In Which I Am Lady of the Autumn Meadows

Oh Autumn, my favorite season of all. Yesterday I ate my lunch under a large tree whose leaves were ablaze in fiery orange hues. The sun was setting, dusk was settling in. I was one very happy gal quietly enjoying a meal listening to the birds migrate south. How very lucky I felt to be there in that moment sitting amongst all the fallen Autumn leaves on this small little meadow.

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

The location appears straight out of a storybook, perhaps one of L.M. Montgomery’s novels. I laid in the leaves, watched the light fade. Life is good.

The spirits of the air live in the smells
Of fruit; and Joy, with pinions light, roves round
The gardens, or sits singing in the trees.
– To Autumn by William Blake

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

Outfit Details //
Cardigan: J.Crew
Lace Skirt: Melodies Before Dawn Skirt from Adored Vintage
Blouse: Thrifted
Hat: available at Adored Vintage soon!

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

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In Which We Spend A Day on the Fruit Loop


Ahh, Oregon has my heart again. Well, not that my heart ever wandered away… but I have recently been feeling huge bouts of wanderlust and thinking “Oh woe is me I am stuck here all summer!” And it has been a miserably hot summer, much hotter than last summer when we moved here!

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-02 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-03

Then I think, “Come on old girl, you’ve got so much beauty around you and you’ll be skipping around Belgium and the north of France soon enough!” (in March to be exact!) Oh, but March does seem so VERY far away. (p.s. Isn’t my husband so very handsome?)

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-04 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-05

Anyhow, the husband and I have put in some effort to do small little trips here and there that we can do in a day’s time. At the moment we lack time and funds to really do anything more than just a day or two somewhere nearby, so we look for closer in adventures.

And then we discovered The Hood River Fruit Loop! It is about a 45 minute drive (maybe a bit longer) from Portland. The drive is absolutely beautiful all by itself too!

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-06 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-07 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-08

HOLY CATS! I swear I said “OMG! What!? Did you see that?! Look! Loooooook!” causing my husband to finally say (he was driving) “Rodellee, I have to drive!”

Now, I will confess we didn’t make it very far into the Fruit Loop (it’s 35 miles, we only did about 5) but even within these 5 miles there was so much to do!

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-09 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-10 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-11

There was the Cascade Alpaca Farm (there are a few alpaca farms on the Fruit Loop I think, this is just one of them) where I nearly lost my head over the alpacas. They’re so cute and silly looking! I also gushed over the local farm cats named Knit and Pearl. Robby and I got some lightweight alpaca wool socks (perfect for Belgium!) and he got me alpaca finger puppets. (I like silly cute things!)


Afterwards we headed to Draper Girls Country Farm to pick fruits and flowers. But first we stopped by this amazing red barn to take photos, because when one CAN take photos by a red barn, one SHOULD take photos by a red barn.

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-13 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-14

You know across the road was a hill with a farm house and black and white cows grazing about. So perfectly pastoral.

After Draper Girls Farm we met up with a friend for lunch at his dad’s restaurant in Hood River, I think it was called the Riverside Lodge. Can’t quite remember to be honest, too distracted by the pretty views of the Columbia River and looking over at White Salmon, WA just across the way.


Then we went to The Gorge White House to try some locally made hard ciders. I can’t hold my liquor by any means so I limited myself to one, a pear apple cider. Oh! OH! Like a glass of summer! So crisp, delicious, light, and just the right amount of sweetness.

thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-16 thingstodoinoregon-hoodriverfruitloop-17

And of course there was MORE flower picking, because you can’t go someplace that has a “U-PICK” sign and not pick anything!


We will return to the Hood River Fruit Loop probably in early Autumn to pick apples and drink more ciders and this time probably do the 35 mile scenic drive instead of stopping at so many farmstands along the way. (There are also lots of places to stop and taste wines, ciders, and brews…)


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The Anticipation of Autumn


Last week invigorated by the cool morning air, we took a drive out to a small town just on the outskirts of Portland. It will not cease to amaze me the proximity of nature and sprawling farmlands that are so close to home. We randomly stopped into a town called Troutdale and parked the car and walked around a bit to enjoy a few early morning moments of cool air and watching the river run its course.

vintageoutfit-troutdale-1 vintageoutfit-troutdale-3

Later on that day it would be in the high 90s and considering all the running around I did on this day, a wool skirt was a really ill choice as I didn’t get a chance to change until much later in the afternoon.


Autumn to me has always signified change. I mean, that’s pretty OBVIOUS with all the leaves changing and all…but Autumn is when we prepare for the quiet Winter months. There is a stirring about Fall that I wish I could bottle up and drink in whenever I feel blue. And lately this week I’ve been feeling blue. The kind of blue where you know the source of it and the very thought of this source just grabs your gut and wrenches it about so carelessly. I’m feeling a bit numb to be quite honest and I sense my longing for these times to pass and for Fall to hurriedly sweep in and envelop me in her arms of amber, gold, and ocher.

Oh Mother Autumn, won’t you hold me close?

vintageoutfit-troutdale-5 vintageoutfit-troutdale-6

Later on in the week my friends Kate and Peter came by the house and brought me home baked treats from the MYRTLEWOOD cookbook. There is a Kickstarter for it right now and I invite you to check it out. The two cakes they brought were so incredibly delicious and I had such a lovely time chatting the minutes away with this lovely couple! I cut up some slices and gave them to our new neighbors. Look at me being so old fashioned and neighborly!

