Inspiration Du Jour / The Art of Knitting

The Art of Knitting

I noticed a recent theme of paintings I’ve been coming across lately on the good ole interwebs… ladies knitting! Maybe it’s because Autumn is just around the corner and I am very excited to start wearing sweaters and shawls and layers again… Anyhow, I adore what these women are wearing while they’re knitting. I am enamored by the everyday clothes women wore while doing everyday things as depicted in these paintings.

The Art of Knitting

The Art of Knitting

The Art of Knitting

Ok, can we just talk about how cute her little basket is? I want this! And her antique locket on a velvet ribbon!

The Art of Knitting

The Art of Knitting

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Vintage Style Inspiration | Artfully Knitted

Have you noticed how many paintings there are of ladies knitting? I hadn’t until recently. Knitting is one of my favorite winter pass times for me. Whenever I sit down to knit, I like to make an event out of it. Light candles, put on a good podcast, and make a fire in my fireplace. Anyway, I was looking through paintings of women knitting that date back to the early 1900s, and of course, I loved all their outfits.



Whenever I knit, I feel like I’m taking part of a lady ritual dating back to so many generations before me. It’s an action that is so closely connected to matrilineal lineage. I’m not saying men don’t knit or can’t knit, but it’s undeniable that traditionally knitting has been a feminine past time.


It’ also still amazing to me that humans would make everything of theirs by hand. My father told me stories of his mother making him and his siblings underwear. She was a seamstress, so luckily she could probably do it fairly easily. I like to think about all socks being knitted by hand back then.

For a while I would get together with my girlfriends to sit in a circle, knit, and talk. I love to think of how this is an activity ladies have been doing for more than a century.

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Antique dresses and flowers, a match made in heaven.

Ah, antique dresses and flowers. A match made in heaven. There are some really lovely antique pieces in the shop right now, and we really feel that nothing brings an antique dress to life more than flowers. With spring and summer coming, that means that flower picking, wedding, and all things flower season are coming up. So, we paired together five dresses from our shop and some flower arrangements from florists we adore.

Our Hearken to Elegance Gown, in its rich, burgundy looks perfect with this moody, sculptural flower arrangement from Putnam & Putnam. We love how the color of this dress looks with these deep purples and hints of yellow.

The sweet Gentle Motion Dress  is made of the softest pink and softest silk. They’re actually separates, so the top can be worn separately from the bottom. We thought the sweetness of this pair looked perfect with this ruffly cream and pink RUE ANAFEL arrangement. It has a bit of whimsy, like it was plucked straight from an english garden.

Our Modern Enchantments Dress is an Edwardian lawn dress. Its soft cotton is perfect for wearing on a warm day either lounging around the house or taking walks through nature. We paired it with this Sarah Winward arrangement, a bit wild and unruly which looks like it was foraged from a meadow in the mountains.

Our romantic Bronte Parsonage Dress is made of beautiful antique lace. This would be a perfect wedding dress, so refined with its high neckline and fitted waist. We paired it with this arrangement by Amy Merrick. The pair both look straight out of a classic painting of a girl with flowers.

We imagine a girl who lives in the country and love going on walks along the stream owning our Gossamer Whisper Dress. Her perfect day would be clipping flora sand foliage from around her home all day to come home right as the sun sets and place them in an antique vase she found at a local antique shop. We paired this dress with an arrangement from Foxglove Botanicals, because its the exact arrangement we’d imagine her making.

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Palette de Couleur | Harvest Hues

We’re jumping for joy that its autumn again, because that means that some of our favorite colors are back in season. With the weather getting colder, we find ourselves leaning towards warming colors. We’ve been finding a lot of outfit ideas that include some colors we’re really loving right now on Pinterest and decided to put them all together to show you!

tumericsaffronmustard1. Turmeric: We are loving this color so much and noticed it’s been popping up everywhere on the runways. It’s a lovely warm goldenrod, with the perfect undertone of a yellow brown.

2. Paprika: Close to burgundy, but a bit more brown-red, we love seeing this color paired with a mustard or saffron. It’s also close to another color we love, cinnamon, it’s so rich.

3. Saffron: We love this outfit so much. It’s the perfect fall attire, a sweater and longer length skirt in a warm, orangey autumn hue.

4. Mustard: A soft, dull mustard is a perfect addition of color. Although we’re not big fans of yellow, this shade is beautiful, especially with a beige or brown.

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La Vie Adored | The Loveliest Instagrams This Week…

The wonderful world of social media has us (at times) believing that peoples’ lives are always so picture perfect. Of course we know this is far from the truth, however, instead of spreading haterade, let us appreciate the great lengths to which some people go to create their own piece of Heaven. And I mean this in a very loving way. I love seeing the beautiful worlds people make for themselves. It is in some small way getting a peek into their hearts true desires.


Not to say there aren’t Instagram accounts that are nothing but smoke and mirrors and peppered with fluffy words. Those exist too. What is quite wonderful about my own Instagram (@adoredvintage if you care to follow me) is that it isn’t a far stretch from the truth. Of course there is sometimes a mess just off to the side.

But…”Who wants to look at something ugly and mundane when you can instead linger upon something beautiful?”

Ahh.. yes, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but this is my blog, so obviously my definition is beauty is what will be shown here. And my definition of beauty and loveliness this week are from these accounts…

Top Row: RueAnafel, JennChezDesign, JasmineTartine

Middle Row: TheBurntToastMademoisellePoirot

Bottom Row: Mari_Strenghielm, EstherJeanDesigns, Glebovaanastasia


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