Horror Scream Queens, pt. ii

Remember our post last October on Classic Horror Scream Queens? Well, rather than highlighting ladies from the 1900s-1950s, this year we decided to feature some Scream Queens from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. These dames are not only memorable for the roles they played, but we love all their outfits throughout these films as well. In no particular order, here they are!screamqueens3

It’s believed that Shelley Duvall’s time on the set of The Shining was what pushed her to be the recluse she’s said to be today. She had a taxing, challenging time as Wendy Torrance, as one can see through the behind-the-scenes video Stanley Kubrick’s daughter, Vivian, made for The Shining. Despite all that, Wendy Torrance’s outfits are some of my all-time favorites in horror films. I love the 70s inspired mountain look. Milena Canonero, the costume designer, lead an outstanding career dressing almost all Kubrick’s films, as well as later designing costumes for Wes Anderson films.


Oh, Sissy Spacek, another strange actress from the 70s we admire. I remember first watching Carrie when I was eight years old. My cousins and I rented it from the local video store and all squished on the couch together. I honestly don’t remember much about the movie, but that it was probably far too violent for my parents to approve. Now when I watch Carrie, I notice the wardrobe. I love her mom’s nightgown and the simple silk gown she wears to prom.screamqueens2

And last, we have Sheryl Lee as the beloved Laura Palmer. Oh, Twin Peaks, the gem of Pacific Northwest. It has all the sweaters and plaid wool skirts a girl who loves autumn could ask for. Although Sheryl Lee doesn’t have too much screen time in the show, everyone knows her face. I’m eagerly waiting for the release for the new season! It couldn’t come soon enough.

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On The Set | A Good Woman, 1930s Italian Fashion

I recently came across the blog Frock Flicks (what a great name!) and it inspired me to do more posts from TV shows and movies that feature period costumes. Frock Flicks mostly focuses on 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century period costumes. As I haven’t yet found a vintage fashion blog that focuses on 20th century costumes (if you know of one, leave me a comment!), I thought perhaps my blog should be a good source for inspiration and research. All right, let’s get on with this week’s movie! 

A beautiful pale eggplant colored accordion pleat detail on an asymmetrical hat worn on Helen Hunt’s character.

This week I watched “A Good Woman” featuring Scarlet Johansson and Helen Hunt. It is set in Amalfi, Italy in the year 1930. I won’t be capturing every costume from the movie, just some key ones. Also, some of the images will be out of order so the plot will not be ruined in case you want to watch this movie (and I recommend you do, it’s currently on Amazon Prime Video!)

Here we see "Meg" in a pretty citrus chiffon day dress with short sleeves and soft ruffles.
Here we see “Meg” in a pretty citrus chiffon day dress with short sleeves and soft ruffles.

At first I thought the movie seemed hokey pokey, but towards the end I really started to fall in love with it. I really don’t like HOW Helen Hunt’s character speaks though and where she puts emphasis on certain words. It’s a little jarring to listen to. Anyhow, some of the scenes and sets are really quite beautiful. So I will include these as well, as the thing I love nearly as much as vintage clothing are vintage homes!

Lots of glove action in this movie... also love the asymmetrical collar on this dress "Mrs. Erlynne" is wearing. Not so crazy about this hat.
Lots of glove action in this movie… also love the asymmetrical collar on this dress “Mrs. Erlynne” is wearing. Not so crazy about this hat.
What a sumptuous dress shop!
This scene in a dress shop is one of my favorites. Isn’t it exquisite?


This outfit is only briefly seen and I wish it had more screen time. I really love the necklace. I have to admit, the hats in this movie look really cheap though.
Here we see the front of Meg’s citrus hued floral dress. She also wears this locket pretty much the entire movie.



Lots of wonderful floral chiffon prints in the movie. Everyone wears really subdued tones except for Meg and Mrs. Erlynne. Meg is always in something light colored, soft, and very sweet (to further portray her innocence) and Mrs. Erlynne wears a lot of frosted soft colors and jewel tones (perhaps alluding to something…hmmm…you’ll have to watch the movie and see!)

agoodwoman-1930sfashion-11 agoodwoman-1930sfashion-12

Every dress Meg wears in this movie is basically this same exact silhouette. V-neckline, fitted at the waist, light a-line/tulip flare, short sleeves. This is a wonderful silhouette for a woman that has curves and has a larger bust.


Here we get a closer look at the pattern on this dress. I also think Meg’s hair looks the best here. In most of the scenes her curls are so tight, they look very Shirley Temple-y. But perhaps…there is a reason for her hair slowly becoming more “undone” and less “perfect” (just watch the movie!)

Another wonderful asymmetrical neckline worn by Mrs. Erlynne
Oh haaiiii, someone’s got some new “revenge” shopping shoes!


This peignoir that Meg wears throughout the movie is so stunning! I believe it has cream silk velvet on it and it is the palest hue of peach. It features long waterfall angel sleeves (again, alluding to the purity of her character perhaps?)



Mrs. Erlynne wearing a navy and cream color blocked dress. I really dislike the lavender gloves as the accent. It seems like a very odd color combination.

So that’s all for this week’s On The Set post! I really enjoyed this movie and hope you’ll give it a watch!

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On The Set: Poirot 1930s Style Inspiration

I am a big fan of both Agatha Christie’s detective series, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot featuring David Suchet (who played the Belgian detective for 25 years!) I’m a bit sad that Miss Marple is no longer available on Netflix and I never got a chance to screen cap all the delightful 1940s outfits from the series. (p.s. Here I am dressed as Miss Marple for Halloween one year) So, before Poirot is taken off my Netflix library, I thought I better get on to documenting some of my favorite vintage 1930s ensembles from the show!

