Vintage Monday Muse | Women of Art

The largest inspirations for Adored Vintage shoots and Lookbooks come from old paintings and drawings of women. I can spend hours upon hours browsing through these old paintings. Not only were their lives and garments so romantic, they have such a special essence to the way they sit, stand, or just do things. I love how graceful and lovely they look even while sitting upon rocks, gathering hay, or tossing a salad. These are our ultimate style/hair/squad/life goals here at AV.

“A Garden Party”, Gari Melchers

3bdb13155c80f52a3e7ea333b5705533Portrait of Madame F.”Edouard Dubufe

2f194409cfef924a0fd1394156d98184“Zwei Sitzende”Egon Schiele

8f4c68c4cde03840b07d5558aefe6db9“Portrait of Olga Konstantinovna Lancere”, Zinaida Serebriakova

877931d1a9cf3e37efa08d09689d2be2The Glen Walker Sisters”, John da Costa

98b68e8864e62d154341fed3ff5c53f6The Lady of the House”, William Henry Margetson

7103f9d7dbc2a814ad5dc9de145f26b7“Caprice”, Sir William Russell Flint

92769d08c5158c15c6cd72f3d0943ba0“The Sevres Vase”, James Jebusa Shannon

dfb62dee8f3f107f4ec73cdaa6b643d3“Reflections”, Ethel Porter Bailey

2ecd720be488654d0e436ad5e0e6c654“The Boulder”, Charles Courtney Curran

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Monday Muse | Evelyn Nesbit

Close your eyes and think of the most beautiful girl from the early 1900s. Chances are, you imagine a girl who looks just like our Monday Muse, Evelyn Nesbit. Nesbit is the most classic of classic beauties.


source | source

Nesbit’s life contains every piece of a good story. There’s hardship, romance, a love triangle, scandal, and *gasp* murder! What else do you need?



Evelyn Nesbit is believe to have been born on December 25, 1884 in Pennsylvania. Her actual year of birth is unknown, because her mother had added several years to her age to get around child labor laws. Nesbit grew up penniless. Her father passed suddenly when she was only eleven years old and left her, her brother, and her mother unable to support themselves and without a home. They watched their house and possessions get auctioned off to pay debts. Over time, Nesbit’s mother worked at a department store, where Evelyn was first discovered. A stranger asked if he could paint her, and she made a dollar for posing for five hours.



When Nesbit’s mother moved her and her brother to New York City in June of 1900s, Evelyn’s career was started. She soon became one of the most wanted models of New York City. She was on the cover of Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and many other women’s magazines. She later became known as the “Gibson Girl” and “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing”.



In 1901, when she was a Broadway girl, Evelyn met Stanford White. At the time he was 47 year old, and Evelyn was 16. One night Evelyn and her friend, Edna Goodrich, joined White to have lunch at his apartment. It is said to have been extremely extravagant. Within this rendezvous Evelyn had one glass of champagne, and the three innocently played a game where White pushed Evelyn on a red velvet swing as Goodrich held a parasol for Evelyn to shred with her foot. Several nights later, Evelyn and White were together in his apartment. Evelyn had many glasses of champagne to drink that night. The same room that had the velvet swing now had a green sofa and walls covered with mirrors. Her last memory of that night was that she changed into a yellow satin kimono. She woke up the next morning fully undressed in bed with White.



The next year Evelyn met John Barrymore, “Jack” from The Wild Rose. A romance blossomed between the two of them, and Barrymore proposed to Evelyn. She did not accept the proposal. There is suspicion that later Evelyn had two abortions from a baby she would have had with Barrymore.  Barrymore was not the only person Evelyn had a relationship with, she also was seeing Harry Kendall Thaw. Throughout her relationship with these two, White still kept a presence in Evelyn’s life. After some time, Thaw wanted Evelyn to be his wife. Knowing his opinion about chastity, Evelyn told Thaw about the night she had with White. At that time she exposed every detail about her secret relationship with White and of that night.

Evelyn later married Harry Thaw. The scandal between Evelyn and White eventually lead to Thaw murdering Stanford White on stage during the finale of “I Could Love a Million Girls”. It was reported that right before Thaw shot White he proclaimed “You ruined my life!”, but others say he yelled, “You ruined my wife!”. The trial for this case became known as “The Trial of the Century”.



Evelyn lived a long life. On top of everything she accomplished in the early 1900s, she had an eventful later life. She had a child, divorced Thaw, remarried, was a proprietor of a tearoom in Manhattan, and inherited a large amount of money from Thaw when he passed. Around World War II she moved to Los Angeles, where she taught ceramics and sculpting at the Grant Beach School of Arts and Crafts. At the age of 82 she died at a nursing home in Santa Monica, California.



