Hello Portland! Part 1

Long Beach to Portland!

Well duckies, I am in Portland! I cannot believe it yet that I live in this wonderful oh so very very green city. I love you Portland! I have loved you since 3 years ago when I first met you during a rainy cold November week. You were so mysterious and foggy and whispered sweet drizzly nothings from the sky. Oh, you wooed me all right…and it only took 3 years to finally GET IT. Me and my man belong in Portland!

Well, also, he was born here. Raised here. So, yeah… that wasn’t a tough one.

It’s been 5 days of us being here now and I am just up to my ears in packing and unpacking. I seriously do not want to see a moving box for a very very verrrry long time.

The drive here was long. It felt so much longer than when I drove from Florida to California (a cross country move is one I don’t ever plan on repeating, ever…unless the opportunity was just bonkers amazing and someone on the east coast was gifting me my dream house…then ok. I guess I can move for that!) I think it felt longer because I just wanted to be HERE already!

BTW, have you ever driven through the Siskiyou Pass in Southern Oregon in a 16 FT Penske truck that has some not so great routers? (Rooters? How do you even spell that?) IT is SO MUCH FUN you guys! Like, if you are really into thrill seeking and thinking “I could possibly die at the end of this” you should SO try it!

I hope you sensed my extreme sarcasm.

And also how terrifying this part of the journey was.

Robby was driving at this point (I drove some of the way, ok, a little of the way too!) The signs say 6% grade…which is a LIE. A flat-out lie. Because I drove through some 6% downhill grades and the truck was fine. In fact I hardly noticed. The Grapevine Pass in California was scary leaving Los Angeles and that was a 6% grade. The Siskiyou was just F*ED up. The entire truck was shaking VIOLENTLY and Robby was barely tapping on the brakes. We were gaining speed like crazy and it got to the point where he almost lost control of the truck. The next 5 minutes of absolute hell…

“Please God let us live.”

“Robby STOP braking. OK, I know! I know you have to brake!”

“It’s OK babe. You’re doing great. We’re fine. We’re going to be ok. We just gotta get through this.”

“Redford, calm down baby, it’s OK.” (freaking out inside, and he totally knows)

“Oh God I hope my dress forms are ok!” 

The whole trip took us two long full days. We stopped to stay at a friend’s house outside of Sacramento. You can’t go very fast in a Penske. Also, my bladder is the size of a peanut.

By the time we got to Portland it was past 10PM. We were exhausted and had just enough energy to brush our teeth and we were asleep before we even crawled into bed.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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