Again I Am in A Field, This Time Wearing Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch + Vintage

The other day my husband who owns the shop Orn Hansen asked if he wanted to go for a drive to see the sunset and consequently ALSO take pictures of a new denim jacket him and LC King Mfg are working on together. (Ha, there is a catch!)

I in turn asked him to take photos of me in my outfit because it was one of those days that I actually got dressed. (I am currently wearing black trousers with elastic waist and a ratty old grey tee. Disappointing, I KNOW.)

Outfit Details //

Top: Taylor Stitch Chambray shirt from Orn Hansen (I own many chambray shirts, they are an absolute must!)
Neckerchief: Fog Linen from Orn Hansen
Skirt: Vintage (borrowed from my shop, you can get it here)
Hat: Whisler Civilian from Orn Hansen
Belt: Vintage, thrifted
Handbag: Custom design from Portland leather maker One Man Made, a collaboration we did together with you guessed it, Orn Hansen.

Taylor Stitch + Vintage

Taylor Stitch + Vintage

So see, when I DO put in the effort to look presentable I must provide proof of my efforts if only to make myself not feel like such a slob on the days when I work from home and haven’t changed out of my nightgown all day.

Taylor Stitch + Vintage


Isn’t this such a peaceful scene? The water was so still. We walked a little ways where this inlet meets the river and watched the sun set over the hills. Magical. Oh Oregon, I do adore you.

Taylor Stitch + Vintage

Taylor Stitch + Vintage

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In Which We Spend A Day on the Fruit Loop


Ahh, Oregon has my heart again. Well, not that my heart ever wandered away… but I have recently been feeling huge bouts of wanderlust and thinking “Oh woe is me I am stuck here all summer!” And it has been a miserably hot summer, much hotter than last summer when we moved here!

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-02 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-03

Then I think, “Come on old girl, you’ve got so much beauty around you and you’ll be skipping around Belgium and the north of France soon enough!” (in March to be exact!) Oh, but March does seem so VERY far away. (p.s. Isn’t my husband so very handsome?)

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-04 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-05

Anyhow, the husband and I have put in some effort to do small little trips here and there that we can do in a day’s time. At the moment we lack time and funds to really do anything more than just a day or two somewhere nearby, so we look for closer in adventures.

And then we discovered The Hood River Fruit Loop! It is about a 45 minute drive (maybe a bit longer) from Portland. The drive is absolutely beautiful all by itself too!

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-06 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-07 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-08

HOLY CATS! I swear I said “OMG! What!? Did you see that?! Look! Loooooook!” causing my husband to finally say (he was driving) “Rodellee, I have to drive!”

Now, I will confess we didn’t make it very far into the Fruit Loop (it’s 35 miles, we only did about 5) but even within these 5 miles there was so much to do!

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-09 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-10 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-11

There was the Cascade Alpaca Farm (there are a few alpaca farms on the Fruit Loop I think, this is just one of them) where I nearly lost my head over the alpacas. They’re so cute and silly looking! I also gushed over the local farm cats named Knit and Pearl. Robby and I got some lightweight alpaca wool socks (perfect for Belgium!) and he got me alpaca finger puppets. (I like silly cute things!)


Afterwards we headed to Draper Girls Country Farm to pick fruits and flowers. But first we stopped by this amazing red barn to take photos, because when one CAN take photos by a red barn, one SHOULD take photos by a red barn.

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-13 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-14

You know across the road was a hill with a farm house and black and white cows grazing about. So perfectly pastoral.

After Draper Girls Farm we met up with a friend for lunch at his dad’s restaurant in Hood River, I think it was called the Riverside Lodge. Can’t quite remember to be honest, too distracted by the pretty views of the Columbia River and looking over at White Salmon, WA just across the way.


Then we went to The Gorge White House to try some locally made hard ciders. I can’t hold my liquor by any means so I limited myself to one, a pear apple cider. Oh! OH! Like a glass of summer! So crisp, delicious, light, and just the right amount of sweetness.

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-16 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-17

And of course there was MORE flower picking, because you can’t go someplace that has a “U-PICK” sign and not pick anything!


We will return to the Hood River Fruit Loop probably in early Autumn to pick apples and drink more ciders and this time probably do the 35 mile scenic drive instead of stopping at so many farmstands along the way. (There are also lots of places to stop and taste wines, ciders, and brews…)


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In Which I Find Myself Picking Peaches


On Saturday my friend Cari of Hanks & Bennet treated me to a little excursion to my favorite place in Portland, Sauvie Island. Over on the ‘Grams (that’s what cool kids are calling Instagram now, right? No?) I have shared many a times where I am frolicking about some field on Sauvie Island.

