An Edwardian Courtship

These early 1900s stereogram cards depicting an Edwardian courtship are sweet and very hokey. But I like corny things like this, so I thought I’d share them. Also, I adore all their dresses and blouses as the Edwardian era holds a dear place in my heart.

I adore this one. Mostly because it reminds me of my husband and I. He loves to rest his head on my lap and if he had hair, I’d run my fingers through it, but since he doesn’t, I just trace circles on his head.

This one was titled something along the lines of “Carving Their Names for Memory’s Sake” and the lady just looks like she’s not into this idea.

I think this was was titled “Between the News”. It’s so silly. Why are they tangled up in newspapers? Aren’t they afraid of paper cuts? I would be!

Haha this one is so funny and a little creepy. Why is the fella just leering at her from a bush with that creepy look on his face. Haha, oh silly Edwardians!

This one is rather comical too. I wonder what the fuss was all about. Perhaps he insulted her feathered hat. Or is that a shawl? Actually, on closer glance, it must be a shawl. Isn’t her blouse so lovely? And that locket around her neck, perhaps the fuss is all about whose portrait is in that locket…hmm…one does wonder.

image credits: all stereogram image cards from The Library of Congress Stereocard online collection

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Some Vintage Autochrome Photos to Cheer Your Day


I find vintage autochrome photos so beautiful! To me they look half a painting, half a photograph. I’ve seen several on Pinterest (and I’ve already posted about autochromes before), so I wanted to share some new ones I found around the web. Luckily Tumblr is a wonderful source for finding beauty when you are searching for it!

vintage1910sautochromephoto_01 vintage1910sautochromephoto_02

Aren’t these two above just exquisite? Isn’t her feather adorned hat SO FANCY? Also the flower cart image below (I believe it’s French) is just charming! I wish flower carts like these still existed around the city! Perhaps our sister florist shop, Rue Anafel, will start the trend up again?

vintage1910sautochromephoto_06 vintage1910sautochromephoto_07 vintage1910sautochrome_05

I am particularly fond of this potted plant still life photo because there is something so wonderfully modern about it. It could be a scene from my house! The above autochrome photos are all from Autochrome Photography Tumblr.

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Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

As a vintage seller and collector I come across very many beautiful garments of clothing and things from the past. And there are some antique garments I come across that just take my breath away. This 1910s dress is one of my favorites I have across in awhile. The attention to detail, the construction, the beauty of it! I couldn’t stop photographing it! And so, this beauty gets a post all it’s own.

Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

This Edwardian dress has really beautiful tailoring and is in exquisite condition for it’s age! I adore the panels of Irish crochet down the center and trimming the peplum, the sleeves, the shoulders, the yoke. And especially the “belt buckle” at the waist made of crochet flowers. Just exquisite!

View other Antique Edwardian Dresses at my shop!

Initially I thought about keeping the dress for myself. In fact, I purchased it with that intent. But then, after putting it on, it didn’t quite feel like me. Sometimes this happens. I purchase something and it doesn’t feel like it should be mine. It belongs to someone else. And so, to the shop it goes.

Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

What I find trés marveilleux and it’s quite a rarer detail to find, is the pointed peplum hemline. This adds even more to it’s exquisiteness, n’est pa?

Most Adored | Antique 1910s Dress

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Eastpointe Garden | A Vintage Shop Update

Lots of new pretty spring and summer pieces in the shop this month! We have some 90 degree weather coming at us here in Portland, what’s your spring looking like in your part of the world? We’ve updated our home goods and accessories as well, so skip over to our shop and take a look!

tweet_antique1910sembroideredpleatedcollarblouseantique 1910s Edwardian butterfly embroidered top

tweet_antique1910sirisembroideredpeplumtopantique 1910s Edwardin iris embroidered peplum blouse

tweet_vintagebasketvintage basket with hinge handles

tweet_vintage1940sivorysilkembroideredblousevintage 1940s light ivory silk embroidered blouse

tweet_vintage1960svibrantjonathanlogandressvintage 1960s vibrant print Jonathan Logan dress

tweet_vintagecutoutsuedehellsvintage 1970s blush pink cut out suede heels

tweet_vintagewireeiffeltowervintage wire eiffel tower

tweet_vintage1970screamfloralgunnesaxdressvintage 1970s cream floral Gunne Sax boho dress

tweet_vintage1960syellowstripedsummerseparatesvintage 1950s yellow striped summer separates


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A Very Edwardian Shop Update

A couple weeks ago I was counting my lucky start that I came across a rather large collection of Victorian and Edwardian clothing from a longtime antique and vintage  collector and dealer.

And so, the shop updates are now peppered with some of the prettiest antique clothes I’ve ever come crossed.


antique 1890s victorian battenburg tape lace blouse


antique 1910s pin tucks sailor collar top


antique 1910s yellow cream organdy sheer dress

Some Edwardian skirts (petticoats)…


antique 1910s black embroidered skirt | antique 1910s sheer dot floral embroidered petticoat | antique 1900s striped organdy petticoat skirt


antique 1910s edwardian square stitches blouse


antique 1900s white embroidered corset cover


antique 1910s Edwardian Perfect Prose Dress


antique 1910s embroidered eyelet lawn dress


antique 1910s scalloped embroidered shirtwaist

Some antique Edwardian & Victorian outerwear pieces…


Victorian Sympathetic Sighs Cape1910s Path To Soubise Jacket


Edwardian 1910s Pemberley Society Cape

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