1942 Vintage Daywear from Women’s Weekly Australia

The early 1940s (and the late 1930s) are some of my favorite periods for fashion. I love seeing fancy vintage evening and formalwear but really, my heart really goes pitter patter seeing what women wore to go about their daily lives. These wonderful images are from The Australian Womens Weekly magazine.

Vintage 1942 daywear fashion

What I adore about these styles is that this is what women wore to do their chores! Nowadays we mostly just go about our day looking like slobs, especially if it’s a day of gardening, laundry, or other things where we have to get our hands dirty.

Even when doing these things, I try to “dress up” a little. Usually by wearing a cotton shirt dress or a vintage cotton skirt and a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I really ought to incorporate the scarf around my hair though!

Vintage 1942 Daywear Fashion-1

Vintage 1942 Daywear Fashion-1-2

Image credits: Women’s Weekly Australia (1942)

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