La Vie Adored | The Loveliest Instagrams This Week…

The wonderful world of social media has us (at times) believing that peoples’ lives are always so picture perfect. Of course we know this is far from the truth, however, instead of spreading haterade, let us appreciate the great lengths to which some people go to create their own piece of Heaven. And I mean this in a very loving way. I love seeing the beautiful worlds people make for themselves. It is in some small way getting a peek into their hearts true desires.


Not to say there aren’t Instagram accounts that are nothing but smoke and mirrors and peppered with fluffy words. Those exist too. What is quite wonderful about my own Instagram (@adoredvintage if you care to follow me) is that it isn’t a far stretch from the truth. Of course there is sometimes a mess just off to the side.

But…”Who wants to look at something ugly and mundane when you can instead linger upon something beautiful?”

Ahh.. yes, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but this is my blog, so obviously my definition is beauty is what will be shown here. And my definition of beauty and loveliness this week are from these accounts…

Top Row: RueAnafel, JennChezDesign, JasmineTartine

Middle Row: TheBurntToastMademoisellePoirot

Bottom Row: Mari_Strenghielm, EstherJeanDesigns, Glebovaanastasia


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So Long February

A lot of things happened in February. Firstly, Portland starts blooming! Hellebores, camellias, daffodils, daphnes, and pieris japonica! The temperature has slightly peaked into the 60s which is most heavenly. Most days it is in the 40s-50s which I suppose is much better than being in a blizzard or negative F weather.


Many revelations and realizations on my part. I suppose this is what “growing up” is all about. Bills, taxes, rent payments… it’s all dull and stressful. And so instead here are all the wonderful things that happened in February because so many great things DID happen as evident by my Instagram!






So February was… vintage and antique clothing, wearing lots of straw hats, lots of flowers, finding old houses and taking pictures in front of them, and scenes from the Adored Vintage HQ! If you want to follow along on Instagram, my moniker is unsurprisingly @adoredvintage.

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In Which I Have An Instagram Revelation

Confession… I have had a love/hate relationship with Instagram for about a year now. In the beginning of it all, Instagram functioned as a mini blog or little snippets into my life. It was fun. It was in the moment. Candid. Real. #authentic (I say this with a bit of sarcasm)

Adored Vintage Hydrangeas

Then the Adored Vintage Instagram blew up into mostly about vintage and vintage shop updates. And to be quite honest… it grew old FAST (for me anyway). I remember two summers ago, I was chatting with a friend and telling her how bored I was of instagram. Everyone was posting the same curated beautiful images. I would scroll through my feed and just feel so uninspired. My feed included.

Photo Feb 03, 10 54 26 AM

Last Friday I was chatting with my friend Katie of Ponderosa and Thyme and I shared with her how I actually was hating Instagram. I was so tired of trying to balance pictures I actually loved and also posting pictures of vintage shop updates so people knew Adored Vintage got new arrivals in.

So Katie simply said “So why post things you don’t like?” And I started thinking about that. Like really thinking about it.

Photo Feb 03, 2 09 06 PM

Photo Feb 03, 3 15 29 PM

I’ve been posting images that I think OTHER people will like. I was trying to figure out some magic formula. Trying to please all 60,000+ followers (seriously, I didn’t type out that number to be all big headed, more for emphasis that I’ve been driving myself round the bend trying to guess what all these people will like.)

Photo Feb 04, 6 53 02 PM

Photo Feb 04, 1 10 37 PM

And so, about a week ago, I posted I was going to try an experiment. I’m only going to post stuff I like, stuff I actually want to share. I stopped posting shop updates, unless I really want to.

Photo Jan 31, 12 47 18 PM

Photo Feb 03, 8 30 55 AM

Now Instagram is fun again! It’s inspiring again! Now the Adored Vintage is less about selling and shop updates. It’s more about inspiring. I do hope our instagram is a source of inspiration for you!

If you would like to follow along on Instagram, my moniker is Adored Vintage

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Six Japanese Instagram Accounts We Adore

French and Japanese style and aesthetics are where I draw a lot of Adored Vintage inspirations from. So, in the spirit of over sharing I thought I would share six of our favorite Japanese instagram accounts we often turn to for inspiration and if when I want to feel kind of crappy about my home/outfit/hair/food.

I jest! I jest! (sorta…) Anyhow, here they are in no specific order.


First off this store in Nigata Japan is sickeningly neutral and I love it so DAMN MUCH. Second, all of their photos are IPHONE photos and I am so jealous because their light is perfect in every single photo. / follow coil4 


It was very difficult to choose just 4 from this instagram account. This Japanese instagram account is probably the one I draw the most inspiration from. I WANT ERRYTHANG! / follow @troldhaugen_


I remember first coming across this Japanese instagram account and thinking “OMG! Dried flowers everywhere!! Squeeeeee“. And of course as I followed it just got better and better. Life goals for reals. / follow @errer_


I follow Amy Merrick on Instagram (if you don’t already, you should!) and when she posted she was doing a workshop at this place in Japan, I practically choked on my croissant when I saw these images. Now, not EVERY image is this gorgeously curated. There are lots of personal pics…you know if you care about that kind of stuff and only follow perfectly curated instagrams… / follow @hirominishi


If you don’t like ridiculously cute kids, even more ridiculously cute clothes, fabric details, or linen, then move along. This Japanese instagram account is not for you! Also, I can’t tell if the Mama made all of these clothes for her adorable daughter. If she did I wish she would make clothes for me! / follow @___helium


If this account already looks familiar that’s because @troldhaugen_ antiques are brother shops (sister shops?). I wish my whole house was curated like this. Baby steps, baby steps! / follow @saveursbrocante

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Farewell October

With slightly heavy hearts we bid farewell to October. Our favorite month of the year. The last kisses of Autumn. The days are growing ever shorter.

It has been a wonderful month of change for Adored Vintage. New studio space and the Adored Vintage team has grown by one other person. (I will formally introduce you to her soon!) Here are a few of my favorite images from our Instagram feed. So perfectly Autumnal. Follow us on Instagram, our moniker is @adoredvintage.

Farewell October, Adored Vintage

We have so many things to look forward to for November! We are very excited to release our upcoming lookbook and also a lot more vintage inspired clothes will be arriving in the shop.

It has warmed my heart so much that the response to the vintage inspired clothing I am selecting for the shop have been so well received!

Though we are a little sad to say goodbye to October, we have a pep in our step knowing there is so much goodness to look forward to!

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