Chapter Mercantile | A Pop-Up Shop Update!

Chapter Mercantile by Adored Vintage in Portland, Oregon

Oh my goodness, this past week has been a whirlwind! In a good way though! Oh, I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but two weeks ago I dislocated my ribs. Super fun! And then I got a cold on top of that.

So this week has not only been very productive, it has also been a week of healing. Staying put and still to allow my body to heal has been difficult. My ribs still are not healed all the way, it takes a full 6 weeks I suppose, but I’m just over 2 weeks and I’m already off my heavy painkillers, so to me, that’s great progress!

Anyhow, let me get back on topic! I’m sure you don’t want to hear me moan about my aches and pains!


This photo above is a photo I took two days before our soft opening. Hmm…where do I even begin about CHAPTER and the inspiration behind it?

Firstly I wouldn’t describe CHAPTER as a vintage shop. In fact on the A-frame we have to put outside the store, I purposely didn’t put “VINTAGE” as one of the shop descriptors. I think the word vintage has been too misused now.

In Portland VINTAGE means two things.

1.] A shop that sells old/thrifted clothes mostly from the 90s, price points between $25-$50.

2.] A shop that sells authentic vintage clothing that carries eras from the 1900s to the 1980s, usually bright colorful with lots to look at.

These are two big generalizations of course, but for the most part, those two genres is what a Vintage Shop in Portland is.

And Chapter is neither. While I do have vintage in the shop, I wanted the vintage in the shop to both accent and also fit in harmoniously into everything else. And because I adore neutral colors so much, all the vintage in the shop fits into that color palette.

I was so tickled yesterday when a few girls were surprised that my mannequins were wearing vintage and antique pieces. They thought they were all new clothes! (I mixed vintage and modern together.) When I get this reaction I know I’ve hit the nail on the head. The Adored Vintage/Chapter woman is someone who appreciates vintage clothing and recognizes the significance of these storied garments, but she also is someone that reinvents the story of the garment. She wears the garment, it doesn’t wear her.

Chapter Mercantile by Adored Vintage in Portland, Oregon

I’m going to take actual camera photos soon, but for now, here are some snaps I took with my phone. It’s a bit more filled out now as we have lots more plants!

Originally I wanted to be a vintage shop meets a general store meets a florist, but I think that last part is going to be meets a plant shop. Most, if not all, of the flowers I’m going to sell will be dried ones (I just prefer them…hehe…as YOU KNOW if you’ve been following my shop for awhile). Also I thought with the addition of live flowers, the shop just became way too girly-girl and I wanted to make sure I didn’t get too cutesy in the shop.

I am really looking forward to how the shop will take place in the future. For years now I have been asked if I would ever open up an Adored Vintage brick & mortar store and I always said, “no, probably not…” because opening a vintage shop just isn’t where my heart is at and while I adore vintage (hence my shop’s name!) I am also passionate about interiors, home decorating, and plants/flowers.

CHAPTER  is more in line with who I am at my core. Eventually I’ll be adding more modern clothes with a slightly more masculine feel. I love the tailoring of men’s clothing. However, all in due time 🙂

Stay tuned for more Chapter pop-up shop updates and news!

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Marching In


Nature has begun to shed her dried leaves and burst forth with Spring awakenings. And how all of these new blooms make my heart sing! The weather is nearly warm enough to warrant bare legs.

During the day it’s quite fair, but in the evenings I’m quite chilled still and it takes me a long while to warm up. (After all, I am an island girl at heart)

I am very much looking forward to not shivering several times a day. Of course I could just bundle up more, but I’m stubbornly willing warm days to arrive faster! The magnolia trees are starting to blossom! The forsythia is bright and golden. The camellias are so heavy in bloom, the branches bend at the weight of the blossoms.

It is HEAVENLY. I love living in Portland. There must be something here (oh, wait, all that RAIN!) that makes everything so verdant.




Everything I am wearing was thrifted and from the 80s and at some point were going to go into the shop, but alas…I am a hoarder of all muted colors and soft knits and a-line skirt.

I do adore certain years from the 80s & the 90s. These two decades really do get a bad rep! Not everything was all shoulder pads, terrible mermaid silhouttes, teased hair, and neon lycra (cringgggeeee)


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Adored Vintage Instagram Recap | Exteriors


We love seeing things in collections. Sometimes I feel like seeing things with other things somehow gives it so much more meaning, it seems a story is created. So, we decided to put together a collection from our Instagram!

