On The Set: Poirot 1930s Style Inspiration

I am a big fan of both Agatha Christie’s detective series, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot featuring David Suchet (who played the Belgian detective for 25 years!) I’m a bit sad that Miss Marple is no longer available on Netflix and I never got a chance to screen cap all the delightful 1940s outfits from the series. (p.s. Here I am dressed as Miss Marple for Halloween one year) So, before Poirot is taken off my Netflix library, I thought I better get on to documenting some of my favorite vintage 1930s ensembles from the show!

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

Of course, Poirot ran for many seasons (13) so I’ll share favorite outfits from episodes I have seen a few times. These images are screencaped from Season 9, Episode 3: Death on the Nile (2004) which stars a young(er) Emily Blunt. Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous as a platinum blonde? Also, do you notice the MEND on the sleeve of the oxblood colored silk dress the gal is wearing? I was so tickled to notice this!

This episode just has so MANY, MANY outfits I want! I only captured my absolute favorites, so these are it. God, I love the 1930s so much! Also, I put these images out of order, just incase of spoiling the storyline or something. You ought to watch this show! I’m such a big fan. Ok, all right let’s talk about the clothes now!

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

What a fabulous hat! And I love that she’s reading Vogue! Also, have you noticed the nail polish colors so far? The costume designer for this episode was Sheena Napier. And good golly, I bow down! It is ALL just exquisite. A real feast for my vintage loving eyes! Every scene I pause just to take it all in.

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

This colorful plaid chiffon 1930s dress Emily Blunt’s character plays had me practically foaming at the mouth. If I ever come across anything remotely close to this, I will gladly slice off half a finger! The little handbag and the umbrella paired with it. It’s just too much! I want the entire look, head to toe!

The top and pants ensemble with straw hat shown below (through Poirot’s lens) is just terrific! I have pants similar to these and at one point considered selling them in the shop. Of course now I will never part with them because I must go and find a similar blouse so I can recreate this look entirely.

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

This episode features a very large ensemble cast. Actually most of the episodes do. And this one in particular the characters have many, many wardrobe changes! This group shot has a wonderful view of another favorite look from the episode. The white sleeveless top and khaki colored skirt with godet panel in the back and that straw hat. She’s wearing a silk scarf as a belt. Isn’t it marvelous?

This episode is actually one of my favorites. The story is really quite good. Although, I will be honest… I guessed the outcome of it fairly quickly! Perhaps it is because I have been binge watching episode after episode and now when I watch it I start to think… “Who had the motive? Who had something to gain from these deaths?

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

I hope you are enjoying my On The Set weekly features! I will be featuring many more of my favorite vintage 1930s clothing and costume inspirations from Poirot in the upcoming weeks!

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On the Set: Home Fires 1940s Fashion Inspiration

While I am working (especially when editing vintage product photos) I like to watch a lot of movies and tv shows. I have a particular fondness for British period shows because I like the story lines and the vintage clothes and period costumes. I was quite delighted when I came across Home Fires, a pre World War 2 period drama set in the English countryside.  This period of clothing is one of my favorites and this show has so many ensembles that cause me to salivate.


There are so many beautiful late 30s jersey rayon floral prints, knits and cardigans in muted tones, smart little tweedy jackets and suits… oh I adore it all so much!

I also really love the theme song composed by Samuel Sim! Have a listen here: Home Fires Theme Song









Not only do I love the clothing (and the hairstyles), there are so many scenes I wish I could jump into! Also, this show has me craving to visit the English countryside something awful… maybe in a couple of years… or next Spring? Hmmm…

These screencaptures are from Season 1, Episode 1 which is the year 1939.

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Vintage Miss Marple Costume

Vintage Miss Marple Costume

So if you know me in real life or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Miss Marple. I wasn’t planning on dressing up for Halloween, but I stopped into a thrift shop on my way home from meeting with our wedding florists and found this grey wig for $5!

And so, after going through the Adored Vintage stock room, I whipped this all vintage Miss Marple costume to wear tomorrow!

Vintage Miss Marple Costume

Oddly enough, I would wear this outfit AS IS minus the wig on a daily basis. In case you didn’t know, Miss Marple is kind of one of my style icons. She wears neutral colors, tweeds, wool, classic lines… and have you seen her cottage in St. Mary Mead? It’s basically my dream house.

Oh, and yeah my “inquisitive deductive reasoning detective” face is um, not that at all. Clearly, I am not an actress, LOL. I’ll be wearing different colored tights tomorrow, orange just happened to be the ones I was wearing today.


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