A Short Spell Inside the Adored Vintage Atelier

Adored Vintage | Vintage Work Atelier in Portland, Oregon

Bonjour mes amies! I have been moving the studio around again (I tend to do this quite often) and I really like the new set up. It’s been so lovely to get back into the swing of things after a pretty awful July (it is my least favorite month, so many annoying things always happen to me in July!) Anyhow, I’m back on track on focusing on positive, happy, and beautiful things!

I love that my work studio has started to feel more like home. Of course, there is much more to be done…however, all in due time!

Adored Vintage | Vintage Work Atelier in Portland, Oregon
Adored Vintage | Vintage Work Atelier in Portland, Oregon
Adored Vintage | Vintage Work Atelier in Portland, Oregon
Adored Vintage | Vintage Work Atelier in Portland, Oregon
Adored Vintage | Vintage Work Atelier in Portland, Oregon

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Make Do & Mend

In the good old days clothing was rarely thrown away and garments were mended, repaired, and repurposed. Now we live in a time of fast fashion, we consume and discard. Rinse and repeat. I’m not wagging a finger at fast fashion, I’ve occasionally purchased a thing or two at Forever 21 and H&M because let’s be honest, we all like cheap thrills every once in awhile. You know, I have a crewneck knit top from Forever 21 that I have had for nearly SIX years. And it’s still holding up. I can scarcely believe it myself!

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Anyhow, this post is meant to be about one of my summer projects that I briefly outlined in this post. No. 3: Embroider a few 1920s dresses that are a bit too plain. However, in this case it is a 1920s slip.

I posted it over on Snapchat, which I have yet to figure out how to navigate and use. I am constantly accidentally shutting it off or swiping the wrong way. Have I just hit my “glass ceiling of technology“? Like, I could figure out Instagram…but what is this newfangled Snapchat you whipper snappers are talking about? Je suis vieux? 

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

The mess I made while doing this little project (no, it is not complete, I will post progress photos!) was so pretty so thus, it had to be documented.

After I spent about 40 minutes finding inspiration and sketching a rough outline of the embroidery work I want to do, I realized my initial stitches are way too large! I studied a few embroidered vintage lingerie pieces I already own, and next to those…my own stitches look like a cavewoman did them.

Ahh, woe is me mes amis! Shall I undo them or leave them be? The stitches on the bottom stem are a bit too taught. The thing is, there was a large tear here and I needed to stitch it up! Embroidering something lovely over a tear or hole is much more becoming than just plain stitches.

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

Adored Vintage | Make Do & Mend

I’ve only done one side, so on Sunday perhaps I will make more petite stitches on the other side. Then on to the leaves. I really enjoy embroidering leaves!

It was a very moody day at the studio today and I quite enjoyed milling about, taking a few product photos, doing a few mends on my very large collection of “vintage-that-needs-rescuing” and watching copious amounts of my favorite Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot!

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A Work In Progress

Adored Vintage | A Short Visit

There’s something so satisfying about hanging shelves up on the walls! This past Friday we finally added shelves above our shipping station in the studio. It makes a world of difference!

I am realizing the studio is going to be a work in progress and as we settle in even more in this light filled space, it’s starting to feel more and more like a home away from home.

We still have a bunch of ideas we want to do for the studio, but I am enjoying documenting the different stages the Adored Vintage atelier is going through!

Adored Vintage | A Work in Progress

Adored Vintage | A Work in Progress

Adored Vintage | A Work in Progress

adoredvintage-weekendvisit-7 adoredvintage-weekendvisit-2 adoredvintage-weekendvisit-6



Thanks for coming to popping by to visit the Adored Vintage atelier!

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A Quick Visit

Adored Vintage moved into the new work studio back in mid October and it feels both like yesterday and also years ago. At first I wanted everything to be quite minimal… However, the truth eventually surfaced. (That I’m a HOARDER!!)


I have way too much vintage inventory to ever truly be a minimalist. Unless I had a really giant warehouse, but it would prove most inconvenient to go from one end to the other. I just can’t do it for the sake of cool minimalist interior posts on Instagram!


Honestly, it is MUCH easier to fake minimalism than it is to actually be a minimalist. As my friend Chris would say “GIRL, T–r-u-s-t!

This week we started to bring the remaining (i.e. MOST) of the inventory from my house to the studio. And as much as I have loved a somewhat minimalist office, the time has come… to just let it be. Let it be pretty. Let it be messy. Let it be bursting with antique and vintage clothing!

adoredvintage-studiotour-5 adoredvintage-studiotour-4



And so…I welcome you to give the studio a little glance…

This is the for reals reals studio tour where I didn’t clean a damn thing. Style a tabletop photo. Or sort clothes in eye soothing color schemes.

Ignore the small piles of messy. It’s all pretty anyway. Pretend like you don’t see the ugly electric wires and the mismatched hangers… because despite my attempts at buying out IKEA of all of their wooden hangers, I just never seem to have enough.





And now you see, what most of the studio looks like MOST of the time. I know I will share more photos later! I hope you enjoyed the quick little visit to Adored Vintage HQ in Portland!


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new arrivals & some behind the scenes at the studio

Happy Friday lovelies! We have so many new goodies in the shop this week from vintage blouses and skirts to a lovely black lace vintage inspired dress and not to mention a plethora of vintage inspired decor and home goods for your vintage abode!


As we roll into the New Year, we are being even more intentional about the products we offer at Adored Vintage. Does it fit into our core ideals of being classic, feminine, folk, or romantic? If it does, then into the shop it goes! If not, then well, it is left for another vintage seller to find and offer up to you!

Anyhow, enough with the prattling on, here are some of this week’s new arrivals at Adored Vintage!


Here are some super pretty vintage blouses for your wardrobe! In all of our favorite colors. J’adore!


Here I am being a good old fashioned dork! When we posted this photo on Instagram there were a couple people that exclaimed how tiny I am! Indeed! I am a mere 5’0 tall!


Adored Vintage now offers a selection of found vintage and modern goods for your home! We are so excited to be offering our beautiful finds for your home! We sell homewares at our vintage booth at Grand Marketplace in Portland, so we thought why not offer them online as well?

Here are some more behind the scenes from our instagram! Do you follow Adored Vintage on Instagram? Well if you don’t, perhaps consider it? If you like pretty things, you’ll probably like our Instagram. Blush, cream, and grey threw up all over it!!!



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