Looking Forward, Begin Again

Packing up Adored Vintage

This past week I have spent packing up not only my apartment but the Adored Vintage studio in preparation for our move to the Pacific Northwest. I’ve had some friends offer to help me pack which I have kindly refused  for a couple of reasons.

I am packing up my life and starting over. The last time I did an out of state move I was moving from Florida to California with hopes that life would be better and unfortunately it all came to a spectacular mess in the end. However, the most wonderful things came out of it and I have never been happier with who I am as a person, who I am with, and where we are going.

I am thoughtfully packing for this new home, this new life. This new everything. I am letting go of a lot of things that once held meaning to me which is bittersweet. The process of packing is definitely slower this time around, but I want to move to the new home with only the things I really want and without any history attached to it that isn’t happy.

I won’t ever forget those murky dark days anyway, so no need to have objects to bring them up to the surface.

I am looking forward to a fresh new start.

The new home is large enough for me to have my office for work there too. This was an interesting decision to make as Adored Vintage has grown so much in the almost two years I’ve been doing it full time. But I found the quick growth made me feel so detached from it. The core of what it is about vintage I love kind of got lost to me in the constant sell, buy, sell, buy cycle.

So, I decided I wanted to bring it back home. Back close to me, my heart. Eventually I’ll probably get a separate office again, but for now, it’s all coming back home.

I have little pictures in my head of this new life and it’s very exciting to imagine it coming all to life. I know I’ll make it happen. Once I have a vision I’ll take whatever steps are necessary to bring it to fruition.

But for now… they’re just lovely images in my mind and I must get back to packing.

Packing up Adored Vintage Packing up Adored Vintage Packing up Adored Vintage

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The Little Wedding Chapel in the Woods


It’s my first wedding post! So far wedding planning has been a breeze. Most of this probably has to do with Robby and I being pretty easy going people and wanting the same things. It also helps that he actually WANTS to be involved in the planning!

On our drive back from Ojai for my birthday weekend we set a date, made a preliminary guest list, and also decided on the wedding party. By that evening I had chosen flowers for my bouquet, a song for my Dad and I to dance to, and also finalized that all the flowers at the wedding will be white, cream, and ivory. We also know his grandfather will officiate the wedding as he has done for Robby’s brothers at their weddings.

The next big thing that was decided was where would we get married. It came down to mostly a financial decision. Oregon will be a much more affordable state to marry in than California. I looked up a couple chapels in the area before we flew back to Portland and upon seeing the first one…

HOLD UP… I have to slow down a bit and tell you about this moment of crossing over the bridge.

We are driving across a bridge over a river flocked with trees on both sides. While we cross the bridge Robby remembers that this is the river he and his brother went fishing at with their Dad. He was about 12 years old. His parents divorced when he was very young and his Dad was not really in the picture that often. This was the only time his Dad would ever visit them in Oregon and he took them fishing and taught them how to fish. Robby lost his father a couple of years ago, so at the mention of this, I knew he had mixed feelings of sadness and happiness all at once and I squeezed his hand tightly.

We crossed over the bridge and went around a bend…and there was the CHAPEL! This small picture perfect white chapel set right into the forest. A little wooden fence covered in moss lead up to a small hill dotted with small white daisies. The sun was streaming through the tall trees. It was perfect.

And I pretty much lost it. 

As you’ve guessed by now, I’m quite sensitive and I’m very sentimental. I leaped out of the car and I think I just threw my purse somewhere on the grounds. And I was crying “Oh it’s perfect! It’s absolutely perfect!” We both knew it! I ran right up to Robby and jumped into his arms and he spun me around. Seriously, if it were a scene from a movie, y’all would be like “OMG cut the cheese!” And we both laughed and I teared up a bit.

We had gotten a key (from a little red grocery store way down the road, that’s where they keep it, ha!) and let ourselves into the little chapel. Even more perfect! Dark wood pews, an antique piano, all white inside, and those arched windows! The only thing I didn’t like was the red carpet rolled down the middle. THAT will be covered up with something else. White probably.

Then it got a bit better! The church would also provide tables and chairs for a reception and my worst thought was these were probably going to be hideous (plastic fantastic, yick)…and instead they are vintage wooden picnic tables and benches! YES! So, another decision decide. The reception will be outdoors under a white tent with picnic tables. Rain or shine!

I really fell in love with this church. I loved where it was. I loved that Robby had a happy memory from his childhood connected to the place. I loved that he loved it. I love that it’s so simple, no fuss. We won’t be overdoing the decor here. The surroundings is already so magnificent enough!


