Scenes of a Domestic Summer


We are halfway through summer already and my small promise to myself to “take a vacation” sadly has not yet happened and probably will not by summer’s end. And so, I amuse myself by taking photos around the home and meeting lovely friends for leisurely breakfast and coffee dates around Portland and I am learning to be happy about this status of “staying put.” Also, it is nice to remind myself that many people come to Portland to vacation and I get to live here. So, that’s a pretty wonderful thing I think.

domesticsummer_01 domesticsummer_02

Some glimpses into the butler’s pantry extension in our house. This is where I end up drying a lot of flowers and herbs and where I display my pretty vintage dishware.

domesticsummer_03 domesticsummer_04 domesticsummer_05

Scenes from the backyard. It has been so dry in Portland and our grass is all brown and many of my plants are sad and wilting. But even in their browned phase, they’re still beautiful, don’t you agree?

domesticsummer_06 domesticsummer_07 domesticsummer_08

A coffe date with my friend Rebekah of Vintage Byrd at the charming Twenty Six cafe in NE Portland. I am so in love with the wallpaper and all the antique photos and that touch of hydrangea. I feel like this could be my house!


And last but certainly not least… Robert Redford. Our little terrier poodle pup whom I love so very, very much. I cannot stop nuzzling him, giving him kisses, taking his pictures (much to his chagrin), and of course plenty of doggie selfies. When I am working he is usually curled up on top of a pile of vintage (crinolines his prime choice), or a stack of pillows. He’s very catlike which I adore.

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