On the Set: Home Fires 1940s Fashion Inspiration

While I am working (especially when editing vintage product photos) I like to watch a lot of movies and tv shows. I have a particular fondness for British period shows because I like the story lines and the vintage clothes and period costumes. I was quite delighted when I came across Home Fires, a pre World War 2 period drama set in the English countryside.  This period of clothing is one of my favorites and this show has so many ensembles that cause me to salivate.


There are so many beautiful late 30s jersey rayon floral prints, knits and cardigans in muted tones, smart little tweedy jackets and suits… oh I adore it all so much!

I also really love the theme song composed by Samuel Sim! Have a listen here: Home Fires Theme Song









Not only do I love the clothing (and the hairstyles), there are so many scenes I wish I could jump into! Also, this show has me craving to visit the English countryside something awful… maybe in a couple of years… or next Spring? Hmmm…

These screencaptures are from Season 1, Episode 1 which is the year 1939.

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Vintage Movies: I’ve Always Loved You (1946)

I've Always Loved You (1946)

Amazon Prime Video is now streaming the 1946 movie I’ve Always Loved You starring Catherine McLeod. Admittedly I’ve never heard of this movie, but started watching it because it was suggested to me. I immediately fell in love with Myra’s (Catherine McLeod) wardrobe and the charming country house she lives in!

Doesn’t her ensemble above remind you of Belle from Beauty and the Beast? It was the first thought that came to my mind!

I've Always Loved You (1946)

The premise of the movie is about a young gifted pianist (a country girl) who is torn between her admiration for her brilliant (albeit snooty as heck and kind of a douche) maestro who comes from old Eastern European money and the farm boy she left at home (the one driving the tractor) Pick the farm boy! Pick the farm boy! Always pick the farm boy…helloooo Dread Pirate Roberts!

Also I’m pretty in love with their country house. I’m such a country girl at heart, I really am.

I've Always Loved You (1946)
I've Always Loved You (1946)
I've Always Loved You (1946) I've Always Loved You (1946)

OH MY GOD. Isn’t this yellow dress just to die for?! I re-watched this scene over and over just to stare at this dress. I need this in my life! Yes, I do! Also, I have major hair envy here…

I've Always Loved You (1946)

Now, this movie has some serious shoulder pad/wide shoulder silhouettes that the later 1940s were known for. I don’t care for those too much, so I’m just showing you my favorite ensembles. Oh, there is also a scene where Myra receives a STUNNING piano shawl from Leopold when they travel around the world and she takes him under his wing. This piano shawl would fetch a pretty penny in a vintage shop today!

There is a rather sad part in the movie when Myra (spoiler alert!) finally gets to debut at Carnegie Hall and you can really see how her heart breaks because she loves her jerk maestro so much. There’s a SERIOUS SHOWDOWN and Myra is in this breathtaking in a 1940s pink gown with rhinestones.

I've Always Loved You (1946)
I've Always Loved You (1946)

Isn’t this ensemble just wonderful? I do adore the abundance of poet sleeve blouses in this movie and the pointed collars! I am so excited for this ensemble because I own something very similar (in the mending pile though) but the colors are a little different. Sorry these screen caps are so low quality, I hope you can see the wonderful clothing details anyway!

I've Always Loved You (1946)
I've Always Loved You (1946)

OMG I love this scene. The lake, the tree, her outfit, his hand in his pocket…that charming house in the background… how wonderful. The acting here is really wooden. It’s a little painful to watch, just ignore that and pay attention to the charming outfit Myra is wearing.

Babushka, Leopold’s grandmother, has the best lines in the movie and is often the voice of wisdom. I also like that she calls Myra “Butterball”

Did they know you? No, Leopold. Not for an instant. There is your mistress. Music. Only music, Leopold…

Pretty faces grow old, pretty hands grow thin, soon there is nothing but name on stone. Music goes on forever.

