Amid the Gusts | A Shop Update

We have more autumn pieces for you gals (including some that would be great staples) and a bit of jewelry! Often times when I sift through outfits, I like to imagine where I would go in them, and the things I would do. These definitely have a strolling by the river on a cloudy day while drinking pumpkin lattes feel. What do you see yourself doing in this collection?


vintage 1950s red grey plaid strapless dress | vintage 1950s brown orange plaid schoolgirl dress | vintage inspired navy plaid belted jacket 


vintage inspired navy plaid belted jacket


vintage inspired grey wool floppy hat with feathers


vintage inspired cranberry a-line skirt


vintage inspired black print peplum blouse


vintage 1950s red grey plaid strapless dress


vintage 1950s brown orange plaid schoolgirl dress


vintage 1930s citrine art deco necklace


vintage 1940s white carved floral brooch pin


vintage 1940s wooden button autumn brooch


vintage 1950s dusty pink veil hat with mink


vintage 1970s reddish brown leather heels


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Emerge At Twilight | A Shop Update

Although we’re past the fall equinox and leaves are scattered on the sidewalk outside, it seems that Portland summer is still lingering around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the morning and afternoon light shining through my windows and crisp sunny days. However, I am truly missing grey skies and the moody, cloudy Pacific Northwest weather I initially fell in love with. In the meantime, as we wait, here are some new things in the shop! Shady and grey tones to prep us for when Portland’s autumn decides to come into full swing.

TWEET_shopupdatetriptychvintage 1950s black chantilly lace pleat party dress | vintage 1950s blue embroidered day dress | vintage 1950s grey day dress with patch pocketsTWEET_vintage1940sstripedsilkbowhatwithtullevintage 1940s navy straw hat with silk ribbonvintage1970slightgreyprincesstrenchcoatvintage1970slightgreyprincesstrenchcoat_08vintage 1970s light grey wool princess trench coat TWEET_vintage1930sbluewoolcoatwithlambswoolvintage 1930s blue wool coat with curled lambs wool TWEET_vintage1930snavyfloralbowshatvintage 1930s blue hat with velvet bows and flowersTWEET_vintage1950sblackknittopwithbowvintage 1950s black cashmere shawl top TWEET_vintage1950sblueembroidereddaydressvintage 1950s blue embroidered day dress TWEET_vintage1950scheckeredbluewhiteskirtvintage 1950s blue white checkered eyelet swing skirt TWEET_vintage1950sgreyblackstripedwoolcircleskirtvintage 1950s grey black striped wool circle skirtTWEET_vintage1950sblackchantillylacedressvintage 1950s black chantilly lace pleat party dress

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Vintage Sewing Booklets 1949, 1958, 1961


Let us dive into some vintage sewing ephemera! I obtained these three booklets from an estate sale. Quite some time ago. I often pick these up as they are wonderful for research especially in dating vintage clothing and also in general sewing knowledge.


This is a feature inside the 1949 Simplicity Sewing Book. I love that so much attention was paid to what colors suited you best. I feel this is something we don’t really take into much consideration anymore.


Inside the 1949 sewing book is an illustrated guide of sewing tools one should have. I really dislike this bright orange color motif (the ENTIRE booklet features this highlight color, yuck)


Here are two advertisements for fabrics in the Spring 1961 McCall’s Pattern book. On the left Paris inspired prints from Lowenstein and on the right an advertisement for Du Pont fabrics showing Dacron (a type of polyester fabric) and Cotton.


Another fabric advertisement in the McCall’s 1961 Pattern Fashions book. This time for Estron acetate fabrics.


These are pages from the Vogue 1958 August-September Pattern Book. It is interesting for me to note these styles look more in tune with what we know the early 60s fashions to be in America. BUT, remember! These are fashions from PARIS and Paris was always on ahead in fashion!


These couple of pages from the 1958 Vogue Pattern book features a lot of wonderful separates and I love that they are referred to as “Change-About Wardrobe” I quite love the  dress worn with the peter pan collar blouse.

vintagesewingbooklets_07 vintagesewingbooklets_08

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New Arrivals | Vintage Swimwear


As the summer days get longer and hotter, all we want to do is frolic on the beach. Whether we are surfing or just soaking up the sun, we love doing it with our friends. There is nothing better than the sound of the waves crashing and sand between our toes.

And, of course, it is best to do it in style. The bright colors of our new vintage swimsuits really invoke this sense of summer fun.

Here are two other styles:


Image Credits:

1.] Fashion Forward: 1950s Swimsuits | Little Gold Pixel via Pinterest
2.] vintage 1960s purple polka dot bikini from Adored Vintage
3.] vintage 1990s neon coral ruffle swimsuit from Adored Vintage
4.] Jean Patchet and friend, 1950s | via Pinterest
5.] Jantzen Swimwear 1965 | via Pinterest
6.] vintage 1950s green polka dot bathing suit from Adored Vintage
7.] Frolicking on the beach 1960s | via Pinterest

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Adoring Grace Kelly on her 85th Birthday


Today would have been vintage style icon Grace Kelly’s 85th birthday. I’ve always admired Grace Kelly’s pulled together collegiate style. I love wearing vintage 1950s shirt dresses but I don’t think I quite embody them the same way Grace Kelly did.

Now, I’ll be honest. I don’t really GET why a lot of women freak out over Grace Kelly (don’t throw tomatoes!) I think she has great style, but what else? There’s not much else known about her. She always appears cold and a bit of an ice queen to me. So distant. Perhaps that has something to do with her affluent Catholic upbringing?



There are is a biography out there that paints the virginal Grace Kelly in a completely different light. Like she was known to sleep with men on first dates (remember, this is the 50s!), she had affairs with many men in Hollywood all much older than her, apparently because she had Daddy issues.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it just seems a little hard to believe. I mean, she just looks like the perfect image of politeness and properness. Doesn’t she?

And besides, I’d rather believe that she was kind and good but very reserved.

Happy 85th birthday Grace Kelly!





If you would like to read more about Grace Kelly, the not so pristine side of things, there is an article here Scandalous Women: Grace Kelly – America’s Princess

All these images are from this Grace Kelly pinterest board (which has over 1,000 Grace Kelly photos…)


I really adore the suit Grace Kelly wore during her 16 minute long civil wedding ceremony. Of course I always admire a woman who wears mostly neutral colors, and Grace Kelly loved her muted hues! But I do have to say, she looked absolutely stunning in red.



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