Fields and Meadows

It is of course no secret how much I adore flowers. I daydream about having an English countryside garden or frolicking through a meadow of wildflowers. I have (very unsuccessfully) tried to talk my husband into buying a farmhouse out in the country so I can live out my pastoral dreams.

He is NOT into it.

I know. I know! So selfish! Doesn’t he know the EPICNESS that will be of living in a white farmhouse surrounded by a field of Queen Anne’s lace and ruffly pale blue cosmos, and purple headed thistles, and deep pink clovers?

backyardmeadowflowersAnd I, of course, will wear only linen and cotton, and antique blue pinstriped aprons and will probably take to wearing Heidi braids all the time.

Since I know we won’t be living in my dream 1800s farmhouse anytime soon, I started researching how to grow my own wildflower field in the backyard. Growing a wildflower garden seems pretty low maintenance.

I mean I ASSUME it will be low maintenance. You throw some seeds here, some seeds there…and VIOLA! Instant Meadow for Frolicking!

Well, as much as you can frolic in a backyard anyway…

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I’m looking to order some flower seeds from Johnny’s Flower Seeds. I’ve never planted flowers from a seed before, so we’ll see how this goes! Also, this image above, I’m pretty sure this is one version of Heaven. // image source

If you’re curious which flower seeds I am ordering for our backyard… I’m starting with a modest 1 packet of each of these…

Nigella, Scabiosa, Larkspur, Lupine, Snapdragon, and Delphinium. So, not exactly meadow flowers, but I’ll just random plant them around the yard as if it were a meadow. More wild, more organic. Probably going to pass on Delphinium though since it’s really toxic for pets…and our dog eats random plants outside all the time…

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In Which I Profess My Love for Victoria Magazine


Do you follow Adored Vintage on Instagram? If you do, it will be of no surprise to you that I LOVE, absolutely ADORE vintage Victoria magazine. I don’t even remember how I came to know about Victoria magazine. I know it is still in circulation, but I first found out about the vintage issues before I even knew there was a current print.


Now, perhaps I am biased, but I just really don’t care as much for the new print. But the issues from the 1980s and early to mid 90s. Oh they captivate my heart so! It is so very rare for me now to just want to pour over a magazine over and over again and the first volumes of Victoria magazine I escape to time and time again.

vintagevictoriamagazine_05 vintagevictoriamagazine_06

The photography by Toshi Otsuki renders me speechless. There is a dreamlike nostalgia about them. As if you’ve been there before and somehow someone was able to capture the beauty you experienced better than your own eyes.

Isn’t this chocolate cake dusted with powdered sugar just the sweetest? I can’t wait to give this a try for our next party! Just simply use an antique tablecloth to create beautiful patterns!


Many of the features in the magazine are so in line with what I love sometimes I believe this magazine was made just for me. Well not SOLELY for ME, but you know, as if someone went into my brain and decided to make a magazine all about the things I love, dream to do, and appreciate.


The fashion and clothes depicted in the magazine almost always have a romantic idyllic vintage feel. While some outfits seem quite dated, the overall feeling is still very poignant to me and the vintage clothes I like to wear and stock in my shop.


I am so absolutely smitten with both of these Autumn ensembles! I recently just received the Fall 2015 J. Peterman catalog and there is a sweater coat similar to the one depicted here that I want.


Oh my goodness doesn’t this last image just look exactly like something I would take a photo of? Even down to the little bits of flowers tucked in with the dress. It just amazes me how much this magazine speaks to my core!

So now of course after you have become mesmerized by these pages I am going to send you to some other websites you may enjoy… and I will be posting more peeks into my vintage Victoria magazine collection at later times!

. . . other places you may care to visit . . .

Remembering Victoria Magazine // A blog that features a couple peeks into the pages of vintage Victoria magazine when it was lead by editor-in-chief Nancy Lindemeyer. I do wish there were MORE posts, there’s only a few, but still nice to go through. |

Nancy Lindemeyer’s Blog // Editor in Chief of Victoria magazine and was the founding editor in 1987 and worked for Victoria until 2000. |

A more satirical post which had me up in stitches because while I truly love Victoria magazine, I am also keenly aware how absolutely fantastical it is… Buzz Feed: 19 Things Victoria Magazine Taught Us


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