A Very Edwardian Shop Update

A couple weeks ago I was counting my lucky start that I came across a rather large collection of Victorian and Edwardian clothing from a longtime antique and vintage  collector and dealer.

And so, the shop updates are now peppered with some of the prettiest antique clothes I’ve ever come crossed.


antique 1890s victorian battenburg tape lace blouse


antique 1910s pin tucks sailor collar top


antique 1910s yellow cream organdy sheer dress

Some Edwardian skirts (petticoats)…


antique 1910s black embroidered skirt | antique 1910s sheer dot floral embroidered petticoat | antique 1900s striped organdy petticoat skirt


antique 1910s edwardian square stitches blouse


antique 1900s white embroidered corset cover


antique 1910s Edwardian Perfect Prose Dress


antique 1910s embroidered eyelet lawn dress


antique 1910s scalloped embroidered shirtwaist

Some antique Edwardian & Victorian outerwear pieces…


Victorian Sympathetic Sighs Cape1910s Path To Soubise Jacket


Edwardian 1910s Pemberley Society Cape

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A Brief Lesson on Edwardian Era Clothing

Often our vintage shop descriptions will include the description of Edwardian Era, 1910s Edwardian, 1900s Edwardian… so I wanted to do a mini lesson about Edwardian era clothing.

side note to self: always strive to learn something new every day in your chosen trade.

Firstly let’s talk about actual dates. The Edwardian Era covers King Edward’s reign in England from 1901-1910 but some extend it up to 1914, just before the first World War.

Now, MOST vintage sellers (at least that I know of) tout clothing from 1901 to about 1919 as Edwardian. Myself included.

I mean technically 1914-1919 is World War I Era clothing, but hardly anyone writes that as a description and just lumps those years together with the Edwardian years.

Secondly, let’s talk a bit about styles associated with the Edwardian Era. There’s the Gibson Girl (high neck lace tops, lots of hair piled on top of your head, big hats…) in the earlier part of the Edwardian Era and then there’s the Titanic/Poiret look in the later years.

Gibson Girl Illustration

The Edwardian period is also known as The Bell Epoque (France) and the Gilded Age. (Again, most vintage sellers describe this years as Edwardian era clothing, more simple that way, no?)

Corsetry Through The Years

The early Edwardian years are not my favorite for silhouettes. We have a lot of odd corseting going on that just make me gasp for breath looking at them. There’s the “S” shape silhouette which I  associate with the Gibson Girl look. (1903-1908)

Then in the late 1900s (1906-1910) the silhouette started to change and this silhouette, in my opinion, is the one most associated with the Edwardian era (even though half of the Edwardian era has already passed!)

Think of Titanic and Rose’s outfits. That’s what we think of as Edwardian. Or think of Season 1 Downton Abbey when Lady Sybil is like “TA-DAH! Look how bomb I look in my Paul Poiret!

So let’s recap…

Early Edwardian is associated with: The Gibson Girl, S Curve Corsetry, big ole hats, and droopy boob look (monobosum…corsetry did not separate the breasts)


Later Edwardian is associated with: Columnar silhouettes, waistlines rose, Titanic, Downton Abbey…


Now, what makes it tricky in dating vintage tops is we no longer have the corsetry available to us! So sometimes the shop will have antique Edwardian tops that appear to be quite blouson in the front. Well, that’s because these are early Edwardian era tops and if one had the correct corset to wear underneath, then the blouse would fit as it should have in the early 1900s.


Images: Gibson Girl by Harrison FisherCorset Timeline 1900-1910, McCalls Magazine Early Edwardian, March 1914 Gowns By McCall

Articles: History of Fashion 1900-1910, Edwardian Fashion Design of 1890s-1914,

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Vintage Monday Muse | Women of Art

The largest inspirations for Adored Vintage shoots and Lookbooks come from old paintings and drawings of women. I can spend hours upon hours browsing through these old paintings. Not only were their lives and garments so romantic, they have such a special essence to the way they sit, stand, or just do things. I love how graceful and lovely they look even while sitting upon rocks, gathering hay, or tossing a salad. These are our ultimate style/hair/squad/life goals here at AV.

“A Garden Party”, Gari Melchers

3bdb13155c80f52a3e7ea333b5705533Portrait of Madame F.”Edouard Dubufe

2f194409cfef924a0fd1394156d98184“Zwei Sitzende”Egon Schiele

8f4c68c4cde03840b07d5558aefe6db9“Portrait of Olga Konstantinovna Lancere”, Zinaida Serebriakova

877931d1a9cf3e37efa08d09689d2be2The Glen Walker Sisters”, John da Costa

98b68e8864e62d154341fed3ff5c53f6The Lady of the House”, William Henry Margetson

7103f9d7dbc2a814ad5dc9de145f26b7“Caprice”, Sir William Russell Flint

92769d08c5158c15c6cd72f3d0943ba0“The Sevres Vase”, James Jebusa Shannon

dfb62dee8f3f107f4ec73cdaa6b643d3“Reflections”, Ethel Porter Bailey

2ecd720be488654d0e436ad5e0e6c654“The Boulder”, Charles Courtney Curran

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12 Beautiful Antique Autochrome Photos

I first learned about autochromes a few years ago when I came across a photo on Flickr and thought someone had photoshopped colors on to an antique portrait from the early 1900s. How thrilled was I to find that these colorized photos were originals! Fast forward to today, with the power of Pinterest, I am able to share with you some of my absolute favorite autochrome photos.

