfleamarket-1 longbeachfleamarket-2 longbeachfleamarket-4 longbeachfleamarket-5

This past Sunday was the Long Beach Flea Market which is one of my favorite flea markets in Southern California. It’s a smaller more doable version of the Rose Bowl flea market and quite frankly not as expensive! I’ve scored many a vintage deals at the Long Beach flea and when I am in Portland I will miss attending this monthly event!

The flea market is always a great source for vintage! There have been times I’ve gone and I have scored an entire rack of amazingness! Of course there have been times I’ve gone and it’s slim pickings and I just shrug it off and try again the next month.

Not only is the flea market a great source for vintage clothes, it is also wonderful for antique decor and furniture! The antique screen divider pictured above I had a short love affair with, but since I am moving, I am not so keen on buying more furniture to load up into a truck that I have a feeling will already be quite overpacked!


longbeachfleamarket-7 longbeachfleamarket-8


The two dresses pictured above I didn’t pick up, but perhaps another vintage seller/collector picked them up! Upon closer inspection the 1930s polka dot maxi dress had too many flaws including holes and tears along the hem and up to the knees and color bleeding. Too bad too, it is such a lovely dress otherwise! The ruffled dress had several oil spots on the skirt. I think these would have come out with a good cleaning, but the seller wanted $100 for this dress and I couldn’t quite risk that price tag if those oil stains weren’t going to come out!

However, I did come home with PLENTY of other goodies… which will all be in the shop soon!


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A moment of rest

Anais Nin Quote

I am taking a little time out from all the moving to enjoy a cup of earl grey tea and a generous piece of molten chocolate cake. My feet ache like crazy and I could honestly go to sleep right now. In fact, I just might right after this.

Today I went to my last vintage buying appointment in California and scored some really amazing pieces all from the 1920s to the 1950s with one really awesome white cotton pantsuit from the 1970s. Damn that I am only 5’0 tall as this would be a definite keeper if I were 5’10! I also picked up a bunch of Victorian jewelry and 1930s and 1940s jewelry and several belt buckles. I’m not quite sure what I will do with those just yet, but since the new house will have a designated sewing room/craft room, I’m sure I will get to crafting something out of them!

The move is approaching so quickly and each day I grow more and more excited! The other night I could barely sleep as I just kept thinking how I will arrange my new office.

What has me even more excited though is this move has really given me a new perspective on Adored Vintage and how the next few months are going to shape up. Wrapping up and packing all the vintage I have amassed over the past few years has made me realize moving forward what eras I want to focus on and what styles really get me all a twitter.

I am really excited to start sharing the process and the story of collecting and selling vintage again. I took such pleasure in photographing pretty racks of clothes, my vintage dress forms, pretty little vignettes around the studio, photos from my vintage buying trips…and I’ve realized I haven’t done any of that as of late. So, yes, I am quite excited about this too!

And so, I am signing off for now… finishing my tea and cake and going to go to bed listening to some new history podcasts.

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Inspiring work spaces

Adored Vintage Home Studio Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I can’t really get much done when things are a mess and my environment is not inspiring or pretty. I feel like I have to have things “just so” before I can get down to the nitty gritty work stuff.  Once again, I am taking a break from the moving hubbub so I can unwind a bit and be inspired to continue the packing!

My new home has a finished attic and a finished basement which will be used partly for Adored Vintage stock and one of the bedrooms (the one with the most windows) will be my new office. It’s a small little room which I hope to keep sparsely furnished with my flea market finds and eventually a brand new desk, well, a brand new antique/vintage desk. The entrance to the attic looks like a little closet door which is in my office, so it might be converted to a giant walk-in closet (and also reading room and dance room) as it is only accessible through the office. Details, details.

All right mon cherie, I must depart and get back to it! The packing continues!

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