Vintage Shop Update | Accoutrements

I’ve never been a big fan of shooting vintage accessories for the shop, I think because it requires so many set up changes as opposed to shooting vintage clothing on a dress form.


However, I spent all Saturday gathering some of my favorite springtime accessories and photographing them and prepping them for the shop. And so, today, on the last day of February, I present to you… accoutrements vintage edition!


Vintage Handbags & Purses

vintage 1930s silk rainbow striped pleat purse / vintage 1930s deep orange knitted frame bag / vintage 1950s needlepoint floral frame bag / vintage 1950s cream floral tapestry frame purse

And the vintage hats department got a bit of an update… I’m back to shooting on the hat stand and mannequin head again.


vintage 1920s black velvet embroidered cap


vintage 1930s straw hat with navy blue ribbon


vintage 1930s straw hat with pastel straw flowers


vintage 1980s straw hat with large black bow

And there are a few really beautifully printed silk scarves… I adore scarves! I really hope gals wear them more often. I wear them year around usually around my neck but in the Summer and Fall they are great for wearing as a head cover.


Vintage Scarves

vintage 1960s Vera peach wheat print long scarf / vintage 1940s white silk bright floral print scarf / vintage 1950s silk novelty ballerina print scarf / vintage 1950s yellow silk dandelion print scarf

I also added two beautiful Victorian era beaded reticule bags. I am not as well versed on antique accessories as I am on more modern ones (and even then, accessories in general I’m pretty dusty on as far as knowledge) but jeez louise these beaded beauties take my breath away! The detail work is magnificent and they are in mucho excellente condition!


antique 1800s victorian white cream beaded reticule / antique 1890s-1910s Victorian black beaded reticule

And lastly… a couple pairs of dainty ladies gloves… I know it’s not really the norm to wear gloves these days, but these are really super charming and you can wear them to your next tea party!


vintage 1950s white sheer embroidered ruffle gloves / vintage 1950s white leather eyelet gloves

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