Style Inspiration: Pastoral Paintings

I often look to paintings from the 19th century depicting pastoral, peasant, and farm life for outfit inspiration. I love the muted tones, the worn in cloth, and the simple patterns. Most of the ideas I get for my Autumn and Winter wardrobe are borrowed from paintings of shepherd and farm girls by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (French).


Style Inspiration | Pastoral

The wonderful thing about these looks are they are very easy to recreate and they are forever classics! A long a-line skirt, a simple blouse, a shawl, and (HUZZAH) bare feet!

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Edwardian, Victorian, and Romance on The Runway

Every season when the new collections are revealed on the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan I get so excited to see which designers are using vintage as their inspiration and influences. So, here are some of our favorite looks from the fashion runways with decidedly Edwardian, Victorian, and all around romantic inspirations.


Image Credits (all from

1. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Fall 20152. Alberta Ferretti, Spring 2016, 3. Alberta Ferretti, Spring 2016, 4. Philosophy de Lorenzo Serafini, Fall 2015 5. Alexander McQueen, Spring 20166. Temperley London, Spring 20167.  Elie Saab, Spring 2016 Couture8. Valentino, Spring 2015 9. Alexander McQueen, Spring 2016

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Vintage Style Notes: Secretary Bows

I am a big fan of blouses with secretary bows and also wearing clip on bowties and ribbons on your blouse. When I found this vintage inspired secretary bow blouse, I was really excited to carry it in the shop!

Note sure how to wear a secretary bow blouse? Just look at our inspirations below!



I predict that secretary bow blouses are going to be popular for the upcoming season. And if they’re not popular, then they should be! (haha!)

All these images were sourced from our Style Inspiration and 1970s Fashion board on Pinterest!

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Friday Favorites

fridayfavoritesRecipe: Bundt Cake de Calabaza from La Cocina de Carolina.

‘Tis the season of bundt cakes, and we’ve been really loving them, each molding being so intricate and an art piece within itself. It’s so much fun seeing all the different designs of vintage bundt cake moldings, and their curves and dips being brought out by silky glaze.

Movie: Funny Face (1957) by Stanley Doden

A film featuring Audrey Hepburn (an AV muse) who is discovered as a bookshop employee to then go to France and be a fashion model, all in the 1960s. There is hardly anything more perfect! So many great outfits, and it features an incredible dance scene.

Song: Little Weaver Bird by Molly Drake

Oh, the lovely Molly Drake. If you’ve never heard of Molly Drake, she’s the mother of Nick Drake and never released any of her songs during her lifetime. It wasn’t until the death of Nick Drake that her music was then released and started gaining recognition! Which, is pretty unbelievable from how talented of a songwriter she was. Put on this tune and get lost in her sweet melody Sunday night as you relax and finish up your week.


This week we’ve been really liking romantic hues, lace and embroidered details, and comfortable yet girly fits with a nice flow.

vintage 1950s dusty rose tiered lace cocktail dress | antique 1910s cream silk embroidered camisole | vintage 1950s cream gold beaded cardigan sweater | vintage 1990s carnation print silk floral skirt | vintage 1920s black silk folk embroidered dress | vintage 1930s eyelet lace cream rayon blouse

source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Mad for Plaid, Glad in Plaid, Clad in Plaid

I was trying to come up with a CLEVER title for this blog post and they all sounded equally “not up to par” so I posted all three titles. Any guesses on what this post is all about?

Vintage Plaid and Tartan Inspiration

So once again, Pinterest strikes up inspiration! I came across this Pinterest board all about Plaid + Tartan and thought “Oh, this would be a cool blog post!”

I skeedaddled on over to my vintage webshop and was actually quite surprised how few vintage plaid garments I have considering the shop has been around for a couple of years. I thought about this for a brief moment…why haven’t I been stocking the shop with more plaid? I’m a BIG FAN of this pattern. Then I thought, oh yeah, it’s because I don’t often find plaids I actually like.

And when I do find one I like, I play keepsies. (Bad vintage shop owner, gotta pay them bills!)

Are you a fan of plaid? Are you MAD for PLAID? GLAD in PLAID?

Vintage Plaid and Tartan Inspiration

image credits // all via Pinterest

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