Scholarly Statements | A Shop Update

My oh my, where did August go? August rushed on by in a flash, a wink, a moment. Autumn so near! The most recent shop update is very scholarly, don’t you think? This week so many of my friends sent off their little ones to school, some for the first time. What a sweet moment that must be for a mother.

Scholarly Statements | A Vintage Shop Update

I have always loved school. My mother told me that when I was younger, I would run to the gate of our house to watch the school aged children walk to school and would ask her why couldn’t I go?

My first school I went to was right on the ocean and my schoolmates and I used to go to this cliff and watch sea turtles wade around by the rocks below. Our walk to school took us along the beach and it was common to see jellyfish washed up on the shore. Sometimes we would poke them with sticks to see if they would glow. What a different life that was. Sometimes I can’t believe it was my childhood.

vintage 1950s white embroidered blouse bowtie

STITCHED YARROW BLOUSE | vintage 1950s white embroidered bowtie blouse

Vintage 1980s plaid skirt


GRAMERCY PLOT SKIRT | vintage 1980s bold plaid wool a-line skirt

Over on instagram I had asked “What was your major in college?” (if you attended) and I wasn’t that surprised that many of you had majored in something related to history. For the love of old things, yes?

I never finished school. University was not my cup of tea. I wanted to learn what I wanted to learn about, not be told what I had to learn. So I dropped out of school, moved to Europe, and never went back. Thank goodness for public libraries, Wikipedia, and the Internet. Knowledge is always at your fingertips!

Vintage Accessories

Some new vintage accessories in the shop…

NOTED NOVEL HEELS | vintage 1950s navy peep toe high heels

PEDIGREE GARDEN SCARF | vintage 1950s navy silk floral bouquet print scarf

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  1. I’ve just started a new school year (I’m studying cultural heritage at the moment) and am missing the summer already! Not the weather, though. I’m more of an autumn lover in regards of weather and clothes and such…

    I absolutely adore the dresses you’ve put up! My college recently moved to an old canalside house (it’s based in Amsterdam) and I can only imagine the clothes they wore back in the day (the building is placed on a cemetery which used to be a school for deaf Jewish children. During the second world war it changed into a domestic school and now -thus- my faculty is being housed in it).


  2. Thank you Dominique! The canalside house sounds amazing! I adore Amsterdam, I visited in the Autumn many, many years ago and still recall the wet rainy streets and the flower stalls full of tulips and bulbs!

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