A Very Edwardian Shop Update

A couple weeks ago I was counting my lucky start that I came across a rather large collection of Victorian and Edwardian clothing from a longtime antique and vintage  collector and dealer.

And so, the shop updates are now peppered with some of the prettiest antique clothes I’ve ever come crossed.


antique 1890s victorian battenburg tape lace blouse


antique 1910s pin tucks sailor collar top


antique 1910s yellow cream organdy sheer dress

Some Edwardian skirts (petticoats)…


antique 1910s black embroidered skirt | antique 1910s sheer dot floral embroidered petticoat | antique 1900s striped organdy petticoat skirt


antique 1910s edwardian square stitches blouse


antique 1900s white embroidered corset cover


antique 1910s Edwardian Perfect Prose Dress


antique 1910s embroidered eyelet lawn dress


antique 1910s scalloped embroidered shirtwaist

Some antique Edwardian & Victorian outerwear pieces…


Victorian Sympathetic Sighs Cape1910s Path To Soubise Jacket


Edwardian 1910s Pemberley Society Cape

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A Brief Lesson on Edwardian Era Clothing

Often our vintage shop descriptions will include the description of Edwardian Era, 1910s Edwardian, 1900s Edwardian… so I wanted to do a mini lesson about Edwardian era clothing.

side note to self: always strive to learn something new every day in your chosen trade.

Firstly let’s talk about actual dates. The Edwardian Era covers King Edward’s reign in England from 1901-1910 but some extend it up to 1914, just before the first World War.

Now, MOST vintage sellers (at least that I know of) tout clothing from 1901 to about 1919 as Edwardian. Myself included.

I mean technically 1914-1919 is World War I Era clothing, but hardly anyone writes that as a description and just lumps those years together with the Edwardian years.

Secondly, let’s talk a bit about styles associated with the Edwardian Era. There’s the Gibson Girl (high neck lace tops, lots of hair piled on top of your head, big hats…) in the earlier part of the Edwardian Era and then there’s the Titanic/Poiret look in the later years.

Gibson Girl Illustration

The Edwardian period is also known as The Bell Epoque (France) and the Gilded Age. (Again, most vintage sellers describe this years as Edwardian era clothing, more simple that way, no?)

Corsetry Through The Years

The early Edwardian years are not my favorite for silhouettes. We have a lot of odd corseting going on that just make me gasp for breath looking at them. There’s the “S” shape silhouette which I  associate with the Gibson Girl look. (1903-1908)

Then in the late 1900s (1906-1910) the silhouette started to change and this silhouette, in my opinion, is the one most associated with the Edwardian era (even though half of the Edwardian era has already passed!)

Think of Titanic and Rose’s outfits. That’s what we think of as Edwardian. Or think of Season 1 Downton Abbey when Lady Sybil is like “TA-DAH! Look how bomb I look in my Paul Poiret!

So let’s recap…

Early Edwardian is associated with: The Gibson Girl, S Curve Corsetry, big ole hats, and droopy boob look (monobosum…corsetry did not separate the breasts)


Later Edwardian is associated with: Columnar silhouettes, waistlines rose, Titanic, Downton Abbey…


Now, what makes it tricky in dating vintage tops is we no longer have the corsetry available to us! So sometimes the shop will have antique Edwardian tops that appear to be quite blouson in the front. Well, that’s because these are early Edwardian era tops and if one had the correct corset to wear underneath, then the blouse would fit as it should have in the early 1900s.


Images: Gibson Girl by Harrison FisherCorset Timeline 1900-1910, McCalls Magazine Early Edwardian, March 1914 Gowns By McCall

Articles: History of Fashion 1900-1910, Edwardian Fashion Design of 1890s-1914,

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Vintage Shop Update | A World Away

It’s been busy here at Adored Vintage, but we’ve been in a nice groove. The sun has been lingering longer and longer each day, and we’ve had fun being able to spend some time in some warmer weather. There are lots of beautiful new things in the shop! We’re excited to slowly share it all with you! We have so much to list, so stay tuned, and for now, here’s a shop update!


