1920s Costume Jewelry in Photos

I have recently come across a rather sizable amount of 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s jewelry. Vintage costume jewelry is not something I know a lot about but because I will be selling a lot more of it soon, I figured I should learn as much as I can.

My first point of reference when learning anything about vintage is to consult catalogs, advertisements, and photographs. So I wanted to compile some vintage photos from the 1920s showing women and the jewelry they wore.

Vintage 1920s Jewelry in pictures

Lots of pearls, beaded jewelry, crystal jewelry, and choker length necklaces. Women also wore long beaded necklaces (flapper necklaces) sometimes strung twice around the neck or just worn extra long.

1928 Jewelry advertisement

Some geometric inspired jewelry in the later 1920s (this is from 1928) which would coincide with the silhouettes that were becoming popular at that time too. Straight lines, smooth silhouettes, symmetrical shapes. // image source

1927-28 Jewelry

Festoon necklace advertisement from Sears Roebuck 1927/1928. I wish there were more ads for jewelry readily available to peruse the internet, but this is the only one I have found.

More posts soon digging deeper into the world of vintage costume jewelry!

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