Monday Muse | Women in Art, Part Deux

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a Monday Muse post! (We’ll pick up on this, I promise!) and so I thought of doing a Part Deux of Women in Art. I have 4 different types of painting subjects I love. Flowers, Interiors, Landscapes, and Women. Not necessarily in that order. But flowers and women are pretty high up there…and when the two are combined, my eyes literally get hearts in them. Or any combo of the 4 = hearts in eyes + unicorn emoji.

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part Deux
Portrait of a Lady with a Cat and Ivy – Juan Cordero 19th century

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part Deux
James Longacre Wood (American painter, 1863-1938) Flower Girl 1899

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part Deux
Seated Girl by Hugh Ramsay, c. 1894-1906

Mason, Arnold; Portrait of a Young Woman; Derby Museums Trust;

Mason, Arnold, 1885-1963; Portrait of a Young Woman

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part Deux

Sir William Orpen:  The Eastern Gown 1878 – 1931

image credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

I identify with each one of these women in different ways. These women were painted at a time when women really didn’t have a voice or platform. It wasn’t that long ago that women were still considered property and their place was at home and in the kitchen. You either were married off or became a spinster (i.e. loser) We’ve come a long way from that. And sure, sure… there’s still more work to be done. But what our society has accomplished in less than 100 years is staggering compared to what was done for women’s rights in the preceding millenniums (i.e. pretty much ZILCH)

The women in these paintings represent a quiet and resolute strength while appearing gentle and feminine for the painter. She is both approachable and unassuming, but also a world of her own that she does not mind keeping you out of.

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part DeuxOphelia. Oil on Canvas. 76 x 62 cm. English School.19th Century.

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part Deux
The Journey Home ~ Henry John Yeend King ~ (English: 1855-1924)

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part DeuxAnna Pavlova by Savely Sorine (1878 – 1953)

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part Deux

Monday Muse / Women in Art / Part Deux

I just discovered Gerald Brockhurst (who painted the portrait above) and I am in LOVE. Not only do I really enjoy his style of painting, his subjects always have the best outfits! I am inspired not once, but twice! I’ll have to do a post on just his portraits from the 1930s and 1940s because the clothes are pretty exquisite!

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Bianca Jagger | Vintage Style Muse

Bianca Jagger / Vintage Style Muse

I don’t really think Bianca Jagger needs any sort of introduction or explanation as to why she would be a style icon. It’s pretty OBVIOUS isn’t it?

Out of any vintage celebrity style icons, Bianca’s style is probably the closest to how I want my personal style to be. A mix of feminine, classic, ultra girlie, menswear, and wearer of hats! I do appreciate Bianca’s glamour. I sometimes think I could be more vintage glam, but I usually save my more glamorous looks for fashion related events in Portland.

Also, I’ve been told I resemble Bianca (on really good days I guess, haha!) and that’s A-OK by me because I think she is super gorgeous. My mom and her actually look more alike I think!

image credits: // All photos are from PINTEREST (search Bianca Jagger to see lots more photos I didn’t share here)!


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As She Was: Soiled Doves & Painted Ladies

In the old west in the 1800s, ladies of the night (prostitutes) were called Soiled Doves. Don’t judge me, but I like that term for some reason. It’s a mix of something innocent and sweet with something well, not innocent or pretty.

The history of prostitution is a very sad tale and it is sometimes haunting to look into the faces of these women and wonder who they are, what became of them?


No matter what they were called or how they were perceived, the doves were there for the taking and taking all they could get because as you might imagine, this was not a lifelong career and when it was over, it was over. ”  / source Soiled Doves


Have you seen the vintage movie Pretty Baby starring Susan Sarandon and a fresh faced Brooke Shields? If you haven’t, you need to go see it! Susan Sarandon is a prostitute and also a young mother to teenage Brooke Shields. The movie is controversial because Brooke Shields appears nude in this movie and she was only 12 when the movie was in production and barely 13 when the movie was released.

image credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Some just had no other skills to provide a means of support. Others were the daughters of prostitutes, already tainted in the business.” – Legends of America, Painted Ladies

If you would like to see more photos of Painted Ladies, check out photographer E.J. Bellocq’s portraits of prostitutes in Storyville (a red light district in New Orleans that no longer exists). This image below is one of his photos and I just find them so delightful. Here’s another E.J. Bellocq link (with more pictures!) at


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Vintage Monday Muse | Wallis Simpson


Our Monday Muse for this week is the ever beautiful Wallis Simpson. She was born in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania and was named after her father, Teackle Wallis Warfield. Her father died of tuberculosis while she was a young girl, so her mother and her lived dependent on her father’s wealthy unmarried brother, Soloman Davis Warfield.

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Wallis attended Oldfields School, the wealthiest school in Maryland, paid for by her uncle. There she met and befriended Renée du Pony, daughter of Senator T. Coleman du Pont and Mary Kirk, whose family founded Kirk Silverware. Wallis is reported to have always been a well dressed, intelligent girl. It is said she always pushed herself hard to do well. She is often described as beautiful, clever, and ambitious.


Wallis’ marriage to King Edward VIII was her third. In this case, the third time truly was the charm. Their love story was an extravagant one, and Wallis had expressed that having lived such a great romance was difficult. When they first met Edward was a prince, and Wallis was still married to her second husband, Ernest Aldrich Simpson. During their affair, Edward was crowned King. Around the same time, Wallis filed for divorced. Their relationship soon became public in the United Kingdom, and she had to flee the country to escape the press. Their relationship was a complete scandal at the time, and it was not accepted by the public or government. So, Edward passed the crown. He gave up being a king to be with Wallis.


Wallis lived to an old age. Widowed after cancer took the Duke, she spent her last years suffering from Dementia. There have been many movies made about our beloved Wallis, and in many of them feature some of our other vintage muses. Their stories will to told another Monday.

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Vintage Monday Muse | Women of Art

The largest inspirations for Adored Vintage shoots and Lookbooks come from old paintings and drawings of women. I can spend hours upon hours browsing through these old paintings. Not only were their lives and garments so romantic, they have such a special essence to the way they sit, stand, or just do things. I love how graceful and lovely they look even while sitting upon rocks, gathering hay, or tossing a salad. These are our ultimate style/hair/squad/life goals here at AV.

“A Garden Party”, Gari Melchers

3bdb13155c80f52a3e7ea333b5705533Portrait of Madame F.”Edouard Dubufe

2f194409cfef924a0fd1394156d98184“Zwei Sitzende”Egon Schiele

8f4c68c4cde03840b07d5558aefe6db9“Portrait of Olga Konstantinovna Lancere”, Zinaida Serebriakova

877931d1a9cf3e37efa08d09689d2be2The Glen Walker Sisters”, John da Costa

98b68e8864e62d154341fed3ff5c53f6The Lady of the House”, William Henry Margetson

7103f9d7dbc2a814ad5dc9de145f26b7“Caprice”, Sir William Russell Flint

92769d08c5158c15c6cd72f3d0943ba0“The Sevres Vase”, James Jebusa Shannon

dfb62dee8f3f107f4ec73cdaa6b643d3“Reflections”, Ethel Porter Bailey

2ecd720be488654d0e436ad5e0e6c654“The Boulder”, Charles Courtney Curran

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