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The recent shop update is quite festive without being too literal. Lots of embroidery and beaded details and lovely holiday appropriate fabrics of satins and velvets. I adore this vintage 1940s coat, the color is really gorgeous and I don’t think my photos do it justice. It’s like a golden mustard color with a hint of olive.

Vintage 1940s fur collar coat

➸ new 1940s vintage ELLSWORTH BOULEVARD coat |

Vintage Clothing Details

Vintage Dresses at Adored Vintage


➸ new 1950s vintage ISLA CARDONA dress |

➸ new 1960s vintage RHYME FOR CLEMENTINE dress |

➸ new 1990s vintage SHALL WE DANCE dress |

➸ new 1930s vintage VIA DEI MILLE dress |

Some more wonderful details of the new arrivals in the shop! I really adore the crochet 1940s top and the rainbow embroidery on the black velvet 1930s jacket with attached cape.

Vintage Clothing details

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