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

Of course, Poirot ran for many seasons (13) so I’ll share favorite outfits from episodes I have seen a few times. These images are screencaped from Season 9, Episode 3: Death on the Nile (2004) which stars a young(er) Emily Blunt. Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous as a platinum blonde? Also, do you notice the MEND on the sleeve of the oxblood colored silk dress the gal is wearing? I was so tickled to notice this!

This episode just has so MANY, MANY outfits I want! I only captured my absolute favorites, so these are it. God, I love the 1930s so much! Also, I put these images out of order, just incase of spoiling the storyline or something. You ought to watch this show! I’m such a big fan. Ok, all right let’s talk about the clothes now!

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

What a fabulous hat! And I love that she’s reading Vogue! Also, have you noticed the nail polish colors so far? The costume designer for this episode was Sheena Napier. And good golly, I bow down! It is ALL just exquisite. A real feast for my vintage loving eyes! Every scene I pause just to take it all in.

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

This colorful plaid chiffon 1930s dress Emily Blunt’s character plays had me practically foaming at the mouth. If I ever come across anything remotely close to this, I will gladly slice off half a finger! The little handbag and the umbrella paired with it. It’s just too much! I want the entire look, head to toe!

The top and pants ensemble with straw hat shown below (through Poirot’s lens) is just terrific! I have pants similar to these and at one point considered selling them in the shop. Of course now I will never part with them because I must go and find a similar blouse so I can recreate this look entirely.

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

This episode features a very large ensemble cast. Actually most of the episodes do. And this one in particular the characters have many, many wardrobe changes! This group shot has a wonderful view of another favorite look from the episode. The white sleeveless top and khaki colored skirt with godet panel in the back and that straw hat. She’s wearing a silk scarf as a belt. Isn’t it marvelous?

This episode is actually one of my favorites. The story is really quite good. Although, I will be honest… I guessed the outcome of it fairly quickly! Perhaps it is because I have been binge watching episode after episode and now when I watch it I start to think… “Who had the motive? Who had something to gain from these deaths?

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

On The Set | 1930s Style Inspiration from Poirot

I hope you are enjoying my On The Set weekly features! I will be featuring many more of my favorite vintage 1930s clothing and costume inspirations from Poirot in the upcoming weeks!

If you want more 1930s inspirations from Poirot, you should check out these articles/blog posts elsewhere on the web!

Napier: Costume Design Talk at the V&A

Miss Lemon, Secretary Chic (Miss Lemon does not appear in this episode I just posted about)

1930s Fashions in Agatha Christie’s Poirot

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On the Set: Home Fires 1940s Fashion Inspiration

While I am working (especially when editing vintage product photos) I like to watch a lot of movies and tv shows. I have a particular fondness for British period shows because I like the story lines and the vintage clothes and period costumes. I was quite delighted when I came across Home Fires, a pre World War 2 period drama set in the English countryside.  This period of clothing is one of my favorites and this show has so many ensembles that cause me to salivate.


There are so many beautiful late 30s jersey rayon floral prints, knits and cardigans in muted tones, smart little tweedy jackets and suits… oh I adore it all so much!

I also really love the theme song composed by Samuel Sim! Have a listen here: Home Fires Theme Song









Not only do I love the clothing (and the hairstyles), there are so many scenes I wish I could jump into! Also, this show has me craving to visit the English countryside something awful… maybe in a couple of years… or next Spring? Hmmm…

These screencaptures are from Season 1, Episode 1 which is the year 1939.

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On the Set: The Dashwood Country Cottage


Sense and Sensibility, the 1995 version directed by Ang Lee, is one of my favorites of all the Jane Austen movie adaptations. I just find it all so lovely to look at and the acting is superb and all the characters are likable in their own way. Even that super snotty Mrs. Ferrars!

I know I really quite like a movie when I like everyone in it. I mean honestly, this version is like the crème de la crème of British actors! Well, in my non-movie aficionado opinion. There’s Emma Thompson (adore her), Kate Winslet (before Titanic made her a household name), Alan Rickman (years before he would be Snape), Emma Jones (whom I adore in Bridget Jones’ Diary), and Hugh Grant… just to name a few. It’s also wonderful for me to see all the actors in this setting because I know them from so many other movies. Like Imelda Staunton who plays Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter.


My favorite scenes of course take place in the country cottage where the Dashwood’s must now go live. I ADORE this house. I want to LIVE here. Everything about it. I kept pausing the movie to screencap different scenes. I love how all the colors are muted and faded. But not in a shabby chic sort of way. I love the quaintness of it all, the smallness. Compared to the scenes of the larger estates, I much rather prefer the country settings.





I love the mix of textiles and mostly the lack of color. As you probably have guessed, I love neutrals and soft hues. Their blue and white gingham couch in their living room I adore so much but doubt I could ever go that “country” in my own home. But if I had a room just like this one, then it wouldn’t look so country. I mean, American country, like “shabby chic” country which in my opinion when taken to a certain extent looks really terrible and gaudy.

I always find it funny when I see overly done country interiors. The whole point of country living is that everything is more simple. More sparse. And I think that’s why I adore the settings of Sense and Sensibility so much. It seems quite realistic. But, what do I know. I’m not an expert on period piece movies! Simply, a girl that loves pretty simple things.





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