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I first discovered the Danish painter Carl Wilhelm Holsoe through Pinterest about 3 years ago. I remember loving the quietness and stillness of his subjects. I love the tones he used for his work. And most of all I love what he painted. Beautiful interiors and women doing very simple things (like laundry, reading, tending to the house linens).


This feeling came over me when I looked through his work. This longing. For a life like the ones in these paintings. I have never had big grand dreams. My dreams are simple. A home, a garden, taking care of my husband and (eventually) children. Have a couple dogs, perhaps a cat (if I can convince my husband). / image credit: Woman Looking Out A Window

*side note* There are a few hashtags on Instagram you can check out that evoke these feelings. #aquietlife #theartofslowliving or Beth Kirby’s (aka @localmilk) entire feed.

Much of how I decorated our home was inspired by Holsoe. And someday, when we have a house out in the country, I’ll have a garden as well!


I do wonder if these two paintings are the same room. Don’t they look so very similar? Even down to the hanging plant in the window! There are some differences, but I can’t help but wonder these ARE the same room and the lady of the house is similar to me and likes to move furniture around all the time, but really it always looks a bit the same. / image credits: A RoomA Woman At Sunny Window, Girl Reading in Sunlit Room


The images below are a mix of different painters. All the ones above are by Carl Wilhelm Holsoe.


View Through A Window (1934) by Russian painter Konstantin Andreevich Somov. (credit)


I’m not quite sure who painted the one on the left, all I know is that is is Russian. I just love both of the chairs in these paintings. And all the plants! / image credits: Russian Interior, Carl Larsson 1887 “Toys in the Corner”



These two above are by Carl Wilhem Holsoe. Aren’t they delightful? The one below has a very bohemian feel and is by Swiss painter Albert Anker. His work is also one I greatly admire as he often depicts daily farm and peasant life and I love all those muted colors so much. (image source)


If you want to decorate your home this way here is a list of things you will want to acquire…

  1. Antique/Vintage furniture with simple, clean, and feminine lines in dark wood finishes
  2. Sheer or lace curtains. Anything that evokes airiness and will flutter with a light breeze.
  3. Richly colored rugs, most likely tapestry rugs. You could probably get away with Kilim rugs if it doesn’t look too Southwestern.
  4. Plants with delicate stems and leaves. And lots of them. Keep on a window sill or a pretty pedestal table. Terra-cotta pots are preferred especially if it shows patina.
  5. Antique/Vintage paintings depicting landscapes or portraits of people in dark wood frames or gold frames. Hang art sparingly or in gallery style as a focal point the room.
  6. Brass or silver as highlights, but use sparingly.



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March Nesting: Interiors We Love

The spring equinox is soon! That means, one can truly begin Spring cleaning. I love taking the time of changing seasons to reevaluate my living space. Once the sun starts to come out and every little corner that was forgotten during the dark winter months begins to show, I can’t help but start to re-nest for the warmer months to come.

Here are some of our favorite interior photos from our Pinterest Home board that we love:


I love all these plants. There is something so whimsical and European countryside about them. The worn pots are also so lovely. I love that they’re all different shapes and heights. I’m excited to see my plants to fully thriving again!


Once Spring is in full swing, that means there will be flowers everywhere. It’s one of the main things I love about living in the Pacific Northwest. The months of endless rain and grey days immediately become okay once I step outside to find myself surrounded by blooms all around the neighborhood, petals covering all the sidewalks.



It’s no secret that we love baskets here at Adored Vintage. We use them for everything. I especially loved these larger, oversized baskets. I’ve been keeping my eye out for some large vintage handwoven ones like these…



The fireplace in my home tends to get overrun with little knick knacks, but in a good way. It’s often the home for all the little treasures that are found from warm weather escapades.


source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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Maison Inspiration for the Weekend

Home has been on my mind a lot lately, making a home, curating a home, cleaning a home. And of course (very obvious) the newly added category of Vintage Home Goods in my shop!


So to kick off the weekend, I wanted to share some home interior inspirations from Pinterest to inspired the couple house projects I will be doing this weekend.

  1. Painting the (dreaded) yellow hallway between the bedrooms. It is a very odd pale egg yolk yellow. Soon it will be a warm white.
  2. Purging/Minimizing/Cleaning the Guest Room. Usually the guest room is quite nice, but lately it’s become more of our catch all room.

image credits / all images from our Home, Bedroom, and Kitchen board on Pinterest

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Home Sweet Homes aka the Case of Bipolar Interior Brain


I’m in one of those house moods. Where I hate half of everything in my house and the other half I’m like “Ok, I guess you’re fine.”

It’s so difficult not to dislike so much about your living quarters when you have a website like Pinterest that constantly reminds you that your house just ISN’T. And to add on to this current feeling of “Augh I don’t like anything…(whine whine whine)” I also can’t decide what style I’m into right now.


French Antiques. YES. Yes please. Is it velvet? Is it tufted? Does it make me think for a millisecond I might be Marie Antoinette? Then DUH of course I love it.

Primitive. Rural. Country. Yesss. Chippy chippy furniture and dark oaks, yes. Can I picture myself wearing fog linen apron dresses? Obviously.

Mid century modern clean lines teak gorgeousness. I’ll Take It! Will I for a smidgen of a second feel like I’m in Don Draper’s office? Cool. But stay away man. I’m spoken for!

Woven baskets, kilim rugs, 1970s pottery. Um, duh! Can I just play my Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell records now?

I must be going through the early stages of your 30s that older women told me about when I was in my early 20s. That your 30s is when you REALLY start figuring yourself out. Well, I’m 31. I’ve pretty much figured out this much:

I don’t like bright colors.

Grey linen or any linen really, I will always find beautiful.

Also, I don’t like bright colors.



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The Domestic Arts


Oh, please don’t shed a tear when you’ve discovered this ISN’T about the beautiful new set of books I scored called the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences! I WILL be sharing those little treasure troves of vintage knowledge soon enough!

Those books and a little perusal on Pinterest… OK, I must say something.

I had intended on going on Pinterest to find “closet organization” tips but instead I discovered a board full of absolutely delightful art and many of which depicted women as lovely housekeepers. So, hence this post!


I’m also reading Louisa May Alcott’s “Eight Cousins” and just finished the chapter “Bread N Button Holes” and felt a bit miffed that there are so very, very many things I don’t know how to do. I don’t know how to darn socks! I don’t know how to make button holes! I don’t even know how to bake bread! AND I especially don’t know how to “tend to my linens“! I really like the idea of tending to ones linens…what does that EVEN MEAN!?








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