Mad for Plaid, Glad in Plaid, Clad in Plaid

I was trying to come up with a CLEVER title for this blog post and they all sounded equally “not up to par” so I posted all three titles. Any guesses on what this post is all about?

Vintage Plaid and Tartan Inspiration

So once again, Pinterest strikes up inspiration! I came across this Pinterest board all about Plaid + Tartan and thought “Oh, this would be a cool blog post!”

I skeedaddled on over to my vintage webshop and was actually quite surprised how few vintage plaid garments I have considering the shop has been around for a couple of years. I thought about this for a brief moment…why haven’t I been stocking the shop with more plaid? I’m a BIG FAN of this pattern. Then I thought, oh yeah, it’s because I don’t often find plaids I actually like.

And when I do find one I like, I play keepsies. (Bad vintage shop owner, gotta pay them bills!)

Are you a fan of plaid? Are you MAD for PLAID? GLAD in PLAID?

Vintage Plaid and Tartan Inspiration

image credits // all via Pinterest

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