Vintage Shop Update | Lady of Marissel

We have some new pretty things in the shop for all you darlings! This week’s collection, Lady of Marissel, features whites, creams, and blues. We have a beautiful beige 1920s tulle dress that would be a perfect a wedding or wedding reception dress, a teal 1940s floral day dress perfect for the warmer days we’ve been having, and even some vintage accessories to add to out any outfit, whether you have vintage or modern pieces.

  1. Starling Dress | vintage 1930s silk blue dress with pleated cuffs and waist
  2. Harvest Gold Dress | vintage 1920s tulle beige dress
  3. Starlit Velvet Dress | vintage 1920s black velvet flapper dress with brooch and lace
  4. Champagne Elegance Dress | vintage 1920s silk ivory dress bows detail
  5. Fondness of June Dress | vintage 1940s teal floral button-up day dress
  6. Seafolly Top | vintage 1950s sky blue linen embroidered blouse
  7. Whisper of Summer Top | antique 1900s pin-striped corset cover with ribbon and lace detail
  8. Lady of Marissel Slip | vintage 1950s foundation slip with organdy layer

  1. Garden Social Scarf | vintage rose patterned neck scarf
  2. Evening Falls Heels | vintage 1930s black suede cutout oxford heels
  3. Lovely Merits Brooch | antique 1920s carved floral glass brooch
  4. Heritage Gala Necklace | vintage 1930s art deco silver enamel choker necklace



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On The Set / Upstairs, Downstairs

By now you’re well aware that I adore period dramas and series. I wish American television had more period pieces, we ain’t got nothing on BBC!

This is the 2nd series of Upstairs, Downstairs. The original was filmed in the 1970s and I haven’t watched any of it (but it’s on my list!) I like the pace of this show and also 1930s fashions are some of my favorites to watch on film. The series reminds me a little bit of Downton Abbey. I believe Downton Abbey was inspired from the original series as the premise of this show is about the lives of a wealthy family (upstairs) and the people that serve them (downstairs).

Upstairs, Downstairs can be watched on Hulu or on Amazon Video! Here are some of my favorite scenes/settings/outfits from episode 1.

I adore a good makeover montage in any movie/tv show and in the first episode, the Holland family moves into a mansion (where the Bellamy family from the original series lived) and it’s all dusty and old and they’re going to have it all done up! Here Lady Agnes Holland wears another fabulous 1930s fur coat!

Visually, this is a very beautiful series to watch! Just look at this little scene below. I’m really quite obsessed with that dark green color of the drapes in the background.

Lady Agnes is wearing a fur stole with her coat in the above photo. Below she is wearing a full fur coat. All right, so we only see the “in-progress” photos of the mansion for the first 20 mins or so, then…TA-DAH…it becomes this.

Way too colorful for my taste, but I still appreciate the grandeur and beauty of it! In this scene Lady Agnes meets part of her staff. Not pictured is the chauffer. The concept of servants and live-in-help is so foreign to me and I think to most people in the modern world. I have one friend who is ridiculously wealthy. So wealthy he has a Picasso in his foyer. And even he doesn’t have a live-in maid. He does have a cleaning service that comes once a week and he did have a personal assistant.

Anyhow, I don’t want to share too many more images as I really do want you to watch this show. Also, Rose Buck (the one with the short bobbed hair) played by Jean Marsh was in the original series and played the same character. I really like her character in this series, so now I’ll have to watch the previous series to see what she was like when she was 40 years younger and served a different family in the same home.

Here are the last images I wanted to share from this beautiful series. I love little scenes like this! They inspire my own life so much.

Credits for Costumes/Art Direction/Set Decorators: 

Costume designers for the TV show were Amy Roberts (who costumed a movie I enjoyed called Cold Comfort Farm) and Ralph Wheeler-Holes who also costumed Call The Midwife.

Art directors were David Hindle and Dafydd Shurmer. Set decorators were Julia Castle and Hannah Nicholson.

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Vintage Shop Update | La Lune d’Hiver


For all you sparkly moon and star beauties out there, we have a new collection just for you, La Lune d’Hiver. They’re the perfect pieces to wear  for a night out and when the clock strikes midnight. We have lots of black dresses, pieces that sparkle with sequins and beads, and jewelry for that extra bit of shine.

