The 1920s, No More Florals!

Vintage 1920s Fashion, Non Florals

Ahh just kidding, I love florals! However, today’s blog post is decidedly UNFLORAL (my floral loving heart just heaved the biggest saddest sigh…).


I adore the 1920s, really I do, but it’s probably one of the most unflattering periods of fashion EVER. Unless you’re a waif and have no breasts. (I belong in the latter group) But dropped waist, straight cut throughout silhouettes just really doesn’t do anything for anyone. Oh, except Olive Oyl! Her little ensemble is very 20s to me. And BTW…Olive Oyl is suppose to be a flapper! Did I just blow your mind or WHAT!

Anyhow, I’ve collected a bunch of lovely fashion and style inspirations from the 1920s that feature stripes, plaids, and all sorts of geometric prints. Not necessarily art deco, but patterns (in my opinion) that transcends all eras. Ok, some of this IS art deco.

Vintage 1920s Fashion, Non Florals


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