Do not let my photos fool you, Sauvie Island is BORING. There’s nothing but farmlands, old houses (oh yuck who wants to see that), and evergreen hills all around (so boring, seriously).

sauvieisland-summer-picking-1 sauvieisland-summer-picking-6

We picked peaches, cucumbers, blackberries, raspberries, eggplants, peppers, thyme, sage, basil, kale… and whatever else you can find at your local flea market. We put it all into my little vintage fruit picking baskets (I KNEW this estate sale find would come in handy one day!!)


And yes, flowers! So many flowers! Oh, I was in heaven! Absolute heaven!

Now, I know these grainy iPhone photos seem super dandy and has you wishing you were traipsing through flower fields… however I must warn you…

There are BEES EVERYWHERE! I was constantly going “Ohhhh” (admiration) to “AUGH! AH! OMG!” (evading bees) every other second.

sauvieisland-summer-picking-3 sauvieisland-summer-picking-4 sauvieisland-summer-picking-5

Tomorrow I shall make some peach galettes and some blackberry jam. Will let you know how it all turns out, but probably only if they turn out well and I can once again prove my domestic prowess! (HA!)


Cari was very excited when she saw the sign for pickling cucumbers. I think I was saying something and she just shot off into this field practically skipping. I have cute friends.


See what I mean about the boring fields and all of these equally boring clouds. Don’t go to Sauvie. It’s such a snore.


You can’t tell from this photo but those sunflowers were GIGANTIC. Each flower was bigger than my head! I think these were at least 7-8 ft tall. I had no idea sunflowers could get so huge!

And that is all for now my friends from Sauvie Island. Remember, I am a master photo taker and these images were greatly compromised to make you think Sauvie is more magical than it is! Le sigh.

In actuality, my iPhone couldn’t even capture the beauty that was. Just go. But don’t be like me and tell the whole world, ok?

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Hello Portland! Part 1

Long Beach to Portland!

Well duckies, I am in Portland! I cannot believe it yet that I live in this wonderful oh so very very green city. I love you Portland! I have loved you since 3 years ago when I first met you during a rainy cold November week. You were so mysterious and foggy and whispered sweet drizzly nothings from the sky. Oh, you wooed me all right…and it only took 3 years to finally GET IT. Me and my man belong in Portland!

Well, also, he was born here. Raised here. So, yeah… that wasn’t a tough one.

It’s been 5 days of us being here now and I am just up to my ears in packing and unpacking. I seriously do not want to see a moving box for a very very verrrry long time.

The drive here was long. It felt so much longer than when I drove from Florida to California (a cross country move is one I don’t ever plan on repeating, ever…unless the opportunity was just bonkers amazing and someone on the east coast was gifting me my dream house…then ok. I guess I can move for that!) I think it felt longer because I just wanted to be HERE already!

BTW, have you ever driven through the Siskiyou Pass in Southern Oregon in a 16 FT Penske truck that has some not so great routers? (Rooters? How do you even spell that?) IT is SO MUCH FUN you guys! Like, if you are really into thrill seeking and thinking “I could possibly die at the end of this” you should SO try it!

I hope you sensed my extreme sarcasm.

And also how terrifying this part of the journey was.

Robby was driving at this point (I drove some of the way, ok, a little of the way too!) The signs say 6% grade…which is a LIE. A flat-out lie. Because I drove through some 6% downhill grades and the truck was fine. In fact I hardly noticed. The Grapevine Pass in California was scary leaving Los Angeles and that was a 6% grade. The Siskiyou was just F*ED up. The entire truck was shaking VIOLENTLY and Robby was barely tapping on the brakes. We were gaining speed like crazy and it got to the point where he almost lost control of the truck. The next 5 minutes of absolute hell…

“Please God let us live.”

“Robby STOP braking. OK, I know! I know you have to brake!”

“It’s OK babe. You’re doing great. We’re fine. We’re going to be ok. We just gotta get through this.”

“Redford, calm down baby, it’s OK.” (freaking out inside, and he totally knows)

“Oh God I hope my dress forms are ok!” 

The whole trip took us two long full days. We stopped to stay at a friend’s house outside of Sacramento. You can’t go very fast in a Penske. Also, my bladder is the size of a peanut.

By the time we got to Portland it was past 10PM. We were exhausted and had just enough energy to brush our teeth and we were asleep before we even crawled into bed.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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