Of Picnics, Fields, & Finding Pleasure in Work

I have a new commute to mon atelier and it is so beautiful! So beautiful in fact that I stopped along the road, camera at the ready, and snapped photos along the way of fields & horses. (How many work commutes can you say THAT about? For me, it’s a first!) The drive to work inspired me to pack a simple picnic and treat myself yesterday afternoon to a little outing to Sauvie Island.


I also needed to forage some flowers since I have a new way of packaging orders for the shop that I want to try out. Plain packing paper, some pretty brown tape I got awhile back (that I just recently found since tidying up a little more around the studio), and local blooms from my weekly excursions to the wonderful outdoors! So, as you can see…this little outing was not just for pleasure. It was W-O-R-K! Practically backbreaking…





A Light Lunch for One

One small baguette

A slice of French brie cheese

Seasonal fruit (white nectarine and apricot today)

A cold pasta salad over mixed greens 

A chocolate chip cookie 

The cookie did not make it to the photo as I nibbled on it on the way to my picnic. Ah…well, dessert first I say! I also recommend bringing something to read while going on a solo picnic. I have just started Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

After your light lunch, take a walk along the country roads and photograph as many wispy glades of grass and weeds you see along the way. I know there is nothing original about these photos, but I never tire of looking at grass gracefully bending in the breeze.



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In Which I Am Lady of the Autumn Meadows

Oh Autumn, my favorite season of all. Yesterday I ate my lunch under a large tree whose leaves were ablaze in fiery orange hues. The sun was setting, dusk was settling in. I was one very happy gal quietly enjoying a meal listening to the birds migrate south. How very lucky I felt to be there in that moment sitting amongst all the fallen Autumn leaves on this small little meadow.

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

The location appears straight out of a storybook, perhaps one of L.M. Montgomery’s novels. I laid in the leaves, watched the light fade. Life is good.

The spirits of the air live in the smells
Of fruit; and Joy, with pinions light, roves round
The gardens, or sits singing in the trees.
– To Autumn by William Blake

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

Outfit Details //
Cardigan: J.Crew
Lace Skirt: Melodies Before Dawn Skirt from Adored Vintage
Blouse: Thrifted
Hat: available at Adored Vintage soon!

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

Adored Vintage | Autumn Vintage Inspired Outfit

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In Which I Find Myself Picking Peaches


On Saturday my friend Cari of Hanks & Bennet treated me to a little excursion to my favorite place in Portland, Sauvie Island. Over on the ‘Grams (that’s what cool kids are calling Instagram now, right? No?) I have shared many a times where I am frolicking about some field on Sauvie Island.

Do not let my photos fool you, Sauvie Island is BORING. There’s nothing but farmlands, old houses (oh yuck who wants to see that), and evergreen hills all around (so boring, seriously).

sauvieisland-summer-picking-1 sauvieisland-summer-picking-6

We picked peaches, cucumbers, blackberries, raspberries, eggplants, peppers, thyme, sage, basil, kale… and whatever else you can find at your local flea market. We put it all into my little vintage fruit picking baskets (I KNEW this estate sale find would come in handy one day!!)


And yes, flowers! So many flowers! Oh, I was in heaven! Absolute heaven!

Now, I know these grainy iPhone photos seem super dandy and has you wishing you were traipsing through flower fields… however I must warn you…

There are BEES EVERYWHERE! I was constantly going “Ohhhh” (admiration) to “AUGH! AH! OMG!” (evading bees) every other second.

sauvieisland-summer-picking-3 sauvieisland-summer-picking-4 sauvieisland-summer-picking-5

Tomorrow I shall make some peach galettes and some blackberry jam. Will let you know how it all turns out, but probably only if they turn out well and I can once again prove my domestic prowess! (HA!)


Cari was very excited when she saw the sign for pickling cucumbers. I think I was saying something and she just shot off into this field practically skipping. I have cute friends.


See what I mean about the boring fields and all of these equally boring clouds. Don’t go to Sauvie. It’s such a snore.


You can’t tell from this photo but those sunflowers were GIGANTIC. Each flower was bigger than my head! I think these were at least 7-8 ft tall. I had no idea sunflowers could get so huge!

And that is all for now my friends from Sauvie Island. Remember, I am a master photo taker and these images were greatly compromised to make you think Sauvie is more magical than it is! Le sigh.

In actuality, my iPhone couldn’t even capture the beauty that was. Just go. But don’t be like me and tell the whole world, ok?

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A Favorite Summer Moment

When the sun infuses everything around you with golden light and only the symphony of birds and breeze can be heard echoing against a seamless blue sky. In those moments the chaos of the world melts away.

We rose bright and early to make the short pilgrimage to one of my favorite places in Oregon, Sauvie Island. I can still recall my first time visiting the island. I will never forget the warm happiness that spread over me as we drove through the narrow road flocked on both sides by fields and farms, the sky a pristine summer blue.

Here the world is still, far away.

Adored Vintage Portland Summer

We stop along a trail to take photos with wildflowers and picked several bundles to take home to adorn our kitchen tables. A small group of hens clucking around a mint roofed barn compelled us to pull over the side of the road and see if we could get them to flock towards us. (Ahh, no luck, but they were in a couple of photos)

Adored Vintage Portland Summer
Adored Vintage Portland Summer
Adored Vintage Portland Summer
Adored Vintage Portland Summer
Adored Vintage Portland Summer
Adored Vintage Portland Summer
Adored Vintage Portland Summer

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