Inspiration: 18th Century Fabric Sample Book

I love vintage and antique fabrics and textiles especially those originating from Europe. What an absolute treasure it must to have this antique 18th century fabric sample in your collection!


This particular antique fabric textile sample book is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum and was put together by Barbara Johnson (not sure who that is?) between the years of 1746-1823.

antique18thcenturyfabricbook-1 antique18thcenturyfabricbook-2

I just adore the little notes and how the fabric swatches are pinned on the papers and the attached fashion plates and inspiration images. There is something so modern about this! Makes me want to start a DIY project just so in 200 years someone can find it and get super stoked about it.

antique18thcenturyfabricbook-3 antique18thcenturyfabricbook-4

These two above are probably my favorite. While I adore the floral prints so very much, I love the understated and classic fabrics in muted colors even more. These prints and patterns will never ever go out of style. They are everlasting!

To view more pages from this 18th century fabric sample book, visit the Victoria Albert Museum.

image source: All images are from Victoria Albert Museum Website

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Her Portrait and the Departmental Ditties


On a recent vintage expedition (where the bounty was not nearly as fruitful as I hoped) I was lucky enough to come across this small book of poetry, Departmental Ditties by Rudyard Kipling.


I adore old books. I like the smell of old books. I love how they feel. Also, I WILL judge a book by its cover. Vintage book covers are just so very beautiful. I am often inspired by their motifs and colors.

It is a very, very wonderful thing when the book on the outside is lovely however inside the true treasure awaits!

avintagebookofpoetry_03 avintagebookofpoetry

For you see…this vintage poetry book also has inside some poems from the original owner of the book. A man named Maurice. This book was originally purchased from Lippman, Wolfe, & Co. Booksellers right here in Portland! Who are you Maurice? Who was this lady you wrote of?

It saddens me so much that his penmanship is so difficult for me to decipher! I can however make out a few lines…

“She is all the world to me

As she stood before me

I can see her now”

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