Of Picnics, Fields, & Finding Pleasure in Work

I have a new commute to mon atelier and it is so beautiful! So beautiful in fact that I stopped along the road, camera at the ready, and snapped photos along the way of fields & horses. (How many work commutes can you say THAT about? For me, it’s a first!) The drive to work inspired me to pack a simple picnic and treat myself yesterday afternoon to a little outing to Sauvie Island.


I also needed to forage some flowers since I have a new way of packaging orders for the shop that I want to try out. Plain packing paper, some pretty brown tape I got awhile back (that I just recently found since tidying up a little more around the studio), and local blooms from my weekly excursions to the wonderful outdoors! So, as you can see…this little outing was not just for pleasure. It was W-O-R-K! Practically backbreaking…





A Light Lunch for One

One small baguette

A slice of French brie cheese

Seasonal fruit (white nectarine and apricot today)

A cold pasta salad over mixed greens 

A chocolate chip cookie 

The cookie did not make it to the photo as I nibbled on it on the way to my picnic. Ah…well, dessert first I say! I also recommend bringing something to read while going on a solo picnic. I have just started Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

After your light lunch, take a walk along the country roads and photograph as many wispy glades of grass and weeds you see along the way. I know there is nothing original about these photos, but I never tire of looking at grass gracefully bending in the breeze.



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A Mini Break at the Cape

Monday was mine and my husband’s 1 year wedding anniversary (you can see our wedding photos here) and he surprised me with a stay at a delightful bed & breakfast in Astoria, Oregon. We visit Astoria fairly often, so this time we decided to explore the Washington coastline just across the bridge over the Columbia river.

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

We stopped at a few antique shops along the way (I got an amazing late 1800s hand sewn gown and another Edwardian top to add to my collection) and then traveled along the coastline to visit Cape Disappointment. We happened upon this incredible lighthouse that was built in the 1880s and I was freaking out over these painted plaques on the side of the lighthouse.

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

If a warrant for my arrest would not be issued for stealing public property, you can bet I would have tried to pry these off with a crowbar. Or whatever you use to pry off old plaques with. (I’m totally joking, you know that right? I highly frown upon stealing, let alone defacement of public property ESPECIALLY such a beauty as this!)

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse
Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

We hiked around a bit (and I was not wearing the proper footwear!) and we happened upon the light keeper’s house and the captain’s house which much to our surprise and joy is available to rent as a vacation home! I was so thrilled by this prospect! I immediately envisioned my birthday party happening on the lawn, sunbathing by the water, and eating lots and lots of fresh seafood. Wouldn’t you want to do all these things at this house?

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Adored Vintage Travels | 1880s Lighthouse

Vintage Clothing | Weekend at the Cape

Inspired by the hues of Cape Disappointment (funny name, isn’t it?) of navy blue, white, and cream… you can shop these vintage pieces over at Adored Vintage! Click here to shop Cape Weekend Collection!

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In Which We Discover the Estate in Hopewell

Old homes built in the late 18th century and 19th century, especially all white ones out in a big open field have such a wonderful affect on me. I am equally filled with joy, longing, and a bit of sadness.


This estate in Hopewell, Oregon has long been abandoned and I wonder about its past inhabitants. Who were they? Were they happy? Why did they leave? Our friends from Type A Press showed us this home and we were so delighted to visit her for awhile.





I am so very fond of symmetrical farm style homes. I’m not an architect expert so I’m not sure what style this home is. I just assume it’s a farm house with some Victorian influences. There were some no trespassing signs, but it was so very easy to just go up to it. To make believe for awhile. Naturally I ignored said signs.




For a brief moment we were there. In the 1850s, a bundle of wildflowers in our arms, trying to find respite from the summer heat. A carriage makes its way down the dirt road, the hooves of horses kicking up dust and flecks of soil. Our cheeks bright red from the warmth of a summer day.




We run down the path to greet old friends. “At last, at last! You’re here! We have so many things to say, so many things to do. Come, let me take your hat. We’ve set up a picnic on the hill!

Isn’t it so wonderful to come across these places on Earth and be transfixed by them?




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Adored Vintage Instagram Recap | Exteriors


We love seeing things in collections. Sometimes I feel like seeing things with other things somehow gives it so much more meaning, it seems a story is created. So, we decided to put together a collection from our Instagram!

This collection is exteriors! Houses from around our beautiful city, Portland, to be exact. Portland is filled with so many charming houses. It’s one of the things I first fell in love with about this town. If you know Adored Vintage, you know that we love old homes as much as old clothes. Just like clothes, they have so much time and history. I always wonder about the secrets an old house holds.

If you don’t follow our Instagram, our account name is @adoredvintage! We post there daily, and there you can see even MORE photographs of beautiful old structures.

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In Which I Time Traveled to 1912

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

Last week a friend came to visit from Ohio and it was his first time in Oregon so naturally we took him to some of our favorite places. Brent had never been to the Oregon coast so my husband and I were anxious to show off Astoria and Cannon Beach.

I was particularly excited because I knew exactly what I was going to wear that day! I’ve had this 1910s (perhaps early 1920s) navy knit cardigan with the attached lace collar for months now and I just completed the mending about 2 weeks ago although it hasn’t been cold enough to wear it. The forecast called for rain, clouds, and fog and this antique sweater needed no invitation to accompany me to the coast on such a moody day.

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast
Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

I never tire of these grey skies. I love when the sky and sea are almost the same color and the horizon blurs in this hazy fog of silver. I adore this very much. I am hypnotized and transfixed watching the waves rush to shore with soft peals of white.

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast
Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

I found this delightful photo of a woman in an antique shop in Astoria called Astoria Hardware and I ended up chatting with the owner, Becky, who coincidentally follows me on Instagram! What a small world!

Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast
Adored Vintage | A Day at the Coast

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