Now this movie is very interesting for fashion because there is a span of about 20 or so years and the styles never change! They don’t ever tell you in the movie what year it is, but one can assume it begins after the war in the 40s and then all of a sudden 16 years pass and they are still in the 1940s!

I've Always Loved You (1946)
I've Always Loved You (1946)

This color combo is pretty fetching! Also doesn’t Catherine McLeod resemble Megan Fox a little here, or rather the other way around.

I've Always Loved You (1946)

This robe and slip combo is pretty amazing. I can’t tell what color it is exactly, I am guessing a soft mint blue? Next we have some pretty stellar fur stole action… also this depicts two very beautiful colored gowns in the movie. I won’t show you too much because it will spoil things…

I've Always Loved You (1946)

And last but not least, the final gown Myra wears in the movie. The draping is incredible and I love this color! If you don’t want to see the whole movie just skip to the last 15-20 minutes so you can see the entirety of this gown.

I've Always Loved You (1946)

That is all for this month’s VINTAGE MOVIE night! Thanks for the recommendation Amazon!

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On the Set: The Dashwood Country Cottage


Sense and Sensibility, the 1995 version directed by Ang Lee, is one of my favorites of all the Jane Austen movie adaptations. I just find it all so lovely to look at and the acting is superb and all the characters are likable in their own way. Even that super snotty Mrs. Ferrars!

I know I really quite like a movie when I like everyone in it. I mean honestly, this version is like the crème de la crème of British actors! Well, in my non-movie aficionado opinion. There’s Emma Thompson (adore her), Kate Winslet (before Titanic made her a household name), Alan Rickman (years before he would be Snape), Emma Jones (whom I adore in Bridget Jones’ Diary), and Hugh Grant… just to name a few. It’s also wonderful for me to see all the actors in this setting because I know them from so many other movies. Like Imelda Staunton who plays Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter.


My favorite scenes of course take place in the country cottage where the Dashwood’s must now go live. I ADORE this house. I want to LIVE here. Everything about it. I kept pausing the movie to screencap different scenes. I love how all the colors are muted and faded. But not in a shabby chic sort of way. I love the quaintness of it all, the smallness. Compared to the scenes of the larger estates, I much rather prefer the country settings.





I love the mix of textiles and mostly the lack of color. As you probably have guessed, I love neutrals and soft hues. Their blue and white gingham couch in their living room I adore so much but doubt I could ever go that “country” in my own home. But if I had a room just like this one, then it wouldn’t look so country. I mean, American country, like “shabby chic” country which in my opinion when taken to a certain extent looks really terrible and gaudy.

I always find it funny when I see overly done country interiors. The whole point of country living is that everything is more simple. More sparse. And I think that’s why I adore the settings of Sense and Sensibility so much. It seems quite realistic. But, what do I know. I’m not an expert on period piece movies! Simply, a girl that loves pretty simple things.





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On the Set: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding isn’t all that great of a movie to be honest, but I’m not a huge movie buff and I’ll totally watch a horrible movie just for the gorgeous clothes. Cheerful Weather for the Wedding is one of those movies. All right, it’s not horrible. In fact I rewatch it time and time again because it is just SO BEAUTIFUL to look at! Oh, if I could have any movie’s wardrobe right now, it would have to be this movie!

And the house! And that blue wall! And that greenhouse. I feel like I’m in this movie lingering around in spirit.

Every single one of Felicity Jones’ outfits I just tingle a bit inside over. In fact, last summer I spent a good 2 months searching for 1930s shorts just like hers in the movie. I haven’t even worn them yet, but find them I did! Now if only I could her 30s floral bias cut gown. Gah!!!

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

I read on A Bloomsbury Life that this outfit above is all authentic vintage pieces from the 1930s. In fact many of the clothes were actually! Her wedding gown was made for the film though. The floral gown is also vintage. Don’t you just dance a little inside knowing these old garments got another shot at life and in such a gorgeous movie no less?

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

008-cheerful-weather-for-the-wedding CWfW_108

The striped blouse and shorts outfit I covet so much!

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