I literally just realized I color coordinate the chapel. See what I mean, it’s meant to be!

adored-vintage-wedding-chapel-02 adored-vintage-wedding-chapel-03

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Adored Vintage Gets Engaged (and some other news)

adoredvintage-instagram-june adoredvintage-instagram-june

Where do I even begin? The past seven days have been the happiest, most stressful, joyous, tiring, and exciting week thus far of my life. I went on a crazy roller coaster and I know it ain’t over yet. Not by far.

It would take way too long to recap everything in one post and I’m quite honestly a bit (ok a lot bit) overwhelmed with how much is going on right now.

The first thing though… I AM ENGAGED!!!  I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!

I will share the proposal story at a later date (as there are photos to accompany it!) but I will just say I cried and basically fell to the floor (NOT JOKING, I literally buckled at the knees) then after more tears and trying to summon up “Yessssss” I laughed with my dear friends who were there with me. Then I cried some more. Then laughed some more. Then cried a lot more.

And the other big news is…I AM MOVING!!! TO PORTLAND!!! There are many (many) factors that lead to this decision and it has been something that has been on our minds for a few years now. My fiancé (still getting used to calling Robby that!) and I always knew Portland is where we wanted to settle down eventually (he was born and raised there). We always called it our 5 year plan. However, things in life change, and that 5 year plan turned into a 5 week plan.

So, after my birthday weekend and engagement, the very next day we flew to Portland to begin the house hunt, shop hunt, office hunt, wedding venue hunt, and get a wee little time exploring the Oregon coast by Tillamook. We are exhausted. And the fun hasn’t even really begun! I have less than 5 weeks to pack up my entire life and move it over 800 miles north into an adorable craftsman home with a motherfrickin claw foot tub!

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home should be an inspiring space

Inspiring vintage inspired home living

Having been born under the sign of Cancer, it means I am a homebody and I don’t like to leave my cozy little shelter that often. This is very true to me as I much prefer to be at home than to be out and about and my idea of a party is a couple of friends over for good conversation and coffee.

With that being said, my little home loving self has not really felt like I’ve had a place to call home for a couple of years now. Sure, there is my apartment. But, see that’s not home. Home is where one should feel at peace, inspired, invigorated… all those warm fuzzy wuzzy feelings! Home to me is looking outside a window and seeing lots of trees or flowers. Home is a lovingly cared for old house. A bright sunny kitchen. Wood floors. And a claw foot tub.

You know, I’ve not had a tub in two years! Woe is me! When I am traveling for a vintage buying trip I always look forward to taking a bath at the hotel. And I don’t even like publicly shared bathing spaces (auugh, same reason I strongly dislike water parks, augggh) but gosh dangit, I like my baths and if it has to be in a hotel bathroom, so be it!

So, for fun, I want to share the latest homes on Pinterest that have really been tugging at my heartstrings. As silly as it sounds, I long for that little space I can call home and these images just have me pining for it!

Inspiring vintage inspired home living

How cozy and warm does this little desk nook look? It looks like a place Mr. Darcy would pen down his feelings of growing adoration for Elizabeth Bennett. I’ll have a little corner like this with old vintage books, a vase of “I just picked these this morning” flowers, and that cage pendant lamp. And this paint color, but more green/blue. I do love a good dark wall.  // source

Country inspired living

See that paint color in the background. YES. I am ALL ABOUT IT. // source

Vintage inspired country kitchen

You’ve got to be kidding me with this kitchen! I mean look at this LIGHT! I am soothing my jealous heart with the thought that this place must feel like an oven in the summer time. But, I doubt it. I bet it’s perfectly breezy in there all the time. // source


natural light and lots of plants

country living inspired interiors

OF COURSE I will have random bits of greenery strewn about! // source


Ever since I was a wee little girl…ok, actually, to be more accurate, ever since I knew claw foot bathtubs existed (I grew up in the Philippine islands, remember, I had never even seen a tub until I moved to America!) I wanted one. Hasn’t happened yet, but by golly, by my 31st year of life I will have one! A girl can dream! // source

Botanical prints all over the walls

Vintage Outdoor Living

You totally want to come over and hang with me in my little dream space, right? Come on, you know you do! You want to come over and drink Earl Grey tea with lavender honey and eat little poppyseed scones with berry medley jam. I’ll provide the tea, scones, and jam. You provide the witty and engaging conversation. Also, it would be nice if you helped me fold my just dried in the sun vintage and antique linens.

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