The last flea market

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This past Sunday was the Long Beach Flea Market¬†which is one of my favorite flea markets in Southern California. It’s a smaller more doable version of the Rose Bowl flea market and quite frankly not as expensive! I’ve scored many a vintage deals at the Long Beach flea and when I am in Portland I will miss attending this monthly event!

The flea market is always a great source for vintage! There have been times I’ve gone and I have scored an entire rack of amazingness! Of course there have been times I’ve gone and it’s slim pickings and I just shrug it off and try again the next month.

Not only is the flea market a great source for vintage clothes, it is also wonderful for antique decor and furniture! The antique screen divider pictured above I had a short love affair with, but since I am moving, I am not so keen on buying more furniture to load up into a truck that I have a feeling will already be quite overpacked!


longbeachfleamarket-7 longbeachfleamarket-8


The two dresses pictured above I didn’t pick up, but perhaps another vintage seller/collector picked them up! Upon closer inspection the 1930s polka dot maxi dress had too many flaws including holes and tears along the hem and up to the knees and color bleeding. Too bad too, it is such a lovely dress otherwise! The ruffled dress had several oil spots on the skirt. I think these would have come out with a good cleaning, but the seller wanted $100 for this dress and I couldn’t quite risk that price tag if those oil stains weren’t going to come out!

However, I did come home with PLENTY of other goodies… which will all be in the shop soon!


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