Six Japanese Instagram Accounts We Adore

French and Japanese style and aesthetics are where I draw a lot of Adored Vintage inspirations from. So, in the spirit of over sharing I thought I would share six of our favorite Japanese instagram accounts we often turn to for inspiration and if when I want to feel kind of crappy about my home/outfit/hair/food.

I jest! I jest! (sorta…) Anyhow, here they are in no specific order.


First off this store in Nigata Japan is sickeningly neutral and I love it so DAMN MUCH. Second, all of their photos are IPHONE photos and I am so jealous because their light is perfect in every single photo. / follow coil4 


It was very difficult to choose just 4 from this instagram account. This Japanese instagram account is probably the one I draw the most inspiration from. I WANT ERRYTHANG! / follow @troldhaugen_


I remember first coming across this Japanese instagram account and thinking “OMG! Dried flowers everywhere!! Squeeeeee“. And of course as I followed it just got better and better. Life goals for reals. / follow @errer_


I follow Amy Merrick on Instagram (if you don’t already, you should!) and when she posted she was doing a workshop at this place in Japan, I practically choked on my croissant when I saw these images. Now, not EVERY image is this gorgeously curated. There are lots of personal pics…you know if you care about that kind of stuff and only follow perfectly curated instagrams… / follow @hirominishi


If you don’t like ridiculously cute kids, even more ridiculously cute clothes, fabric details, or linen, then move along. This Japanese instagram account is not for you! Also, I can’t tell if the Mama made all of these clothes for her adorable daughter. If she did I wish she would make clothes for me! / follow @___helium


If this account already looks familiar that’s because @troldhaugen_ antiques are brother shops (sister shops?). I wish my whole house was curated like this. Baby steps, baby steps! / follow @saveursbrocante

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Farewell October

With slightly heavy hearts we bid farewell to October. Our favorite month of the year. The last kisses of Autumn. The days are growing ever shorter.

It has been a wonderful month of change for Adored Vintage. New studio space and the Adored Vintage team has grown by one other person. (I will formally introduce you to her soon!) Here are a few of my favorite images from our Instagram feed. So perfectly Autumnal. Follow us on Instagram, our moniker is @adoredvintage.

Farewell October, Adored Vintage

We have so many things to look forward to for November! We are very excited to release our upcoming lookbook and also a lot more vintage inspired clothes will be arriving in the shop.

It has warmed my heart so much that the response to the vintage inspired clothing I am selecting for the shop have been so well received!

Though we are a little sad to say goodbye to October, we have a pep in our step knowing there is so much goodness to look forward to!

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Sunday Vintage Inspiration

It has been an absolutely beautiful weekend in Portland and I have been slowly getting back into the swing of things as the dust settles around me of all the past craziness this Spring.

Does the dust ever settle though? We now live in an age where we are continuously stirring the pot and nothing ever rests.

I thought perhaps Sundays should be a day of reflection and inspiration. I am taking 15 minutes to just share what has been inspiring me lately in the vintage world. So, perhaps, go grab yourself a cup of tea, some biscuits, and just peruse through these lovely images.

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | Christian Dior 1947

The accordion pleat on this black dress is absolutely stunning and of course I just adore that silvery blue grey color on the other dress. source: Christian Dior, 1947

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | Wall of Blooms

In some ways this image reminds me of the Christian Dior image above. Maybe it’s the shape of her dress. Isn’t that orchid covered wall the most amazing thing you’ve seen? source: Wall of Blooms

Sunday Vintage Inspiration | A Simple Life

My heart just alights looking at this image. Did you know I partly grew up on a farm? Granted it looked nothing like this. I spent most of my childhood summers on my grandfather’s farm in Carcar, a small village on the island of Cebu about 2-3 hours from the main city. It was a farm surrounded by rolling hills, rows upon rows upon rows of palm trees and banana trees, and acres of rice fields. source: A Simple Life

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Kentucky Derby Style

With the Kentucky Derby in our midsts, I had to share this delight photo. Ins’t her 1950s polka dot dress so wonderful? Sometimes I get so nostalgic for the times when women wore hats and gloves. source: Kentucky Derby Style


Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Sit A Spell

I think many of us long and wish for moments such as this. To be somewhere sun dappled, tucked away, and quiet. Across the way having a wonderful conversation with a friend or your loved one. I treasure such times like these so much. Those every day life moments when you are called to pause, reflect, and drink it in slowly. source: Sit A Spell

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Time Stood Still

This photograph just really touches me. It almost makes me cry. I probably could cry honestly if I didn’t have to be out and about in a few moments. The way the light is shining, all those happy plants, those wonderful textiles. I adore this so very, very much. I would very much like to spend an entire afternoon in this room listening to the birds chirping (because I ASSURE you there are birds chirping), having a nice cup of rose tea, and eating slices of freshly baked sweet bread. source: Time Stood Still

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Dear Mother

A pure, beautiful, and magical moment between a mother and her wee babe. I don’t share too much personal information on here, but this image is one those that really cuts straight to me. I won’t divulge because this really isn’t the place… but the fibers of my being are bathed equally in happiness, sadness, hope, and longing because of this antique photograph. We all have those fragile tender areas in our hearts, and mine in more ways than I will probably care to admit revolved around the word Mother. source: Dear Mother

Vintage Sunday Inspiration | Clothesline

I truly get so much joy and peace from hand washing vintage clothing and seeing it on the clothesline in our backyard. There is something so lovely about seeing fabric slowly dancing in the breeze with the sun speckled over the grass. source: Vintage Clothesline

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