It Begins…

It’s official!!!

An Adored Vintage and Orn Hansen combo brick & mortar is coming to Portland, Oregon! 30 Days from today…oh boy, oh boy!

Today we went to our weekly breakfast spot in Portland, Broder (which will be a hop, skip, and jump away from our new shop!)

Now the fun really begins of opening up a shop. The fun and all the real blood, sweat, and tears. Actually, it’s all been quite real even up to know. It will just be MORE of it.

Adored Vintage Outfit | 1.2.15

After breakfast Robby and I went to Schoolhouse Electric (what a neat place!) to go look at lighting fixtures for the new store. Since we are combining our shops together, we want to make sure the aesthetic of the future store isn’t TOO feminine or TOO masculine. It will lean more on the feminine side of course (shhh don’t tell Robby this, we can keep this between us, mmmkay?)

Then we went to Monticello Antiques to look for more shop fixtures. We have a few pieces already, but there are just a couple other big statement pieces we are looking for. We saw something we liked, but it’s already out of our budget.

And our store opening budget is really small. Like really small.

Adored Vintage

But you know what? We are going to do it. Because I refuse to allow a small detail such as lack of funds to open up a shop! Or rather lack of ENOUGH funds to make our dream shop come about.

You know what I find so absolutely, incredibly inspiring? When I see individual shopgirls (and guys) do before and after photos of their shops. This gives me so much hope! Sometimes I feel a little bit down that when the shop opens it won’t exactly be how we want it to be and we won’t have all the products we want…but then I think…

IT’S STILL GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL! (you think so, right?!)

I talk and worry myself round the bend about all these things that at the end of the day no one notices (or probably cares) except me.

The bit of trouble is, I have gotten so used to this heightened sense of curation and design. I follow too many design blogs, instagram accounts, and Pinterest boards that my brain is now programmed to think only certain elements are deemed Instagram or Pinterest worthy.

Like LITERALLY part of my thought process is “Will people want to take a picture of this and share it with their friends?

Will someone PIN this?!

Hunting for Antique Shop Fixtures | Adored Vintage Hunting for Antique Shop Fixtures | Adored Vintage Hunting for Antique Shop Fixtures | Adored Vintage


You can follow @adoredvintage or @ornhansen on Instagram for the journey! Our shop will actually have an umbrella name which we will share soon enough!

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