1. vintage 1940s rare I. Magnin lace gown | Midnight Gala Gown

2. vintage 1920s cream silk lace dress | Endearing Esme Dress

3. vintage 1930s art deco rhinestone choker | Delicate Deco Choker

4. vintage 1930s art deco small French purse | Petite Etoile Purse

5. vintage 1920s inspired stars and moon beaded gown | Midnight in Paris Dress

6. vintage 1940s black taffeta gown with embellishment | Plaisir de Amor Gown

7. vintage 1980s ivory beaded evening cape | Upon a Fairytale Cape

8. vintage inspired rhinestone floral bridal halo | Faerie Realm Halo

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Vintage Shop Update | The Turning of the Leaves

adoredvintage_newarrivals_10-24-16As the leave continue to turn, so do our wardrobes. Today’s shop update includes a mix of cotton, wool, and silk! Pieces great for the in betweens of warmer and cooler weather. We have lots of vintage pieces, with a touch of a vintage inspired modern piece! Here are some of our favorites, and click here to see more.


  1. Vintage 1930s Ukrainian Gauze Boho Top

  2. Vintage Inspired Dusty Rose Faux Suede Cardigan

  3. Vintage 1950s Ivory Sequined Beaded Shell Knit Top

  4. Antique 1910s White Cotton Eyelet Rows Skirt

  5. Vintage 1970s Ecru Lace Robe

  6. Vintage Inspired Saffron Yellow Embroidered Top

  7. Vintage 1950s Curled Wool Fur Collar Coat

  8. Antique 1920s Sky Blue Embroidered Blouse

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On The Set | A Good Woman, 1930s Italian Fashion

I recently came across the blog Frock Flicks (what a great name!) and it inspired me to do more posts from TV shows and movies that feature period costumes. Frock Flicks mostly focuses on 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century period costumes. As I haven’t yet found a vintage fashion blog that focuses on 20th century costumes (if you know of one, leave me a comment!), I thought perhaps my blog should be a good source for inspiration and research. All right, let’s get on with this week’s movie! 

A beautiful pale eggplant colored accordion pleat detail on an asymmetrical hat worn on Helen Hunt’s character.

This week I watched “A Good Woman” featuring Scarlet Johansson and Helen Hunt. It is set in Amalfi, Italy in the year 1930. I won’t be capturing every costume from the movie, just some key ones. Also, some of the images will be out of order so the plot will not be ruined in case you want to watch this movie (and I recommend you do, it’s currently on Amazon Prime Video!)

Here we see "Meg" in a pretty citrus chiffon day dress with short sleeves and soft ruffles.
Here we see “Meg” in a pretty citrus chiffon day dress with short sleeves and soft ruffles.

At first I thought the movie seemed hokey pokey, but towards the end I really started to fall in love with it. I really don’t like HOW Helen Hunt’s character speaks though and where she puts emphasis on certain words. It’s a little jarring to listen to. Anyhow, some of the scenes and sets are really quite beautiful. So I will include these as well, as the thing I love nearly as much as vintage clothing are vintage homes!

Lots of glove action in this movie... also love the asymmetrical collar on this dress "Mrs. Erlynne" is wearing. Not so crazy about this hat.
Lots of glove action in this movie… also love the asymmetrical collar on this dress “Mrs. Erlynne” is wearing. Not so crazy about this hat.
What a sumptuous dress shop!
This scene in a dress shop is one of my favorites. Isn’t it exquisite?


This outfit is only briefly seen and I wish it had more screen time. I really love the necklace. I have to admit, the hats in this movie look really cheap though.
Here we see the front of Meg’s citrus hued floral dress. She also wears this locket pretty much the entire movie.



Lots of wonderful floral chiffon prints in the movie. Everyone wears really subdued tones except for Meg and Mrs. Erlynne. Meg is always in something light colored, soft, and very sweet (to further portray her innocence) and Mrs. Erlynne wears a lot of frosted soft colors and jewel tones (perhaps alluding to something…hmmm…you’ll have to watch the movie and see!)

agoodwoman-1930sfashion-11 agoodwoman-1930sfashion-12

Every dress Meg wears in this movie is basically this same exact silhouette. V-neckline, fitted at the waist, light a-line/tulip flare, short sleeves. This is a wonderful silhouette for a woman that has curves and has a larger bust.


Here we get a closer look at the pattern on this dress. I also think Meg’s hair looks the best here. In most of the scenes her curls are so tight, they look very Shirley Temple-y. But perhaps…there is a reason for her hair slowly becoming more “undone” and less “perfect” (just watch the movie!)

Another wonderful asymmetrical neckline worn by Mrs. Erlynne
Oh haaiiii, someone’s got some new “revenge” shopping shoes!


This peignoir that Meg wears throughout the movie is so stunning! I believe it has cream silk velvet on it and it is the palest hue of peach. It features long waterfall angel sleeves (again, alluding to the purity of her character perhaps?)



Mrs. Erlynne wearing a navy and cream color blocked dress. I really dislike the lavender gloves as the accent. It seems like a very odd color combination.

So that’s all for this week’s On The Set post! I really enjoyed this movie and hope you’ll give it a watch!

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