Vintage Shop Update | La Romance d’Ariel

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a shop update! If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve probably seen that we still do them regularly, we just haven’t posted one on the blog in a little. Spring has sprung here in Portland! We have full on flowers everywhere, there was an explosion overnight. Daffodils and tulips have popped out of the ground already. Can you believe it? It’s snowing in parts of the country! Anyway, here are some spring dresses, jewelry, and lots of color in this shop update!

TWEET_vintage1920samberglassbeadlariatnecklace vintage 1920s glass amber and pearl bead lariat necklace

TWEET_vintage1920semeraldglassbeadnecklace vintage 1920s emerald green glass bead pendant necklace

TWEET_vintage1920smoldedcelluloidflowerbangle vintage 1920s molded celluloid floral bangle

TWEET_vintage1920swinepurplecutglassbeadnecklace vintage 1920s wine purple cut glass bead necklace

TWEET_vintage1940sblackpurplevelvetflockeddress vintage 1940s black purple floral velvet flocked dress

TWEET_vintage1940sbrassbeltchainbangle vintage 1940s brass belt hinged cuff bracelet

TWEET_vintage1940sbrownembroideredslacks vintage 1940s brown floral embroidered trousers

TWEET_vintage1940slavenderrayonfloralprintdress vintage 1940s lavender rayon floral print dress

TWEET_vintage1940snoveltyprintrayonskirt vintage 1940s novelty Native American print rayon skirt

TWEET_vintage1940sruststripedbermudabagvintage 1940s brown striped wood frame bag

TWEET_vintage1940ssilkhandpaintedroseblouse vintage 1940s hand painted roses silk blouse

TWEET_vintage1940sspringgreenbuttonupdress vintage 1940s green gingham buttoned bodice dress

TWEET_vintage1940swhiteeyeletpeplumtop vintage 1940s white cotton eyelet peplum blouse

TWEET_vintage1940swoodenautumndanglebrooch vintage 1940s wooden autumn dangle brooch

TWEET_vintage1950sblackvelvetcutoutpumps vintage 1950s black velvet cutout pumps

TWEET_vintage1950sbrownpolkadotcottondress vintage 1950s brown polka dot day dress

TWEET_vintage1950screamlacealineskirt vintage 1950s cream lace a-line skirt

TWEET_vintage1950scutagatestoneearrings vintage 1950s cut agate stone screwback earrings

TWEET_vintage1950slavenderfloralhatband vintage 1950s pink and lavender floral bandeau hat

TWEET_vintage1950srainbowstripedsilkpartydress vintage 1950s rainbow striped silk party dress

TWEET_vintage1960sdomedfiligreering vintage 1960s cathedral domed filigree ring

TWEET_vintage1960sethnicredblackbeadnecklace vintage 1960s ethnic red black chunky bead necklace

TWEET_vintage1970sblackredindiangauzeskirt vintage 1970s black red indian gauze boho skirt

TWEET_vintage1930screamlaceweddingdressvintage 1930s cream sheer lace wedding dress

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A List of 1920s Fabrics From Sears

I’ve been in a research & share the knowledge learned mood…so here goes. I was perusing through some old Sears catalog pages and started writing down fabric names I was not too familiar with. Some of these I have heard of, but really don’t know what it may look like in person since a lot of these fabric names aren’t really used today.

And so, in an effort to always improve my knowledge in the vast world of vintage and antique clothing and textiles, I give you my “I Need to Google These Later” Fabric List from the 1920s!

1922 – Barontine Satin

1923 – All Wool Tricotine
Seen on a skirt/jacket set. Tricotine is a double twill woven fabric

1923 – Caracul Fur Trimmed
Trim seen on neckline and cuffs of a coat

1923 – Canton Crepe
A dress. Slightly heavier than Crepe de Chine, texture has light ribbing. Here are two examples from Adored Vintage!

1923 – Wool Eponge
Seen on a skirt

1923 – Prunella Cloth
Seen on a skirt

1930 – Cotton Pongette

1930 – Cotton Marcella Broadcloth
Seen on a day dress. Plain woven cotton

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more photos of these fabric textures up close with product shots from Adored Vintage! I do want to end with this final thought for vintage sellers and those that buy vintage.


There are FOUR main natural fibers for fabrics. Linen, Cotton, Wool, and Silk. Most vintage clothing prior to the 1940s will fall into any of these four main fabric families.

You can always describe a fabric as “cotton feel”, “linen feel”, “silk feel”, or “wool feel” if you’re not sure yet. I have done this for a lot of fabric descriptions especially if I think it may be a man made/synthetic blend with a natural fiber.

