New Arrivals | Vintage Swimwear


As the summer days get longer and hotter, all we want to do is frolic on the beach. Whether we are surfing or just soaking up the sun, we love doing it with our friends. There is nothing better than the sound of the waves crashing and sand between our toes.

And, of course, it is best to do it in style. The bright colors of our new vintage swimsuits really invoke this sense of summer fun.

Here are two other styles:


Image Credits:

1.] Fashion Forward: 1950s Swimsuits | Little Gold Pixel via Pinterest
2.] vintage 1960s purple polka dot bikini from Adored Vintage
3.] vintage 1990s neon coral ruffle swimsuit from Adored Vintage
4.] Jean Patchet and friend, 1950s | via Pinterest
5.] Jantzen Swimwear 1965 | via Pinterest
6.] vintage 1950s green polka dot bathing suit from Adored Vintage
7.] Frolicking on the beach 1960s | via Pinterest

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Inspiration for Photographing Vintage Shoes

There are a few things I dislike photographing for the shop.

VELVET Especially black velvet. (no matter what it always looks flatttt) 

HATS Mostly because I can’t decide how I want to shoot them. Mannequin head, by itself, on a hat stand. I go back and forth.

and last and probably my least favorite to photograph…

SHOES (as if you didn’t guess from the blog title)

I love how vintage shoe advertisements look so I’m using them as inspiration for photographing vintage shoes in the future. These look a bit like they’re doing a little dance step. J’adore!

1939-41 shoe ads

1939-41 shoe ads

These are charming standing poses. It reminds me of when I was on Drill Team (back in good ole Texas) and we would have to stand like this when we were in “relaxed” position.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are great sitting poses. I tried to do this but my feet just do not look as elegant when in this position which is such a shame because this is one of my favorites. They’re feet look like they’re wearing point shoes….pooooint.

1939-41 shoe ads

These are my absolute favorite. Pointed and posed with just a little flick of the heel. I feel like if I stand like this I would have to say “Ta-Da!” when I snap the photo. Or “Oh-la-LA!”

Image credits for above pictures from American Duchess

I love this sitting one too… but how to make it modern and relevant to now? (source)

Vintage Shoe Advertisement

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As She Was | The truth is honey…


It is of no secret how much I love vintage photographs. I think most vintage sellers share my love for old photos. We obviously like old things to begin with. It’s so much more than that though. It’s the story behind the photo. Or rather the mystery as to what the story is. I have a board on Pinterest entitled “As She Was” where I pin found vintage photos of women from the past. Sometimes they’re famous (you’ll definitely see many photos of Audrey Hepburn for example), but most of the time they are photos of women with no names. Just faces and a story that only very select few know or no one knows at all.

A beautiful group of WWII War Brides, 1943.

1940s women in dresses

July 20, 1939

“The truth is, honey, I’ve enjoyed my life. I’ve had a hell of a good time.” – Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner
An outing 1910s

1922 summer dress hat at the shore

1940s Paris Women on Bicycles

1950s Babe

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