Why Don’t You…an AUTUMN “If you want to” list


Well my darling little muffins, the arrival of Fall seems to be rather official in Portland according to weather.com! Apparently it is to be nothing but clouds and rain for the remainder of the week and I could not be HAPPIER. OH, I am QUITE positive in a few weeks I will absolutely HATE the rain.

Well, maybe. I think I have enough YEARS of nothing but sunshine and hot weather stored up in my head to really truly enjoy the rain this season.

So, because I was quite elated by the weather report, I decided to compile this list of 21 THINGS to DO THIS AUTUMN… if you want to that is.

Of course this list came from my own things I would like to do this FALL… but you know, REAL LIFE still has to happen and I can’t just be gallivanting through autumn leaves with a vintage pail of freshly picked apples in hand and my perfect Autumn outfit of tweedy plaids…I mean I CAN do that. But not ALL THE TIME.

Also, my hair is too short to wear in Heidi braids. OH crap, why did I put that one in there?! Ok, just cross out Heidi and wear braids. I always think of Heidi when I think of Fall because I imagine being in a little mountain cabin with a little cozy fire and wearing my 100% virgin Irish wool hand knitted sweater with a full length skirt and knit tights and little boots…and … you get the picture. HEIDI = AUTUMN (in my mind).

So, I hope you will join me in doing SOME if not ALL the things on this list. And if you do, take a photo (on INSTAGRAM…haha even though the list says take OTHER photos not JUST on Instagram…) and use hashtag #21autumnchallenge

If you do everything on this list, then I can only assume you work at KINFOLK or/and you’re Martha Stewart. And we should be friends.

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