Snowed In, In Which I Clean Everything


Today is the THIRD day of being snowed/iced in. While parts of Portland are functioning, our part of town is still dangerously icy. I attempted to leave the house this morning, just to take the trash and recycling out, and slipped not once but TWICE on the steps.

I have a somewhat irrational fear of slipping and breaking numerous bones in my body and being handicapped for the rest of my life. It’s weird, I know. I also hate escalators. Mainly for the same reason. Slipping (missing a step) and then falling to my demise. *shudders*


So, the past few days I have been organizing, cleaning, purging, and catching up on my business accounting. VERY exciting stuff, I know! Try not to get jealous!

Admittedly, since I have started purging small areas of my home, other things have surfaced that I have been putting off and they are much easier for me to tackle.

In no sequential order…

+ Finally painted that ONE wall in the dining/living room to match the rest of the walls. It was painted a slightly different shade of grey for product photography and always annoyed me. But now, since I have a separate work studio, all the walls now match.

+ Purged through 3 months worth of SNAIL MAIL. Our paper shredder is rightfully exhausted.

+ Organized and purged sock/undergarments drawer. If it was uncomfortable and not in a neutral color… to the trash bin it went!

+ Trimmed the house plants and composted dead house plants

+ Organized and purged mugs and glassware

+ Tracked mileage for an entire year (accounting stuff). This was a good one to do because it made me realize I had an entire month’s worth of expenses I didn’t account for!


+ Cleaned out the foyer cabinet. This was ridiculous! I had NO IDEA how much a small hallway cabinet could be crammed with random paper, old greeting cards, packs of gum, little gizmos…I seriously was like “Is this a never-ending stream of useless crap?!” Then I remembered, whenever we have company over I would stuff whatever things were on the coffee table to “instantly clean it” into the cabinet and forget about it.

+ Took everything off the dressers in the bedroom. Stored away what was necessary and said Adios to the tchotchkes!

+ Purged and cleaned the bathroom cabinet. You guys, I threw away an entire paper bag of beauty products! A bunch of them unused. So much random crap! I mean I had stuff in there I bought over a year ago and used once or twice. Now our bathroom cabinet is closer to minimalist nirvana! Nah, not really. But it’s so close to it!


While it has been nice to tackle these projects, I do hope this ice begins to melt! My business cannot run by itself (though I wish it could! I wish I had work fairies that just did stuff for me!). So tomorrow, it is suppose to reach in the low 40s in Portland, so this dang ice better start melting!

Oh, I feel like noting that the exterior house shot above isn’t our house, it’s my neighbors. I love their railing and patio and wish they would fix it up and paint it! Our house is a bit newer (early 1920s).

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