Lately I am reading a lot more and currently enjoying The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. by Sandra Gulland. It’s written as if you’re reading Josephine’s diary. You know a decade of research went into writing these novels? Can you imagine! I immensely enjoy the descriptions of Josephine getting ready for a party or some other social event. You know if I ever found a young woman’s diary depicting what clothes she wore, the fashions of the time, and even the fashion “rituals” of her era… I would probably crap my pants from excitement.

Maybe someone will someday find my diaries from when I was 13-15 who appreciates this archaic form of “fashion blogging”. Back then I actually took to ink and paper to scribble down what I wore to everyday. I should suss these out of storage, they would make for good cheering up material.

Although, there were a lot of sad things going on then too, and well, honestly, I’ve had enough of this mucky yucky crap sadness. Once this all blows over, I will be tirelessly working on getting back on the Happy Bus.

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A Studio Visit With Little Byrd Vintage

Little Byrd Vintage Studio Visit

It’s nearing that certain time of the month where I’m more emotional than usual (ahem, ahem…sorry TMI! I know!) and I just really wanted to start this blog post off by saying the past couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to be graced with the presence of so many women that have become so very dear to me.

And with that, may I introduce to you and welcome you to my lovely friend Rebekah’s studio for her vintage home wares shop Little Byrd Vintage in Portland.

Little Byrd Vintage Studio Visit Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland Little Byrd Vintage Studio Visit

Rebekah and I have been following each other on Instagram for a little while now and when I moved to Portland we finally met up over coffee and I promise every single time we meet up time just flies away and we just chitter chatter over the nuances of life for hours. I adore Rebekah, she is the sort of person where you instantly feel comfortable in her presence. I’m not sure if she’ll like this comparison, but she’s one of my friends I think of as warm cups of tea. Pleasant, warm, never rushed, and just lovely. Like “Ahhh hello, let’s sit awhile, let’s chat.”

Everyone should have warm tea friends. I sure hope you have one, or some, or a lot!

Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland

So, last week I got to visit Little Byrd Vintage’s home studio and it was all I imagined it would be! Also, Rebekah had set out homemade goodies she baked which I didn’t really get a photo of because I just wanted to get to the “shovel this into my mouth” part.

I snapped a few photos around her home too, but I didn’t want to be too invasive and creepy LOL. Like “GIRL, let me take a picture of ERYTHANG!

Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland

So I mostly snapped photos of her studio which is painted the prettiest shades of grey and neutrals. And I basically could not even hold a conversation as I looked at ALL THE PRETTY THINGS. The little painted scene with twig frames? Just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And don’t get me started on the pressed flowers and those baskets of yarn. Ahhh. I’m pretty sure I drooled a bit on the floor.

Eeeep and also Rebekah sent me home with a giant flower press!! It took me a lot of effort not to just shoot out of my chair and go “WEEEEEEEEEEeeeee” like Liesl in The Sound of Music when Rolfe kisses her.

Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland Studio Visit with Little Byrd Vintage in Portland

Thank you friend for being such a lovely host and for letting me snap photos of your home and work studio! For more about Rebekah and her vintage shop you can follow her over on Instagram @vintagebyrd or check out out her shop Little Byrd Vintage on Etsy!

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1920s 1930s Prohibition Picnic at Historic Overlook House in Portland


I have been looking forward to the New Deal Weekend Prohibition Picnic for quite some time here in Portland!

Before the picnic my friends Katie and Cari came over to my house and we had so much fun rummaging through the Adored Vintage stocks and trying on different hats. I was so incredibly indecisive as to what to wear, but finally settled on this late 1920s early 1930s floral chiffon number. Which surprised me a bit because I had been pretty set on wearing 1920s. But at the end of the day, my favorite era won over! Although honestly, early 30s isn’t very flattering on my figure as the mid to late 30s, but oh well.

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_4 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_2 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_6

I had so much fun! This was my very first vintage themed event I have ever attended! It seems a bit surprising to me to say it out loud. I mean I LOVE ADORE vintage so much and I just never thought to go to an event where everyone is just as obsessed, (actually even MORE SO) than I am. I have so much, honestly SO MUCH respect for the vintage gals that can wear head to toe vintage and do it everyday and do their hair and makeup. I WISH I could do that. I’ve dabbled here and there, but for me it takes so much effort and I never look how I want to look so I just throw my hands up and give up.

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_9 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_10

Anyhow, Cari and Katie packed a lovely lunch of cucumber tea sandwiches, Greek salad, fancy crackers, and I threw in some Vermont chocolates my Aunts just sent me from Burlington and some cherries. (Always dessert on the mind!)

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_7 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_3 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_5

We giggled (A LOT). Freaked out over Vanessa’s (of Wanderlust Vintage in Portland) new puppy, Pearl. Took loads of photos. Admired all the dancers. Shimmied to the live music. And tried (albeit was unsuccessful) at keeping dry. You see it POURED this morning and the lawn was still wet. But you can’t have a 1920s Lawn Party and not be on the LAWN!

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_8 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_11 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_12 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_13

I got to see some familiar vintage friends like Julie of Fab Gabs (who organized this event) and Solanah of Vintage Vixen. It was also really lovely to meet some vintage gals I just know through Instagram like Christine of Living Threads Vintage and Katie Scarlett who models for Fab Gabs (who I really hopes hosts a Wet Set pin curl class coz I would be there STAT).

prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_14 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_15 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_16 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_17 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_18 prohibitionpicnic_portland_july2015_19

These last series of photos are my favorite we took today. The light was absolutely perfect, the mood just right. I adore my friends so much! Excited to attend future vintage events here in Portland!

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