Jazz Age Fashion Inspiration

On my bucket list of vintage things to do is the Jazz Age Lawn Party held bi-annualy at Governor’s Island in New York to celebrate all things 1920s and early 1930s and jazzy. There’s dancing, there’s picnicking, there’s kicking up your heels, and there’s lots of gorgeous 1920s and 1930s vintage to drool over.

The next one is August 15th and August 16th and while I won’t be in attendance next year (although my darling Esther Jean will have me there in spirit as she attends every year), I want to pretend like I am going and therefore start dreaming up of all the possible 1920s and 1930s fashion ensembles I could wear.

Jazz Age Lawn Party Fashion Inspiration \ Early 1920s

If you’re an early 1920s gal, you might want to wear an ankle length dress (tea length will work too) or drapey gown. You can also get away with wearing something from the late teens era since some women still wore their Edwardian frocks into the 20s. The idea is to embody the spirit of the Jazz Age era, not necessarily be era accurate. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. Some may think otherwise.

early 1920s inspiration image credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Now for some mid 20s to late 20s fashion inspiration for the Jazz Age Lawn Party! I adore the mid to late 20s and basically the entire 1930s, but we’ll get to that in a bit! The mid to late 20s is what most people think of “flapper style”

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Jazz Age Fashion Inspiration / Mid 20s Early 30s


mid 1920s to early 1930s fashion inspiration image credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Let’s move into the early 1930s now, shall we? The early 30s features one of my favorite silhouettes! Slight a-lines and tulip flared. I find it to be the most flattering on my figure so I a lot of my wardrobe has nods here and there to this era.

You’ll note in the early to mid 1930s there is a lot of emphasis on collars and sleeves. Lots of ruffles! Ruffles up the wazoo! You’l also notice hats got a bit smaller. Smaller brims and many tilt hats.

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Jazz Age Fashion Inspiration / 1930s

Oops! I’ve just noticed I didn’t number these photos, so here are the image credits by description instead!

Both of the vintage 1930s dresses featured in this post are from Adored Vintage. Vintage 1930s pale pink gown from Adored Vintage / Vintage 1930s pale green ruffle gown from Adored Vintage

Madame Rochas in Paris 1932McCalls Pattern Fashions 1932 / Four ladies in 1930s dresses via Pinterest

***I can’t remember where the trio of ladies in 1930s dresses photo is sourced from. But it was also on Pinterest.

// SHOP: vintage 1920s and 1930s vintage and vintage inspired clothing for the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Adored Vintage

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The 1920s, No More Florals!

Vintage 1920s Fashion, Non Florals

Ahh just kidding, I love florals! However, today’s blog post is decidedly UNFLORAL (my floral loving heart just heaved the biggest saddest sigh…).


I adore the 1920s, really I do, but it’s probably one of the most unflattering periods of fashion EVER. Unless you’re a waif and have no breasts. (I belong in the latter group) But dropped waist, straight cut throughout silhouettes just really doesn’t do anything for anyone. Oh, except Olive Oyl! Her little ensemble is very 20s to me. And BTW…Olive Oyl is suppose to be a flapper! Did I just blow your mind or WHAT!

Anyhow, I’ve collected a bunch of lovely fashion and style inspirations from the 1920s that feature stripes, plaids, and all sorts of geometric prints. Not necessarily art deco, but patterns (in my opinion) that transcends all eras. Ok, some of this IS art deco.

Vintage 1920s Fashion, Non Florals


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Of Lingerie & Learning

Vintage Lingerie PreviewHere’s a little preview of vintage lingerie and loungewear arriving in the shop soon! There are a few kimonos in this bunch which are so glamorous to lounge around your home in. I’ll be honest, I am no kimono expert. But, I sort of figure you’re probably not either and you just like kimonos because, well, they’re so pretty!

Actually, I was informed by my friend Ashleigh who lived in Japan for a few years, that kimonos are always made of silk and any “kimono” made of cotton is called a YUKATA which is usually worn in the summer and is considered casual wear.


You know, I have to say, I don’t ever consider myself an expert in vintage clothing. I was actually thinking about this while I photographed this rack of vintage this afternoon. I don’t think anyone could be an EXPERT on VINTAGE clothes. There is just SO DAMN MUCH to know!

Every single day I learn something new about vintage and I get so excited about being able to store away that knowledge. Does it always stick, noooo… but then I relearn them. And sometimes relearn AGAIN.





Do I know more about vintage than the average gal, obviously. This IS what I do for a living. Do I know as much as say, Doris Raymond owner of The Way We Wore? No, not at all. Would I like to know how much she knows, HELL TO THE YEAH I do. But, I am also aware she’s been doing this for many decades longer than I have.

I am also quite aware that the best way for me to learn is to TEACH. So, I think I’ll probably start posting some things on this blog all about the things I am learning about vintage so you can learn along with me. Or better yet, TEACH ME something. Also, I am open to being corrected. Just don’t be a dick about it. 🙂



Which HAS happened and thou shall not be named. But COME ON, we can all learn a little something new everyday and NO ONE knows EVERYTHING, and if you claim you do, then good for you!

OH, and if you are curious: Learn more about the different types of Japanese Kimonos. I know I will be referencing this page when writing my product descriptions for the vintage kimonos available in the shop soon!


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