This collection is exteriors! Houses from around our beautiful city, Portland, to be exact. Portland is filled with so many charming houses. It’s one of the things I first fell in love with about this town. If you know Adored Vintage, you know that we love old homes as much as old clothes. Just like clothes, they have so much time and history. I always wonder about the secrets an old house holds.

If you don’t follow our Instagram, our account name is @adoredvintage! We post there daily, and there you can see even MORE photographs of beautiful old structures.

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Snowed In, In Which I Clean Everything


Today is the THIRD day of being snowed/iced in. While parts of Portland are functioning, our part of town is still dangerously icy. I attempted to leave the house this morning, just to take the trash and recycling out, and slipped not once but TWICE on the steps.

I have a somewhat irrational fear of slipping and breaking numerous bones in my body and being handicapped for the rest of my life. It’s weird, I know. I also hate escalators. Mainly for the same reason. Slipping (missing a step) and then falling to my demise. *shudders*


So, the past few days I have been organizing, cleaning, purging, and catching up on my business accounting. VERY exciting stuff, I know! Try not to get jealous!

Admittedly, since I have started purging small areas of my home, other things have surfaced that I have been putting off and they are much easier for me to tackle.

In no sequential order…

+ Finally painted that ONE wall in the dining/living room to match the rest of the walls. It was painted a slightly different shade of grey for product photography and always annoyed me. But now, since I have a separate work studio, all the walls now match.

+ Purged through 3 months worth of SNAIL MAIL. Our paper shredder is rightfully exhausted.

+ Organized and purged sock/undergarments drawer. If it was uncomfortable and not in a neutral color… to the trash bin it went!

+ Trimmed the house plants and composted dead house plants

+ Organized and purged mugs and glassware

+ Tracked mileage for an entire year (accounting stuff). This was a good one to do because it made me realize I had an entire month’s worth of expenses I didn’t account for!


+ Cleaned out the foyer cabinet. This was ridiculous! I had NO IDEA how much a small hallway cabinet could be crammed with random paper, old greeting cards, packs of gum, little gizmos…I seriously was like “Is this a never-ending stream of useless crap?!” Then I remembered, whenever we have company over I would stuff whatever things were on the coffee table to “instantly clean it” into the cabinet and forget about it.

+ Took everything off the dressers in the bedroom. Stored away what was necessary and said Adios to the tchotchkes!

+ Purged and cleaned the bathroom cabinet. You guys, I threw away an entire paper bag of beauty products! A bunch of them unused. So much random crap! I mean I had stuff in there I bought over a year ago and used once or twice. Now our bathroom cabinet is closer to minimalist nirvana! Nah, not really. But it’s so close to it!


While it has been nice to tackle these projects, I do hope this ice begins to melt! My business cannot run by itself (though I wish it could! I wish I had work fairies that just did stuff for me!). So tomorrow, it is suppose to reach in the low 40s in Portland, so this dang ice better start melting!

Oh, I feel like noting that the exterior house shot above isn’t our house, it’s my neighbors. I love their railing and patio and wish they would fix it up and paint it! Our house is a bit newer (early 1920s).

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Adored Vintage at Grand Marketplace in Portland

All of our projects at Adored Vintage have been steadily steaming along and I wanted to take some time to update you guys on some great news! I feel there is so much to catch you up on, so let’s begin with the latest news that Adored Vintage has now a booth space at Grand Marketplace in Portland, Oregon!


I have been a big fan of Grand Marketplace antique mall so I was excited to have the opportunity to become a vendor there. This is officially our first step into someday having an actual brick + mortar shop for Adored Vintage!

In a couple of years my goal is to have an Adored Vintage shop selling of vintage and antique clothing, vintage inspired clothes, vintage and new decor, apothecary goods, and of course have a flower shop within my shop. I do adore flowers so very, so it is without question flowers will be involved in any brick + mortar endeavor I will take on.


Dreaming big, I know! I’m all about dreaming big then taking it one small step at a time to get there. So if you are ever in Portland, OR and would like to see some of our vintage and vintage inspired wares as well as a sampling of housewares and vintage decor items and bouquets of flowers… be sure to visit Adored Vintage at Grand Marketplace in Portland!

Grand Marketplace | Open Daily 10-6PM | 1005 SE Grand Ave • Portland, OR 97214

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