A Distracting Game of Vintage Dream Homes


Well friends, this has been one of the craziest and hardest weeks I’ve had in quite a long, long time. I have been unwrapped and untangled in the most unwanted way. It has sucked.

And yet, still, I can smile right now because I have just spent a most wonderful afternoon on Sauvie Island. Oh, my beloved Sauvie Island. How could one bear to be sad when one is wrapped in the essence of you? You with your gentle rolling hills, your sun dappled farms, your air heavy with the scent of ripened peaches on a late summer afternoon?

As a distraction I look at beautiful homes on Pinterest, dream about far off lands I will someday visit, and now will share homes I wish to own from one of my favorites websites, Oldhouses.com

To begin our vintage dream homes tour let’s look at the farm inspired Victorian in New York pictured above! I am such a sucker for white houses with black shutters. The windowed porch is just divine, can’t you picture sitting on a rocker with hot cocoa in winter watching the world blanketed in snow? I can hear the faint sound of fire crackling from the living room… (source)


I love symmetry when it comes to homes. Isn’t this pre Civil War era estate in Ohio just so grand? I adore the trees and the little arched entrance. Oh so much to love about this vintage home! And it’s on 7 acres. I could absolutely live on a house with lots of land around. (source)


See that curved windowed room on the side? That is where I would spend most of my time I bet. It’s probably where I would set up my little desk and putter around on Pinterest looking up ideas on how to make my house even cuter than it already is. (source)


I love Colonial style houses (and Georgian, Victorian, Plantation… basically anything built before the 1940s.) Isn’t this one so lovely? I love the hunter green door. I love the simple and lovely landscaping. I am partly tempted to photoshop myself in this photo wearing a straw sunhat holding a basket of flowers. (source)


Do you SEE that ivy covered chimney?! That’s all you really need to see. If this were our house I would change that front door first thing. Get a beautiful antique wood door or get one painted hunter green, black, or red. (source) Bonus, this house comes with a garden/pasture and an adorable red and white barn. I can’t even you guys.

And last but certainly not least…


This colonial farmhouse in Maryland is what dreams are made of, I’m pretty sure of it. Can you picture the lawn covered in snow? I sigh a thousand times over. (source)

If you would like to see more dreamy vintage houses (if you like the same style houses I do anyway) please visit my Dream Homes board on Pinterest. If you would like your pictures to look more antique-y and cool with a vintage frame, you can get the ones I used from The Coffeeshop Blog. These vintage scrapbook frames are here.

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