vintage 1930s navy net ascot blouse | antique 1910s cream tulle lavender ribbons dress |  antique 1910s scalloped embroidered shirtwaist


vintage 1990s pale yellow knit cardigan sweater


vintage 1990s black floral drawstring broom skirt


vintage 1980s pale spring green silk blouse


vintage 1980s pale blue brown floral blouse


vintage 1980s apricot colored lace cutwork skirt


vintage 1980s muted peach sweater with bow


vintage 1980s black silk ruffle blouse


vintage 1970s navy garland print boho blouse


vintage 1970s lilac cotton boho top


vintage 1970s persimmon red fitted knit top


vintage 1950s grey needlepoint butterfly skirt


vintage 1940s periwinkle blue wisteria print maxi dress


vintage 1940s black rayon pintucks maxi skirt


vintage 1920s sheer mint embroidered flapper dress


 antique 1910s scalloped embroidered shirtwaist


antique 1910s edwardian batiste embroidered blouse


vintage 1920s sheer mint embroidered flapper dress | antique 1910s edwardian batiste embroidered blouse | vintage 1940s black velvet wrap dress with lace trim


vintage 1940s black velvet wrap dress with lace trim


vintage 1930s navy net ascot blouse


vintage 1920s pink accordion godets flapper dress


vintage 1920s pale pink soft cotton night gown


vintage 1920s brown velvet orange flapper dress


vintage 1920s bronze colored silk soutache dress


antique 1910s reconstructed edwardian dress


antique 1910s cream tulle lavender ribbons dress


antique 1910s cotton crochet yoke night dress


antique 1910s black silk asymmetrical cape

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Vintage Shop Update | Break of Dawn

Hello! We have a little shop update for you! Spring is coming, so we’re starting to bring some staples like high waisted shorts and skirts! We are starting to love all the green with creams and tans. It’s such a cheery combination!

SHOPUPDATE_01 vintage 1990s pale sage green high waist shorts | vintage 1980s pale cream silk beaded blouse | vintage 1990s cream linen shorts

TWEET_antique1910sembroideredeyeletlawndress antique 1910s embroidered eyelet lawn dress

TWEET_vintage1940spalebuttercreamsilkrayondress vintage 1940s pale butter cream silk rayon dress

TWEET_vintage1970sbrowngreenplaidswingskirt vintage 1970s brown green plaid swing skirt

TWEET_vintage1980smutedwinepencilskirt vintage 1980s muted wine pencil skirt

TWEET_vintage1990screamlinenshortsvintage 1990s cream linen shorts

SHOPUPDATEvintage 1940s pale butter cream silk rayon dress | vintage 1980s muted wine pencil skirt | antique 1910s embroidered eyelet lawn dressTWEET_vintage1980spalecreamstripedcottonskirt vintage 1980s pale cream striped cotton skirt

TWEET_vintage1990sdarkfloralminiskirt vintage 1990s dark floral mini skirt

TWEET_vintage1990spalesagegreenshorts vintage 1990s pale sage green high waist shorts

TWEET_vintage1990swilliammorrisprintblousevintage 1990s william morris floral print blouse

TWEET_vintage1980spalecreamsilkbeadedblousevintage 1980s pale cream silk beaded blouse

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Vintage Shop Update | Path To Soubise

It’s 60 degrees fahrenheit here in Portland, and we had a hard time coming in the studio to work instead of frolicking around in fields. Instead, we had a short picnic at the park next to the studio, so we can give you a shop update! Filled with some lingerie, both vintage and modern, and dresses!


Sympathetic Sighs CapeTour En L’Air Step InDeauville Society Dress


antique 1890s victorian black mourning cape


vintage inspired white sheer crochet lace dress


vintage 1960s cream silk mod bowtie dress


vintage 1950s red pink panel rose print dress


vintage 1950s pale green tulle prom dress


vintage 1950s emma domb tiered eyelet dress


vintage 1950s black curled wooled shawl


vintage 1940s black sheer lace separates set


vintage 1940s black embroidered scallop slip


vintage 1930s peach pink chiffon embroidered tap shorts


vintage 1930s pale pink lace trimmed tap shorts


vintage 1930s black sheer bias cut night gown


vintage 1920s rose pink ecru lace stepin


Tour En L’Air Step In / Blush Choise Tap Shorts / Deauville Society Dress


vintage 1920s brown silk pleat school dress


vintage inspired rose lilac pink bralette


vintage inspired pale pink silk lingerie camisole


vintage inspired classic black cotton triangle bra


antique 1910s brown velvet evening jacket

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