But first, WHAT is autochrome? In short, it is an early type of photography used by the Lumière brothers (Auguste and Louis) in France (1903 was when it was patented by them, then first marketed publicly in 1907).

***How wonderful is it by the way that their surname translate to “light” If there ever was a surname more befitting of ones occupation in life…

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

If you are interested in learning more about Autochrome or seeing more delightful colored antique photos… here are some links

100 Years of Autochrome (PDF file) | http://theimageworks.com/pdf/100years.pdf

What is Autochrome (more technical/science-y) | http://sechtl-vosecek.ucw.cz/en/expozice10/tabule-autochrom.html

Autochrome (Wiki French version) | http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autochrome

The Lumière Brothers | http://www.earlycinema.com/pioneers/lumiere_bio.html

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

This autochrome is perhaps one of my favorites ever taken by John Cimon Warburg – c. 1909. There is something so serene, magical, calming, and just all things wonderful about this photo. Whenever I see a photo and think “I wish that was a photo of ME” I know that it really speaks to me because I want to embody everything I adore about that specific moment captured in time.

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

This image of these three women (picking fruit I am assuming) in France makes me long for the beautiful late summer afternoons in Sauvie Island. I adore this so much.

Image credits (from top to bottom)

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments


These two autochrome photos are of the same lovely woman, Bibi Lartigue in Rouzat c. 1921. I really love her ensemble and find it so refreshingly modern. I would wear this, exactly as is today.

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments

Another autochrome that I find to be quite modern. You would almost think this is a photo from the 1970s of a bohemian flower child with her tousled curls, flowers in her hair, the floral print of her dress and that v-neckline! This autochrome photo however dates to 1910 and was taken by Paul Bergon “Woman Posing in a Garden”

12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments


12 Beautiful Autochrome Moments


This last one photography by Antonin Personnaz looks just like a painting by Monet. I am lost amongst the field of flowers, that sky, those clouds. Was it raining that day or was the lady simply shielding herself from the harsh rays of sunshine? What words were spoken the remainder of the day? Ahhh…. aren’t autochromes just wonderful?


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Feminine, romantic, and super fancy: The Edwardian Era

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

I adore the Edwardian era. Absolutely ADORE it. BTW, for definition sake, the Edwardian era was the period between 1901-1910 when King Edward VII of England ruled. But a lot of historians and vintage sellers extend the Edwardian era into the 1910s. So for this blog post, I’m considering into the teens still Edwardian.

Moving on…

I see images of women from the 1900s-1910s and just find them all to be so beautiful, ethereal, and idyllic. While I sometimes wish we could go back to wearing such beautiful romantic styles, it’s not very realistic. I imagine when you’re dressed as dreamily as this the only thing you can do is needlework, drink copious amounts of tea, write letters using quill and ink, and sit around trying not to damage your delicate frock.

It sure is lovely to look at though.

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

This is what I would wear if I was a gentlewoman of considerable means and it’s Saturday.

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

 Oh goodness, look at this gown! This gown of silk and lace dates to  early 1900s. The color is so stunning, like a sage gold! And the lace work with the pink on the roses. And don’t get me started on those sheer scalloped sleeves with the bead trim! I just imagine how one would have to walk in this dress. I suppose you would just have to slowly glide about imagining you’re a fairy of some sort. I know I would.

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Oh God! Look at that LACE! Do you SEE that LACE?! I don’t even know what kind of lace that is. Battenburg? Who knows. Who really cares. It’s stunnnnnnning. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Halloween costumes of the Edwardian era? Or just your typical weekend garb to a themed dinner party? Doesn’t matter. I want to wear it. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Silk satin gown in one of my favorite colors ever. And look at the fur trim. It’s basically your winter dress. You will freeze to death. BUT you will look splendid. (source)

Edwardian shoes

Even the shoes were super fancy and girly. Gold metallic thread on silk with gold ribbon laces. OBVIOUSLY. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

We so fancy! (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

The BOWLING PIN skirt. Hehe! Now I know what this is called! And checkout that embroidery. Also, did you realize this is for a dress PATTERN. That means gals sewed these for themselves. I can’t even… (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

Oh jeez. Oh man. Where do I even begin on how much I adore this dress. Lace, roses, sequins, silk, my favorite skirt silhouette ever… this is what I imagine the Queen Fairy of some magical mythical garden in Britain wears. And she has a euphonious name that rolls off your tongue like honey. (source)

Edwardian Fashion Inspiration

This is the detail of her other dress. (source)

 Lily Elsie

I’m wrapping up this Edwardian fashion inspiration post with a colorized photo of the beautiful Lily Elsie. She’s my Edwardian girl crush. Lily Elsie was an English singer and actress during the Edwardian era. She wore a Lucile gown on her wedding day (which she actually hated, LOL). I’ll do a more in depth blog post on Lily Elsie some other time. She’s pretty wonderful. (source)

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