In the 20th century so many new man made fabrics were created, the most prominent being rayon (also known as viscose) and polyester.

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1920s Costume Jewelry in Photos

I have recently come across a rather sizable amount of 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s jewelry. Vintage costume jewelry is not something I know a lot about but because I will be selling a lot more of it soon, I figured I should learn as much as I can.

My first point of reference when learning anything about vintage is to consult catalogs, advertisements, and photographs. So I wanted to compile some vintage photos from the 1920s showing women and the jewelry they wore.

Vintage 1920s Jewelry in pictures

Lots of pearls, beaded jewelry, crystal jewelry, and choker length necklaces. Women also wore long beaded necklaces (flapper necklaces) sometimes strung twice around the neck or just worn extra long.

1928 Jewelry advertisement

Some geometric inspired jewelry in the later 1920s (this is from 1928) which would coincide with the silhouettes that were becoming popular at that time too. Straight lines, smooth silhouettes, symmetrical shapes. // image source

1927-28 Jewelry

Festoon necklace advertisement from Sears Roebuck 1927/1928. I wish there were more ads for jewelry readily available to peruse the internet, but this is the only one I have found.

More posts soon digging deeper into the world of vintage costume jewelry!

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Vintage Shop Update | A World Away

It’s been busy here at Adored Vintage, but we’ve been in a nice groove. The sun has been lingering longer and longer each day, and we’ve had fun being able to spend some time in some warmer weather. There are lots of beautiful new things in the shop! We’re excited to slowly share it all with you! We have so much to list, so stay tuned, and for now, here’s a shop update!


vintage 1930s navy net ascot blouse | antique 1910s cream tulle lavender ribbons dress |  antique 1910s scalloped embroidered shirtwaist


vintage 1990s pale yellow knit cardigan sweater


vintage 1990s black floral drawstring broom skirt


vintage 1980s pale spring green silk blouse


vintage 1980s pale blue brown floral blouse


vintage 1980s apricot colored lace cutwork skirt


vintage 1980s muted peach sweater with bow


vintage 1980s black silk ruffle blouse


vintage 1970s navy garland print boho blouse


vintage 1970s lilac cotton boho top


vintage 1970s persimmon red fitted knit top


vintage 1950s grey needlepoint butterfly skirt


vintage 1940s periwinkle blue wisteria print maxi dress


vintage 1940s black rayon pintucks maxi skirt


vintage 1920s sheer mint embroidered flapper dress


 antique 1910s scalloped embroidered shirtwaist


antique 1910s edwardian batiste embroidered blouse


vintage 1920s sheer mint embroidered flapper dress | antique 1910s edwardian batiste embroidered blouse | vintage 1940s black velvet wrap dress with lace trim


vintage 1940s black velvet wrap dress with lace trim


vintage 1930s navy net ascot blouse


vintage 1920s pink accordion godets flapper dress


vintage 1920s pale pink soft cotton night gown


vintage 1920s brown velvet orange flapper dress


vintage 1920s bronze colored silk soutache dress


antique 1910s reconstructed edwardian dress


antique 1910s cream tulle lavender ribbons dress


antique 1910s cotton crochet yoke night dress


antique 1910s black silk asymmetrical cape

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Vintage Shop Update | Path To Soubise

It’s 60 degrees fahrenheit here in Portland, and we had a hard time coming in the studio to work instead of frolicking around in fields. Instead, we had a short picnic at the park next to the studio, so we can give you a shop update! Filled with some lingerie, both vintage and modern, and dresses!


Sympathetic Sighs CapeTour En L’Air Step InDeauville Society Dress


antique 1890s victorian black mourning cape


vintage inspired white sheer crochet lace dress


vintage 1960s cream silk mod bowtie dress


vintage 1950s red pink panel rose print dress


vintage 1950s pale green tulle prom dress


vintage 1950s emma domb tiered eyelet dress


vintage 1950s black curled wooled shawl


vintage 1940s black sheer lace separates set


vintage 1940s black embroidered scallop slip


vintage 1930s peach pink chiffon embroidered tap shorts


vintage 1930s pale pink lace trimmed tap shorts


vintage 1930s black sheer bias cut night gown


vintage 1920s rose pink ecru lace stepin


Tour En L’Air Step In / Blush Choise Tap Shorts / Deauville Society Dress


vintage 1920s brown silk pleat school dress


vintage inspired rose lilac pink bralette


vintage inspired pale pink silk lingerie camisole


vintage inspired classic black cotton triangle bra


antique 1910s brown velvet evening jacket

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