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Bestow A Kiss | A Shop Update

Oh how I adore vintage lingerie from the 1920s and the 1930s. The details are so sweet, so delicate, so very feminine. I always have a hard time listing vintage lingerie in the shop and I think because I get so attached to all these lovely things. I used to wear them to bed, but unfortunately tore quite a few. These delicate beauties are really just meant for lounging around in (preferably with a cocktail)…not tossing and turning in your sleep.

Vintage 1920s 1930s LingerieVintage lingerie waiting to be steamed and photographed in the studio.

vintage peach silk kimono with fern print
vintage peach silk kimono with fern print

antique 1910s cream silk embroidered camisole

antique 1910s cream silk embroidered camisole

Vintage 1930s Lingerie Tap Shorts

vintage 1930s pink tap shorts with lace and bows |vintage 1930s pink silk tap shorts with rosettes |  vintage 1930s pink tap shorts with lace inserts

vintage 1930s white rayon floral print nightgown
vintage 1930s white rayon floral print nightgown

vintage 1930s peach satin nightgown with lace bodice
vintage 1930s peach satin nightgown with lace bodice

vintage 1910s pale pink silk embroidered camisole
vintage 1910s pale pink silk embroidered camisole

vintage 1930s pale peach rayon lace insert gown
vintage 1930s pale peach rayon lace insert gown

vintage pink silk haori kimono with garden print
vintage pink silk haori kimono with garden print

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1920s 1930s Prohibition Picnic at Historic Overlook House in Portland


I have been looking forward to the New Deal Weekend Prohibition Picnic for quite some time here in Portland!

Before the picnic my friends Katie and Cari came over to my house and we had so much fun rummaging through the Adored Vintage stocks and trying on different hats. I was so incredibly indecisive as to what to wear, but finally settled on this late 1920s early 1930s floral chiffon number. Which surprised me a bit because I had been pretty set on wearing 1920s. But at the end of the day, my favorite era won over! Although honestly, early 30s isn’t very flattering on my figure as the mid to late 30s, but oh well.

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_4 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_2 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_6

I had so much fun! This was my very first vintage themed event I have ever attended! It seems a bit surprising to me to say it out loud. I mean I LOVE ADORE vintage so much and I just never thought to go to an event where everyone is just as obsessed, (actually even MORE SO) than I am. I have so much, honestly SO MUCH respect for the vintage gals that can wear head to toe vintage and do it everyday and do their hair and makeup. I WISH I could do that. I’ve dabbled here and there, but for me it takes so much effort and I never look how I want to look so I just throw my hands up and give up.

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_9 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_10

Anyhow, Cari and Katie packed a lovely lunch of cucumber tea sandwiches, Greek salad, fancy crackers, and I threw in some Vermont chocolates my Aunts just sent me from Burlington and some cherries. (Always dessert on the mind!)

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_7 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_3 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_5

We giggled (A LOT). Freaked out over Vanessa’s (of Wanderlust Vintage in Portland) new puppy, Pearl. Took loads of photos. Admired all the dancers. Shimmied to the live music. And tried (albeit was unsuccessful) at keeping dry. You see it POURED this morning and the lawn was still wet. But you can’t have a 1920s Lawn Party and not be on the LAWN!

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_8 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_11 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_12 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_13

I got to see some familiar vintage friends like Julie of Fab Gabs (who organized this event) and Solanah of Vintage Vixen. It was also really lovely to meet some vintage gals I just know through Instagram like Christine of Living Threads Vintage and Katie Scarlett who models for Fab Gabs (who I really hopes hosts a Wet Set pin curl class coz I would be there STAT).

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_14 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_15 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_16 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_17 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_18 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_19

These last series of photos are my favorite we took today. The light was absolutely perfect, the mood just right. I adore my friends so much! Excited to attend future vintage events here in Portland!

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Memories in Marseille | A Shop Update

This coming weekend my gal pals and I are getting all dressed up in 1920s and 1930s Jazz Age styles for the New Deal Weekend Prohibition Picnic in Portland. So, naturally, the recent shop updates are all vintage 1920s and 1930s since thats where my mind is at right now.

So to begin, some VINTAGE DRESSES from the 1920s and 1930s and one antique top!


vintage 1930s JADE POSIES dress


vintage 1920s BELLE OF HONFLEUR dress


vintage 1930s FOLLY OF THE SEA knit set


vintage 1990s 30s revival SORELLA CANYON dress


antique 1910s/20s ERNESTINE blouse

Some up close details… because they’re just so very pretty!

vintageclothindetails-721And some VINTAGE ACCESSORIES to finish off your Jazz Age Lawn Party, Prohibition Picnic, Gatsby Afternoon…whatever wonderful vintage themed party you are attending this summer!


vintage 1920s MEMORIES IN MARSEILLE cloche


vintage 1930s LACED ANEMONE hat


vintage 1930s CASULON HILL hat


vintage 1930s POMPION ARC clutch


vintage 1930s DERRY MANOR bag

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