Vintage Shop Update | Lady of Marissel

We have some new pretty things in the shop for all you darlings! This week’s collection, Lady of Marissel, features whites, creams, and blues. We have a beautiful beige 1920s tulle dress that would be a perfect a wedding or wedding reception dress, a teal 1940s floral day dress perfect for the warmer days we’ve been having, and even some vintage accessories to add to out any outfit, whether you have vintage or modern pieces.

  1. Starling Dress | vintage 1930s silk blue dress with pleated cuffs and waist
  2. Harvest Gold Dress | vintage 1920s tulle beige dress
  3. Starlit Velvet Dress | vintage 1920s black velvet flapper dress with brooch and lace
  4. Champagne Elegance Dress | vintage 1920s silk ivory dress bows detail
  5. Fondness of June Dress | vintage 1940s teal floral button-up day dress
  6. Seafolly Top | vintage 1950s sky blue linen embroidered blouse
  7. Whisper of Summer Top | antique 1900s pin-striped corset cover with ribbon and lace detail
  8. Lady of Marissel Slip | vintage 1950s foundation slip with organdy layer

  1. Garden Social Scarf | vintage rose patterned neck scarf
  2. Evening Falls Heels | vintage 1930s black suede cutout oxford heels
  3. Lovely Merits Brooch | antique 1920s carved floral glass brooch
  4. Heritage Gala Necklace | vintage 1930s art deco silver enamel choker necklace



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Vintage Shop Update | La Lune d’Hiver


For all you sparkly moon and star beauties out there, we have a new collection just for you, La Lune d’Hiver. They’re the perfect pieces to wear  for a night out and when the clock strikes midnight. We have lots of black dresses, pieces that sparkle with sequins and beads, and jewelry for that extra bit of shine.

1. vintage 1940s rare I. Magnin lace gown | Midnight Gala Gown

2. vintage 1920s cream silk lace dress | Endearing Esme Dress

3. vintage 1930s art deco rhinestone choker | Delicate Deco Choker

4. vintage 1930s art deco small French purse | Petite Etoile Purse

5. vintage 1920s inspired stars and moon beaded gown | Midnight in Paris Dress

6. vintage 1940s black taffeta gown with embellishment | Plaisir de Amor Gown

7. vintage 1980s ivory beaded evening cape | Upon a Fairytale Cape

8. vintage inspired rhinestone floral bridal halo | Faerie Realm Halo

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Vintage Shop Update | Holiday Soiree

This week’s vintage shop update, the Holiday Soiree Collection, features all the elegant, classic, and festive wears for all the parties you’ll be attending.

It’s snowing here in Portland at the moment, so that means the whole city is shutting down. Roads are closed, children are sledding on the street instead of at school, and we’re working from home. There’s a fire going in my fireplace and my partner is putting candy canes on our Christmas tree as snow falls outside and wind whistles around the house.

The holidays are here. I can’t stop repeating that in my head. They’re here! Finally! It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. I love seeing red noses, everyone bundled up, and baking materials on the end of every isle.

It’s a time of the year about cheer, gathering, and getting all dolled up for a night out to celebrate the year, family, and love by sipping some bubbly champagne, what more can one ask for? vintage 1960s green silk plaid dress | Dear December Dress

2. vintage 1950s navy layered silk chiffon party dress | Air of Mystery Dress

3. vintage 1950s brown fur stole cape | Era of Decadence Cape

4. vintage 1950s black felt dots tulle party dress | Amusement Follies Dress

5. vintage 1960s red rhinestone studded skater dress | Holiday Lights Dress

6. vintage 1940s black velvet skirt with appliqués | Lights Over the City Skirt

7. vintage 1970s Lilli Diamond gown with rhinestone accents | Frosted Champagne Dress

8. vintage 1940s navy star print day dress | Starry Eyed Dress

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1940s Vintage Hats from Women’s Weekly Australia

Today’s feature from the wonderful Women’s Weekly Australia archives are all focused on hats! Oh, how I do wish women still wore hats! These Autumn hats are all so so wonderful!

Vintage 1940s Hats

Vintage magazines and catalogs are a wonderful resource for learning more about vintage! I love that these have descriptions of each hat and the name of the style of hat.

Pancake Beret (purple with green bows and flowers), Pillbox with “Snood” of Velvet Ribbons, A Double Beret…

Oh, I just realized the last picture is actually for summer hats. Australia is in the other hemisphere and these are from a November issue. Oops! Although, I do think these felt/wool hats would have been quite all right to wear in the Fall.

Vintage 1944 Autumn Hats

Vintage 1944 Autumn Hats

Image Credits: Women’s Weekly Australia

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Everyday Styles of Women in the 1940s


While it’s so much fun to oooh and aaah over 1940s fashion magazine editorials and Hollywood starlets dressed to the nines, I mostly prefer seeing how the everyday woman actually dressed. Here are some images I sourced from the wonderful Tumblr 1940 to 1949, you must go visit after you’ve read this post to see more fashions from the 1940s!

everyday1940sfashion  everyday1940sfashion-3
everyday1940sfashion-4  everyday1940sfashion-5

I really adore the dresses the three gals are wearing, I could easily see myself wearing any of these. Also this truck is awesome, I know my husband would really love it!

everyday1940sfashion-9  everyday1940sfashion-12

I love these three! When the weather cools off again, I’ll be quite ready to wear scarves around my head again!

everyday1940sfashion-6  everyday1940sfashion-7
everyday1940sfashion-13  everyday1940sfashion-14
everyday1940sfashion-15  everyday1940sfashion-16

I pretty much want to be friends with these last two gals solely based on their outfits and what they’re currently doing (holding a kitty, reading a book in the park). *hehe*

All images via

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