Another Round of Vintage Dream Homes in France!

I’m a bit amazed that it’s taken me this long to do another one of these posts since I’m practically a stalker of! You can see my first post here. And so… let’s play real estate dream machine and pretend we have just discovered that we have inherited something close to 20 million dollars and our benefactor is not only French but requiring us to only purchase property in France. I mean… we are in the real estate dream machine right now, so just play along!


Let’s begin with this modest stone 5 bedroom chateau in the French Midi-Pyrenees dating back to the 15th century. It still boasts its original stone staircase and kitchen. And the garden…le sigh. I want to laze about in that garden and just watch clouds. / link

Up next is this 15 bedroom is this French Chateau on over 250 acres. NO BIG DEAL. Oh, but wait our benefactor only gave us 20 million dollars, so we can’t afford this one. Drat! / link



This is a charmer of a 7 bedroom house with it’s French powder blue shutters. What would I need 7 bedrooms for? I suppose I could assign them as different craft rooms. This room is my pressing flowers room, this room is my antique dresses and accoutrements I will mend soon room, this other room is just for dried flowers… / link

Oh goodness, this 8 bedroom French chateau in the south of France with these super uber beautiful doors… and that ivy covered whatever that thing is. OMG. I want to live here!!! Or at the very least take photos in front of it! / link



Oh jeez louise, I think I want to live in this one instead! It’s a 5 bedroom farmhouse. Aren’t the shutters so pretty? (Oh my gosh, what’s up with me and shutters in all these houses?!) Wanna come over to my French Chateau farmhouse for brunch? UH, DUH, of course you do! / link

And just one more French Chateau dream home… because why not. I mean I could post about 2 dozen more, but I’m getting really quite sad because reality is setting in (Oh, no! Not reality!!) and I’m not actually ever buying any of these. / link


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